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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/11/2006 5:51:49 PM EST
What is the measurement of the barrel pin on the Rommy kits? I need a replacement. I was wondering if someone has the measurment or what size rod to use for replacement. Otherwise, where would be a good place to get a replacement pin?

I got two Rommy kits, the first one the barrel pin would not even budge. I thought I was going to break my 12 ton press trying to get it out. I even bent up some drill rod trying. I ended up just drilling it out. That is the first kit I ever had to do that on. The other kit it came out with some light tapping with a hammer and a puch. That is the first one I was able to just tap out . Funny those Rommy kits were that different.
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 6:44:48 PM EST
funny you should say .. i almost broke my press last night also .. i just partially drilled out my barrel pin last night .. have some more work to do on it .. it should be done by the weekend ..
the barrel pin from my investigations and homework shows to be 7mm .. and the length .. is the SHORT pin .. i called global trades and they said there are TWO kinds of barrel pins .. both are 7mm but one is long . .one is short . .the SHORT pin is what you need for romy kits .. ill be ordering mine shortly .. evidently the LONG pin is usually used for milled recievers ..

PS .. my barrel pin still isnt out .. my machinist dad is working on turning something down hard enuf to withstand pushing that pin out .. i can assure you ill be making sure the next pin going in .. isnt going in so hard as to ruin my press .. or my day .. ill be turning it down some so there is enuf resistance to hold it in nice but not enuf to break a 12 ton press .. for petes sake !
Link Posted: 4/12/2006 5:43:49 AM EST
I guess there are quite a few people who have had to drill out the rommy barrel pin. I used a 1/4 colbalt drill bit to drill it out. It cut through the pin like a knife through butter. I put it just slightly off center to cut through one side of the pin, but I had to be careful not to get to far off center so I would not cut through the trunion or barrel. I got it just perfect. The rest of the barrel pin just came out with some light tapping.

Good luck on yours and thanks for the info.
Link Posted: 4/12/2006 11:02:17 AM EST
the barrel pin is 276k
actually there are more then 2
chinese take a smaller barrel pin
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