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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/4/2006 3:48:49 PM EST
I am contenplating aquiring a Arsenal SLR 101 single stack milled AK-47 from my buddy & converting it, LEGALY, to accept high caps & to have a pistol grip stock, Is this possible?
Also would the bolt carrier have to be replaced with one from a double stack?
I'm very good with the dremel & have machining skills + digi calipers + carbide bits sanding drums etc
I can get this rifle for $160 with 3 10 round mags & one 5 rounder..
I also wonder about getting the reciever too thin near the outer indentations, But have access to a SLR 101S that's already been converted by Arsenal to get the exact specs for the convertion
I also believe I need a tang + the new stock & pistol grip, Does the tang require a rivet press?
What else would I need?? How Many More American Made parts?? I Plan on getting a Arsenal 10s waffle mag to do the convertion too, as thier mags are a Bit wider thicker than the standard metal AK mags. I had three of them & let them get away with a Norinco SKS-M I had.. Great Stuff!!
What do you think.. I'm a newbie to AKs but have shot dozens of variouse AKs, I've also shot this very one & it's very accurate & has a smooth trigger pull..
Answer me quick because I have to decide in the morning as my buddy is gonna trade this SLR 101 + $200 toward a Glock 26, & the dealer wants $360 for the Glock at the Gunshow!! I can walk away with it for $160 then sell the 10 & 5 round mags to people in California etc.
I not new to shooting as I have built AR-15s & have a dozen or so pistols revolvers rifles & shotguns + HK SIG Beretta Glock Ruger Walther etc etc
My Buddy has a MAK-90 WASR-10 AMD-65 & A new Polish AK.. Also he paid $225 for this SLR 101 a few months ago & was afraid to break the dremel out on it..
I may even make a trade for a 80s Dan Wesson 357 I have?? I hardly ever shoot it anymore..
Thanks in advance for any replies & any more info or links to this convertion..
Beretta92 BerettaPistols@Yahoo.Com
Link Posted: 2/4/2006 5:45:25 PM EST
Milled reciever is worth more than $160.
Snap it up,you can open the mag well and add the conversion parts
and have a SUPER deal.
I wish I could find a deal for anything near that.
Good Luck
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 1:02:42 AM EST
So let me get the Skinny on this!!
To Have a Legal SLR-101 that's been modified from Single to Double Stack Magazines I'll need 5 USA made parts installed in the Rifle Before I Dremel the Opening Out..
I want the OD Green Stock that K-Var has, Looks Good!! but I'm sure there are several other options available on stocks, I've seen some Walnut ones that look too good. I will also install a red star trigger groups parts.. I want it's trigger smooth & crisp for the Bumpfire Technique
BTW this rifle has the double pinned muzzle brake & Has the Thumbhole stock NOW!!
I would have never thought I could buy a Milled Reciever AK-47 for $160, Even If it is a single stack magazine NOW.. I also saw a Norinco SKS for $99 yesterday, The SLR-101 looks much better IMO, I've had Several SKSs in the past, Love the 7.62x39 round..but not the price lately..
I'm gonna look around the gunshow today for USA made Parts, Stock + Tang Etc!!
Also If I made the stock myself would this count?? It's an option..
Will I need 6 parts or 5?? The Reciever is Imported too??
I'm Up Early thinkin about AKs
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 5:59:50 PM EST
Gooood deal.I got a SLR 101S,takes the mags and was close to $500.00,$160.. is unreal.
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