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Posted: 10/16/2008 9:19:31 AM EST
Guys...I'm a newbie at this and I got a Yugo reciever flat from Tapco for $5...blemished. Anyways...I've noticed that most bending jigs will note that they're not meant to be used for Yugo's. I'm claiming they're of different dimensions than the rest, correct? If so...what dimensions do I need to bend this yugo reciever to?
Link Posted: 10/16/2008 11:06:50 AM EST
I got a couple of the Blemished flats..

Hre is my advice...take a punch and hit the selector stop detent from the back of the flat. Drive it as flush as possible. The take a dremel and smooth out the dtent area...Viola...blemish gone. I couldn't find any other problems.

On to your main question. The external dimensions are the same..it is the internal dimension that is different due to the added thickness of the receiver...right at 1mm difference. Also, you can bend these on a aregular flat bender...just dont push it all the way through...stop just short of the bulges.

Good luck, and lets see some pics...
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