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1/16/2020 9:48:49 PM
Posted: 6/28/2008 6:02:06 PM EST
I am sure this has been asked before,but I did a search first and did not find anything so it should not hurt to ask. I would like to buy a completed SAIGA 12 Conversion. Would someone please post the web sites of the companys that do Conversions and sell completed guns? Who does the best job? Thanks in advance for any helpful replys.
Link Posted: 6/28/2008 6:12:29 PM EST
best saiga conversions money can buy:

Link Posted: 6/28/2008 7:48:54 PM EST
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Originally Posted By mak0:
best saiga conversions money can buy:


... I just hope you are patient... I think their delivery dates are now out into 2009 (if they are even taking orders at this time). Try the Saiga12 forum for lots of good advice.
Link Posted: 6/29/2008 3:12:52 AM EST
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Link Posted: 6/29/2008 5:50:46 AM EST
Learn to do it yourself.

Link Posted: 6/30/2008 6:50:51 AM EST
I bought mine from Krebs. Im happy with it, Ive never seen a Trimox in person but my Krebs looks like its a factory built gun. Its perfect.
Link Posted: 7/1/2008 4:46:22 AM EST
As mentioned, Tony at Tromix does FANTASTIC work.

He also sells the parts to do it yourself. I have a batch on order now. His DIY trigger guard makes the conversion TOO easy!

Mississippi Auto Arms is the retailer for the Tromix parts.

Link Posted: 7/1/2008 2:50:33 PM EST
I would also say Tromix. Tony was the original Saiga builder and his work is incredible. I just brought home my S17 today.

Link Posted: 7/1/2008 3:05:01 PM EST
You can do the conversion yourself. I did it, and I'm a half a retard. Saiga 12 forums has great tutorials.

What exactly do you want done? Moving the trigger back, adding a pistol grip, and replacing the buttstock is not too bad. Refinishing the gun afterwords may be a DIY or not. Lots of businesses do refinishing.

I just sent mine off to Tony at Tromix to have it cut down to 8" and have the gas system reworked. That's not a DIY job. Tromix IS the best.

Link Posted: 7/3/2008 5:49:46 PM EST
Do it yourself or any good AK builder can do it.
Link Posted: 7/4/2008 1:58:32 PM EST
I heard someone mention "Redstar" but I can't find anything on them,do they do a good reliable Conversion?
Link Posted: 7/4/2008 2:04:31 PM EST
Thanks for the advice that I could save some money and do a Conversion or two myself,but now I am having trouble just finding regular un-converted SAIGA 12 shotguns. I know they have gone up in price,who has some in stock at a good price? Thanks in advance for any help.
Link Posted: 7/5/2008 5:33:16 PM EST
i went with dave at elite firearms in texas. apparently some giove him a bad wrap, but mine is flawless in every way , and he custom built mine in 60 days which i thought was a miracle considering no one else would even commit to a 6month build time

just my opinion , like i always say "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and they all stink"
Link Posted: 7/6/2008 8:13:44 PM EST
There isn't a lot to go wrong on a S-12 conversion.

There are no magwell mod and there is no need for a bullet guide.

Those are the things that seem to get screwed up on 7.62 and 223 builds.

Bunch of half-ass conversions where they don't bother with the bullet guide.

But that's not an issue on the S-12 or 308.

The only things you need to do on a conversion are:
-Remove the stock trigger and trigger guard.
-Cut a square hole for the pistol grip nut
-Install a trigger guard and selector stop
-Install a new trigger group

If you want a first class conversion you would want to fill the extra holes left over from the extra trigger pins and a couple on the bottom of the receiver.

I used a standard AK trigger guard (trimmed down) and fabbed a selector stop from a chunk of the factory trigger guard.

Link Posted: 7/8/2008 10:44:14 PM EST
Do it yourself. The only real money I'd put out on mine is having the holes welded shut and refinished, but in the end I'm getting that done for free. There are a few options around the welding of holes and refinish. The conversion is well within most people's abilities and basic tools.
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 3:26:15 PM EST
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Originally Posted By GunsRfun4me:
I heard someone mention "Redstar" but I can't find anything on them,do they do a good reliable Conversion?

Here you go:


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