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Posted: 10/10/2004 1:52:01 PM EDT
I went to the Hilliard Gun Show today, it was almost vacant. There were more dealers than attendees. Usually the foot traffic makes walking around difficult because so many people are shopping. Today you could walk from one side of the isle to the other and actually see the floor in front of you.

Many of the usual rifles were for sale. AK's at around $300, Yugo SKS's and fantastic Mausers, but no one was buying. Plenty of individuals had a rifle or two that they wanted to sell as they walked around, but I did not see anyone asking them what they had or offering to buy from them.

My own situation had me going to the show and not spending a dime. I drive a semi truck just to make ends meet after completing my degree. Truck driving is the only job right now that is hiring in Ohio. Many friends with degrees are under employed as I am.

So what do you think, is it just in Ohio or has the mad money used to buy our toys really started to dry up?
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 1:54:07 PM EDT
I have more money now than I have in 3 years, things are great here finacially in Florida
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 2:07:26 PM EDT
I've got funds but cannot find a noban AK to actually look at. I've got enough ARs(well, sort of) and I have a DSA Para Congo on order.

But I want a f'ing AK!
I mean another one. Or two. or three.

I'm thinking about the vector polish folder as everyone says it is a quality weapon but I haven't seen a one. Wanted and Arsenalinc rifle but geez, what a clusterfuck they've got going on.

Link Posted: 10/10/2004 2:21:30 PM EDT
The PRO shows have really gone down hill, I to left without spending any money.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 3:05:18 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 10/10/2004 3:13:59 PM EDT
Campy let me know the next time you attend, would like to say hello. I support PRO they have done good by getting BS laws thrown out in Columbus.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 3:21:23 PM EDT
People are also starting to save for the holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years etc.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 3:28:57 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 10/10/2004 3:33:01 PM EDT
I have money, but after two years of buying things cheap and ending up buying a better thing at full price to fix it, I am less inclined to buy.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 3:41:10 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/10/2004 6:17:40 PM EDT by MT_Pockets]
Making less money the last 3 years than I did when I was 18.... I dispose of all my money.

Link Posted: 10/10/2004 4:00:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 6:07:53 PM EDT
Things will pick up if JFK II gets in. It'll be like the Clinton days when guys would put guns on their credit cards because they were afraid they'd be banned the next day. Since the AWB expired, nobody's scared, and they already have plenty of guns, so nothing is happening. There's still action on the Internet, though, like everything else. I sit here and spend more money with that damn mouse than I ever did going to brick and mortar stores. The main reson is, I now see things I would never have seen before, and it's so easy to get them. Except for guns, where you have to pay the high shipping plus pay an FFL to transfer it to you. Still, I can see what guns really sell for on the auctions and look at more examples in an hour than I could at ten gun shows. I still go to them, but I literally have not bought a single thing at a show this year.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 6:24:08 PM EDT
Hey Obershutze, which website is down? The 352nd is still up.

Hey MTNmyMag, so what do you do for a living? Glad to hear things are going well for you. Let me guess, you are a career counselor at the local unemployment office? A recruiter for broke dick white men to go drive trucks in Iraq for Haliburton? A mortgage broker providing refinancing services so people can consolidate debt because they lost thier jobs? Were you promoted to management at an outsourcing firm where you can manage all the workers in India from your Florida office as a liason between upper management and the few programmers still employed here in the US? Maybe you manage the Government programs available to immigrants from Somalia and other third world countries who now drive better cars than me but still don't seem to have a decent job? Let me guess, you're a suicide counselor? Better yet, you're a divorce lawyer enabling white women to run thier hard working husbands into the ground because they no longer make enough money to buy Prada handbags a Gucci shoes? How about a Repo-Man, lots of car notes not being paid in Florida and elsewhere I'll bet. Which reminds me, you could be a claims adjuster for All State, the Good Hands People, those hurricanes mean lots of overtime don't they? Maybe you are in construction, after all what could be better than rebuilding multi-million dollar estates year after year along the coast? Maybe you work for the IRS, I hear they are hiring 2,500 new enforcement agents, after all, tax evasion in a time of war along with tax cuts for the upper class folks means somebodys GOT to be cheating. How about a strong man for a loan shark, I'm sure defaults from lost income have affected Guido and his gang too. Maybe you work in a Casino, lots of people throwing away money, some can afford it, some can't. How about a Child Support enforcement worker at the state level? I hear they can get any mans assets and prevent him from ever working again in that state, after all, by ruining a mans ability to earn an income it makes it that much harder to meet any of his obligations and thats good for all busineeses concerned, isn't it?

So hey MTNmyMag, what DO you do for a living.

I drive a semi truck, it aint much, but all my bills are paid.

