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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/3/2005 6:53:17 AM EDT
I'm a newbie to AK builds - saw the Bent-Metal.com receivers - like the idea of the receiver is already bent, just have to drill. ( I think...)

1) Is this useable for the following builds :
-Polish Underfolder build
- Romanian straight stock
-Yugo underfolder
- Krinkov pistol build

I see they have different blanks avalable.......

2) Are these heat treated ?

Any other information,. advice on this is appreciated.
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 5:25:52 AM EDT
1) Is this useable for the following builds :
-Polish Underfolder build YES
- Romanian straight stock YES
-Yugo underfolder YES - Depending on your kit, you may need to order the Yugo/RPK blank. Some Yugo kits did not have the bulged trunnion.
- Krinkov pistol build YES

The bent blanks will work with just about any AK configuration. There are no magwell dimples or X-Y marks stamped in the blanks. If you want these features, you will have to add them yourself.

2) Are these heat treated ? NO

You will have to heat treat the axis pin holes using an Oxy-Acetylene torch or MAPP gas torch.

The blanks made by Robert Ibe are VERY good quality. I recently used one of the 0.050" battle blanks as the receiver for my .45ACP AK conversion.

Be aware that the blanks are longer than necessary. You will need to trim the front to get the spacing for the trunnion correct, and trim the back for the spacing of the rear block or stock tang. You will also need to trim the top rails and spotweld the lower rails in place.

Here are a few links with info for building from bent blanks...





I HIGHLY recommend searching through the Library section on Gunco for additional information. Toten Kopf made several downloadable tutorial files with great assembly information.

Link Posted: 9/4/2005 6:10:58 PM EDT

is the .040 blank the best to use when first starting out.....? This would be for a romainian build or a Polish underfolder build.

What issues are there is using the .050 blank ?

Thanks for the links and the advice....
Link Posted: 9/6/2005 10:49:12 AM EDT
Don't forget to get a copy of the AK receiver template to stick on it for your hole mapping.

I'm working on a bent metal receiver now, and it's ALOT of cutting with a dremel so far. Make sure you have the reinforced cutting disks, some guys can do a blank with only a couple, i've burned thru 5 of them so far.
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