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Posted: 8/8/2005 9:42:25 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/8/2005 9:47:14 AM EDT by MrMurphy]
I love this board. As in a previous topic I needed help with info on my NEW CAI WASR-10. Newest question I pose here is as follows. Visiting guns.net I found this info.This page descrbes the know versions of Romanian AK clones. Below each description is a picture of the model being described. Note: The prices listed may be out of date or diffrent in your area, it all depends on demand and location.


What is a WASR-10?

The WASR-10 has 4 diffrent versions.

Low Cap model 1:

A WASR-10 is a post-ban Romanian semi-automatic AKM (aka AK-47) clone. This version of the rifle has a thumbhole stock and cannot accept Hi-capacity magazines. The end of the barrel usually has a nut welded over it, but has no threads. It uses the standard AK-47 7.62*39 cartridge. The fit and finish of this rifle is good; this rifle has some of the best looking Blonde wood and some minor machining marks. The glaring disadvantage of this rifle is the low capacity and thumbhole stock. The advantages of this rifle are its reliability, cheap ammo, large selection of replacement parts, all Romanian parts, and beautiful wood. This is a good starter AK but I would buy one of the Hi-capacity models that can be had for a little more. Don't pay over $260.

Ok so mine infact does have threads on the end of the barrel. So for shits and giggles I decided take the compensator off my Romak3 and put it on the WASR. I love how it looks. Now I need a source for another Compensator I can put back onto the ROMAK3. So who if anyone sells this piece ? And if no one had it available for purchase can anyone recommend a similar type replacement. Remember I am in NJ so I can not have a FLASH HIDER. It must be either a compensator or a muzzle break. Thanks for your time and information.

Fair warning for the future. I have a .223 Saigia thats due for a conversion that I'm going to need info on also. Not the process but where to get certain parts like FCG etc.

Link Posted: 8/8/2005 6:51:19 PM EDT
Ya know the AR-guys are a lil more helpful.
Link Posted: 8/8/2005 7:07:02 PM EDT
K-Var sells the most Romanian accessories that I have seen on the net.
Link Posted: 8/8/2005 7:23:45 PM EDT
Thank you Scromer. You get my vote for the most helpful person on AK47.
Link Posted: 8/9/2005 2:04:59 PM EDT
You might also try Global Trades in Houston TX. Their inventory is hit or miss but sometime they have good stuff.

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