Later Dude
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 6:57:06 PM EDT
Stop listening to Michael Moore, CNN, Air America... you will be a lot happier.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 7:53:28 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/10/2004 7:57:33 PM EDT by VaniB]

Originally Posted By sp1shooter:
Stop listening to Michael Moore, CNN, Air America... you will be a lot happier.

I think that's part of his problem.

And what other guys here have stated about that show being crappy has a lot to do with it too.

I'm not knocking that some states are having manufacturing jobs leaving the country. But this has been going on for many years since the introduction of NAFTA. The nation's unemployment rate is at 5.4% Yes, Ohio's 7% or 8% or 9% unemployment or whatever it is shouldn't be marganilized, but jeeez.....this is not a third world country with 40%- 70% unemployment.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 7:55:46 PM EDT
Oklahoma is doing great. I just bought another property so I will have more renters paying me. Seems I am always just getting by with the economy up and always do better when economy is down. All my friends are doing good too. When I left college everybody told me I would never make good money. Now a few of those people rent from me. Sure is sweet. Maybe it is just Oklahoma.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 8:05:58 PM EDT
I would, but I'm married.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 8:15:44 PM EDT
Got married and had a kid...disposable income is a thing of the past. It could be worse however, I do have a "good"job-although my yearly raise is enough to keep up with inflation-barely.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 8:18:43 PM EDT
The economy here in OH, at least in Columbiana County, has gone in the crapper. Here in East Palestine, OH, about 20 miles south of Youngstown, home foreclosures are at an all-time high. As I patrol town at 0dark30, I'm seeing at least 5-6 foreclosed homes up for Sheriff's sale on each street. 4 or 5 years ago, we were lucky (depending on your point of view) to have 2 or 3 in the entire town. Now, there's probably 40-50 at any given time. They're not crappy homes, either.

Also, sales at the parent's hardware store here in town are WAY down. It's to the point that they are ready to sell and get out of it while there's still SOMEONE interested in buying it. 4 or 5 years ago, they had themselves plus 3 other full-time employees. Now it's them, an 18 yoa kid just out of HS part-time and me part-time. Mom is doing the eBay thing just to keep the doors open. I had plans on buying the place when they retired and sold it but that's down the crapper. The wife and I would NEVER be able to pay the loan for the store, let alone the rest of the overhead, on what's coming in the door.

I got hired full-time by the PD here in town 2 1/2 years ago. At that time, even, money was still flowing pretty good in the City. Now, we're down to 5 full-time Officers from 9 when I got hired and anyone who quits or retires isn't getting replaced. We've been told that the money tap is shut off and if anything breaks, aside from the cruisers themselves, it's not getting replaced or repaired. I'm begnning to wonder if I'll even have a job 5 years from now. My family is doing pretty good, right now anyway. If I lose my job, our house will probably be the next foreclosed on since there's no jobs here now. Sucks, but there it is.

I'm looking for another job outside Ohio, probably down South. If I can find one, preferably a Police job where whatever state I decide on will accept Ohio certification without further training, I'm outta here like a shot. It's to the point that, even though I love my job, I'll even take a good-paying factory job or the like. I really don't care WHAT job it is, just so it had at least decent pay with benefits. Just so I get out of this hellhole area before I get laid off or fired and lose everything!

Link Posted: 10/10/2004 8:20:42 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/10/2004 8:21:04 PM EDT by Taxman]
Well I kinda dont have much to spend, but there isnt any close shows.

You have all the cool places in Ohio anyway.

Anyone need an BPE/NDT iinspector?
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 8:26:19 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/10/2004 8:26:31 PM EDT by AdrianUSP9]
Im running up my credit cards to the limit and hoping Skerry will be elected. Then we'll all be commies and no one will expect me to repay them
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 3:11:39 AM EDT
I have plenty of cash, I am in the Army.

If you are not happy with your station in life, change it. No jobs in Ohio, then move somewhere else. Join the service, go work as a Gov't contractor overseas (there are other places besides Iraq), go run off with the circus, whatever.

Just dont be bitter towards others with cash. You chose your present situation, nobody forces it on you.

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 3:30:22 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 3:52:43 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 8:08:00 AM EDT
Sounds like Ohio is screwed. The economic base of that state, historically, was manufacturing. That is GONE. Everywhere in the US it would seem, sadly. At least until we get our noses badly bloodied in the next war and then maybe the .gov and other greedy assholes will catch on to what is truly at stake. Either that or we will all learn to speak Chinese and Spanish.

Unfortunately Ohio is really bearing the brunt of this. Most other states have other industries that they've been able to fall back on some. Loss of manufacturing jobs has hurt families and led to a decrease in money flowing thru the economy keeping what other businesses you have there afloat. A cascade of jobs and money leaving your state.
I often think my job sucks bigtime. Maybe I should count my blessings.

