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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/8/2005 2:35:05 PM EST
Hello, All

I just recieved my CFS Yugo M72 RPK and the overall kit was in good shape. Bluing was about 90% and the wood was decent, but the barrel looked like a sewer pipe with major pitting and no lans from the middle to the end of the barrel with a mashed barrel nut, and the rear trunnion has been welded on the underside like it had cracked or split the reciever bottom. What is the deal!!!! I was told they were in very-good condition including the bores????? I called them and got a RMA# but I'm having second doubts about having them replace it with another. Didnt even get my shipping paid for in return. Not that I'm complaining about the whole deal, but for 500.00 plus shipping there has to be room to give. and another 12.00 return shipping of a piece of crud not worth 150.00 Hell, I'd take a 20% blued and perfect barrel for 500.00 anyday. Anyone out there selling any G-3 kits with matching numbers let me know. What happened to CFS? Did there over-all quality of grading go down the tubes??? Just reporting not flaming CFS, they have been good to me in the past.
Link Posted: 11/8/2005 3:03:10 PM EST
Had the same luck with CFS and other kits. You would think that the profit margins higher for these rarer kits would have some better quality control.

Link Posted: 11/11/2005 6:59:43 AM EST
My friend and I got two. One bore is minty, one dark, but will clean up with that electric rod fouling removal system. Do the exchange thing while you still can.
Link Posted: 11/11/2005 7:12:50 AM EST
My bore wasn't minty, but really wasn't too bad though. Initial cleaning with Hoppe's didn't do much, but a good scrubbing with Blue Wonder really cleaned it up. Just kept scrubbing until the BW came out clear, and it looks real good now. Initially it looked "frosty", and I was worried, but the BW and a wire brush did the job.

I have a romy kit with a bad bore, but it still sounds better than you describe. It's just pitted.
Link Posted: 11/11/2005 5:35:31 PM EST
Well I sent the kit back and talked to lois and pam both. They said they would exchange it with a better one, I hope. Thier word is usually good, so I have no worrys. I tryed to clean the bore with a wire brush and hopps and bore bright, and it was no good, The barrel looked like a sewer pipe with serious pitts. Its funny, that the rest was great, bluing, matched numbers, equipment, etc. Just the damn barrel was shot beyond cleaning and no riflings half way to the end. Has anyone figured if a club butt stock like the russian RPK's will fit in place of the standard stock on the Yugo???? I think it would look better, what do you guys think???
Link Posted: 11/19/2005 6:03:51 PM EST
I have a Yugo RPK arriving from CFS on Monday. Now you guys have me paranoid. First thing I check will be the bore.......damn it, they told me they were good to excellent.
Link Posted: 11/21/2005 5:14:59 PM EST

Let me know how the kits turned out for you, barrel wise, and over all condition. I just recieved my replacement kit and it is in very good condition with a slightly dark bore but it has good lans and is fairly shiny.hWhich ofcourse was showing a red and cream tint to the blue........All in all this one is a keeper.....Centerfire comes through again, but I'm still out the 13.00 bucks shipping, Which in turn, I cant bit@# about it, they did make it good. I hope all has good luck with these, since I know they have to be getting low on the decent kits, alot were replaced do to bores, IMHO. h.gif
Link Posted: 11/22/2005 1:07:26 PM EST
Just received my RPK yesterday afternoon. At first glance I was ready to ship it back, crunchy is a good word for the bore. Or fuzzy maybe?? Anyway, after about 10 patches and the bore brush with some hoppes I have a definate keeper. Very shiny bore, shiny all the way up and down. Slightly flattened out lands, normal wear I'd say. Shows about 1/8" on the bullet test at the muzzle. The only problem is that there are some definite pits about midway in that barrel but that won't effect accuracy and I sure as hell won't ever fire corrosive in it again. Overall excellent condition otherwise. Probably about 90 ~ 95% bluing and the wood is almost new except for a few shipping dings and some friggin' GREASE (what a surprise on that, huh?). The only problem I have besides the pits is that the muzzle nut has a few nice shipping dings in it and the rear sight's windage adjustment knob is bent but I think I can bend it back again without it breaking. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it.

Link Posted: 11/22/2005 7:02:50 PM EST
Good to hear that!!!! At least another satisfied kit buyer got a keeper. The pitts in the bore about half way seems common in the yugo's. It is where the gas port hole is and ofcourse they never cleaned anything. If they cleaned their guns as much as they defaced the wood stocks, the would have been nice kits. I was lucky to get one with nice blonde wood. make sure you run a brush through that gas port hole, because I found a very hard piece of carbon in mine that was plugging the hole up. Well anyway it sounds like you have a keeper, nice.
Link Posted: 11/25/2005 6:42:10 PM EST
I ordered my kit from Broad Armory but they had two choices. Dark bore kit for $375 or shiny bore for $475. I went with the shiny bore and sure enough... the think looks like one of my Romanian kits.

I learned my lesson with CFS. I didn't want to get "taught" again.

Link Posted: 11/26/2005 7:06:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/26/2005 7:06:49 PM EST by Yugo101]

Would you have a link for that place where you bought the RPK kit.

Link Posted: 11/26/2005 7:15:46 PM EST

Originally Posted By Yugo101:

Would you have a link for that place where you bought the RPK kit.


+1 Google turned up zip
Link Posted: 11/27/2005 8:56:13 AM EST
Here is a link to the guy that I bougth them from. Email him for the $375 price.


Link Posted: 12/1/2005 3:17:19 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/1/2005 5:13:50 PM EST

Originally Posted By booger-hooker:
From looking at what you stated, the shiny bore is $475 but on the website it's $375 for the shiny bore...am I reading this correctly as a shiny bore Romanian RPK for $375 is a great price! At $375 I'm VERY interested and hope to see your response and anything else you can say about the condition of your kit. Thanks!

Sorry for the confusion.... the YUGO kits that had shiny bores were $475 and regular/dark bores were $375. The shiny bore ROMANIAN kits were $375. I don't what he does or does not have in stock at this time.

Link Posted: 12/1/2005 5:24:24 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/1/2005 5:52:19 PM EST
The Yugo barrel is definitely a HEAVY barrel.. and it has some cooling fins that give it an edge over the other RPK kits. Also, I gladly paid the $475 for a shiny bore when everybody else is paying $475 for dark bores. The Yugo kit does NOT have the clubfoot stock but a a thick, regular-style stock.

Link Posted: 12/6/2005 5:07:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/16/2005 7:56:16 AM EST
noob questions...

the yugo front trunion is different than most right? two additional "pieces"? how do you find a receiver for that - or do you whack them off and use a regular receiver? - seems like the least desireable since that extra would provide additional support. right?

where can you find a RPK parts kit? different than regular AK kit?

thanks for any info!


Link Posted: 12/16/2005 8:05:21 AM EST
There are no additional "pieces" on those trunnions. There are the so-called "bulges" around the middle section of the trunnion which is just a wider section than a regular AK trunnion, hence the bulged receivers. DCI is the only company currently making correct "bulged" trunnions for the Yugo AK's and they should soon have their Yugo RPK trunnion ready also.
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