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Posted: 12/5/2007 5:30:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/5/2007 5:33:42 PM EDT by Serialnumber00078]
I googled and could not find them, but I wanted to know if there were any of those 75 - 100 round non-drum mags in the country.

Back when the war was on the news, I always used to see insurgents, and in particular seeing one of Saddam's boys wielding an AK with a mag that bent around to the handguard...

The one thing I did find is this ... but it doesn't guarantee it works, and I agree because it would need a really strong spring. Plus it looks like it was glued together.

So I was curious, do they exist, and if they do... are there any in the States? And how much would they fetch?

Edit for: Ok I found some, but they all look glued together, so do they work? Or is there another kind... these were 75 rounders.
Link Posted: 12/5/2007 5:35:11 PM EDT
They do exist here in the states, but you'd be happier with yourself throwing cash out the window as you drive down the highway. They're crap, plain and simple. Get a drum or Chinese/Euro/Egyptian magazines and you'll do fine.
Link Posted: 12/5/2007 5:39:18 PM EDT
Probably triple K or American Mags. They welded several together to make a long one. Worthless POS IMHO.
Link Posted: 12/5/2007 5:42:18 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/5/2007 5:43:21 PM EDT by PunisherDude06]
I don't know if they are in the States but during my time over there I shot the 100 rounder with no hiccups.

Of course the steam coming off the wood handgaurd nearly burned my hand (I was the third person to put 100 through this rifle)

I guess with all things sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.


ETA: it was full auto all the way through the 100
Link Posted: 12/5/2007 5:52:07 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/6/2007 5:57:24 AM EDT
The only problem with the 100 rounder is that it has no clip at the front end to attach to the muzzle. I know there was a real Russian magazine like that though, they found it to get in the way too much so they never really used it much.
Link Posted: 12/6/2007 7:02:39 AM EDT
They did make one but like the others have been saying, it was a prototype for testing. Same with the drum magazine in 5.45mm for the RPK-74.

I've got one of those 50rd magazines that came with a bunch of junk I bought once. Their novelty is that they're different. Completely impractical, built cheaply, and not worth any price. It was basically marketed toward those type of guys that wanted to look cool by having more rounds in a magazine than their friends at the range. Utter junk.
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