If Kerry wins Ohio, I think he will win the election. Seems that he believes this as well. Would be bad for everyone in the long run of course but it is tough to convince unemployed workers with families that they should do what is best for the nation and not vote out of anger and frustration.

God help us all and save the Republic.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 9:00:20 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Stottman:
I have plenty of cash, I am in the Army.

If you are not happy with your station in life, change it. No jobs in Ohio, then move somewhere else. Join the service, go work as a Gov't contractor overseas (there are other places besides Iraq), go run off with the circus, whatever.

Just dont be bitter towards others with cash. You chose your present situation, nobody forces it on you.


I highly doubt anyone here is biter towards anyone with extra money. Myself, I'm WORLDS better off than I was just 2 1/2 years ago. I'm to old to join the Service (35yos, 36 in April) and if I tired one of the overseas contracting jobs, I'd end up getting divorced.

Right now, I do have a little disposable income, which makes me much better off than a lot in town and some here. As for no one being responsible for your current situation besides yourself, I never said anyone was. As I said in my post, I'm looking for another job as we speak. It's just that, since I already have a decent job, I'm being picky about what I want.

As for you having plenty of cash, you need to get married, my man! Marriage is like a money black-hole! None of it escapes it, not even loose change! J/K, getting married was the best thing I ever did. There's nothing like getting up in the morning, kissing the wife and playing with the kids. It's great! If that means that I have to work myself to death, then I'll gladly do it, as would most here that are "Married, With Children"!

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 9:23:09 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 10:34:24 AM EDT
I am married, still have plenty of cash. I actually have more because my wife works.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 12:05:11 PM EDT
Hell, I live in Columbus Ohio and make about 45% more per year than I did 4 years ago. I got about 45% more bills also. New child, a house, a wife, etc.

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 12:30:13 PM EDT
What do I do for a living... why I work.... I have a regular 6:30-3:30 + job and then I do side work

In my regular job, I am construction superintendent for a drywall/ stucco company when I am not on their clock , I am busy working on my own side line construction job. Mainly remodeling and refurbishing houses. I am also getting ready to start buying older houses, that need renovating and turning them around and selling them. My wife works full time for a Digestive Health Physicians group, in her spare time she sells things that I would consider crap, nick nacks and things like that. I wouldnt look at twice at the stuff but, she makes decent spending money on it.

That being said........ Do you have a problem with me making more money now than I have in the last 3 years? Your post to me seemed like you were quite upset. Almost everyone I know is doing better now than they have for awhile, I am sorry you are not making the income that you are accustomed to, maybe you should think about relocating and pursuing other employment options....... glad your bills are paid up +1 for you

also you asked a ? I answered it
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 2:37:09 PM EDT
Western N.Y. is mostly farming and manufacturing, everything is being affected by the taxes and N.Y. appears to be following the path that Ohio took. We are perhaps a tad behind you, but we have been going down for the past 15 years.
NYC and the Capitol district (Albany and surrounding area's) pretty much dictate who we elect and how much we will pay (Hitlery and Schumer anyone?) Or to be more fair, the big cities dictate how all the rest of the state lives and pays, the money isn't flowing to the rural area's folks, somehow the cities seem to suck it all in.

I have been blessed with a good job, but my divorce, subsequently finding Lady Rain and her brood, and the fact that I can't keep up with rising costs and taxes makes me feel like I can't keep up.
I'm in manufacturing, and it's clear that my days in the company that I've worked for during most of my adult life (32+ Years) is ending. They are slowly picking us off, my time is coming.
We just went through another reduction, and the people that they picked off have been top notch, there is no doubt that we are all disposable. If you have something they will need you get to stay, once your uniqueness is over, you are gone.
Like I said, I do have (for now) a good job and am lucky, certainly better than many, but disposable income? Sometimes even a good situation has restrictions.
I look, wish and dream for now, Perhaps later. But it's clear that I need to look for greener pastures before things get better.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 4:49:21 PM EDT
Well, there is disposable income in our economy. Not just Theresa Heinz Kerry's money, either. I went to a country auction Saturday. Guns, coins, relics, antiques, machinery, etc. Ohio/Pennsysvania longrifles, percussion era were bringing $700-$900. Most had some condition problems. Coins were bringing book price plus. Nice relics were $300 and up. One very nice flint point went for $1200. A walnut , two drawer mule chest with major concerns (what the heck was the original front board like?) brought $2900. It was at least one dealer bidding on this this, so evidently there was some upward movement still possible. All of these prices at a country auction! It's a different world for sure.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 5:45:53 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 6:10:46 PM EDT
I have more money right now than I've ever had in my life. Not bragging, just thankful that I live in the most free and prosporous country in the world. The nation that God smiles upon and blesses. Because if it weren't for God and this country I would be nothing.

I have a good job, my wife finally graduated college and she got a good job. My '99 toyota tacoma is paid off, we can afford our house payment. I just rewarded myself with a L.E. Bushmaster M-4gery a week ago.

Thank God we live in a country where hard work pays off. I wish God's blessings and the absolute best to everyone here

Hang in there for all going through a rough time. Times do change.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 7:51:50 PM EDT
Is there every big gun shows in Cinncinati? Columbus? Lexington?
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 11:26:06 PM EDT
Well Im22, lost the last decent job I had 2 years ago.

These days I work, have a small amount of money no real plans for the rest of my life though.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 12:28:19 AM EDT
If you are not a liberal and have a marketable trade move to Arizona, it is a land of opportunity. Property values have been skyrocketing. My house has increased in value $60,000 and I haven't owned it 10 years. A house for sale where I live stays on the market for less than 2 weeks and sells above asking price. If you are a builder the availability of a good job is there for the asking. The problem with the young kids working in construction is the ability to make money and the availability of drugs.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 12:30:24 AM EDT
Last 2 times I moved it went bad, I never worked much construction.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 6:09:25 AM EDT
To all those who say they don't have any cash.

I am 36 married with 2 children. An immigrant. No english when came to the states. Anyways, when I got married 8 years ago we set a financial goal. Let's pay off our house in 10 years. We have achieved that this year. And here is how we did it (by the way, my wife stays home with children)


People ask me "what do you do for fun? Kids need Nicolodeon!" In the evening when I get home, I spent all my time with children and wife. We read books, sing, play games, work in the yard, work at the farm. We do not have lot of boring time.

I am not rich by any means. Not even above average. But I am not in dedt. Here is current situation.
2002 House 3+2 1880 sqft worth $160,000 no monthly mortage
110 acres of farm land worth $183,000 no monthly mortage
2000 Toyota Sienna no monthly payment
1989 Jeep Wrangler no monthly payment
1 Utility trailer
$6000.00 in checking account
$32,000.00 in my 401k
$21,000.00 in my wife's IRA (I lost $40,000.00 over last 4 years)
$1,900.00 in Invescofunds (I lost $5,000.00 over last 4 years)
3 AR-15
3 WASR, SAR-1, etc
2 pistols
3 .22 type rifles
1 shotgun
1 black powerder gun
Lots of ammo

Things that helped us are the following.
1. Pay your bills first.
2. Make double payment on your dept
3. Do not impulse buy
4. Use Quicken to track every penny that goes in and out.
5. Be accountable for your actions
6. Don't focus on the "haves". Focus on the quality of your life with family.
7. Do not drive expensive cars

I have helped my family and my wife's family finacially in occasions but still able to save each month.

Like I said, I am not rich. But I owe very little. Many people asked me how am I dept free and I tell them the same thing I said here. I have not met a single person who is yet to be willing. I don't suppose I will convince anyone here. But I shouldn't loose hope.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 7:17:48 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 7:48:58 AM EDT
You have some great points Bob. I've always paid cash for my cars although I'm guilty of owning a new PU truck. My wife drives a 98 Volvo (Michael Moore would be proud hehe) with 115,000 on it. When you saw me picking up my builds from Troy I had cash in hand from a VEPR I sold to a friend the week before. I limit my guns to what fits in my gun safe and I will not buy another safe. My guns get more expensive but not greater in number.........twisted logic but it works for me.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 9:12:06 AM EDT
Good points all, especially paying off debt fast. Really, really avoid credit card debt. It will suck you dry.

After getting my medschool loans paid off and refinancing/paying down our home we have eliminated 15K/yr in interest payments. That is a helluva lot of disposable income
I hit the mortgage rates at their absolute lowest--3.8% ARM and we'll have it paid off prior to 3years. Just paid the balance on the Trail Blazer I got for my wife last year. That saves us over a house payment/year. I buy vehicles new but I have my reasons for that. I live in the boonies and getting auto work done is a major PITA and takes up too much of my time. Time is money too.
I have one credit card and the balance is paid monthly. Can't remember the last time I paid interest on my card. Been years.

Bottom line is that there is nothing that will bleed you faster than interest payments. Esp CCs. Avoid it like the plague.

IOW, live within your means. If you are not putting a little away every month you aren't.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 12:31:13 PM EDT
The only way top have extra cash is to live with in your means, people bitch about having to 5000.00 for medical bills but think nothing of buying a 53,000.00 SUV because it looks cool.

Americans put "style" over everything else and they suffer for it. I am not accusing anyone here of that just a general observation of people I know
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