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Posted: 1/1/2004 5:12:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/1/2004 5:39:28 AM EDT by SSR-99]
The following was written yesterday by Alexander Wolfe (Representative for the Arsenal Inc firm of Las Vegas Nevada). It pertains to Arsenal Inc product manufacturing, and places the connection between Arsenal Inc & the Arsenal of Bulgaria in better light:


First of all I’d like to thank Jimmy (SSR-99) for bringing this unusual SA M5 malfunction to our attention.

Evidently Robert (Robert2011) initially didn’t know how to get a hold of us to mitigate his problem, so he went looking for info on the AR-15 forum. Our first inkling of any problem was when Jimmy (SSR-99) info’d us through the MIGETA forum on Dec 26th.

The majority of our staff are away for Christmas and New Years. So, at the moment we are fairly well unstaffed. Our apologies for any slow response due to the holidays.

In any event, the rifle in question finally arrived at our manufacturing facility and we will be investigating and evaluating the cause of this unusual failure, when our technical staff returns after the holidays.

To clarify, when I say “unusual”, I mean just that.

Of the several thousand rifles we’ve sold, and that are in use, this is the first and only instance we’ve had of any type of problem of this sort. I will reiterate that this particular receiver, as all of our receivers was manufactured to the exact material specification and procedures 100% identical to Arsenal of Bulgaria.

As I’ve said, this unusual malfunction will require an extensive technical evaluation. Rest assured that we stand 110% behind our products and that we will render the proper remedy in a timely fashion.

Our best wishes to all for a prosperous and happy 2004.

Arsenal DPC

***During that same day, he also wrote the following information (also pertaining to the above subject, specifically the heat treating):

In reference to this question of our heat treating process.

Perhaps we need too re-clarify a few points. Arsenal Inc. is exclusively licensed by Arsenal of Bulgaria and enjoys complete transfer of technology and 100% support of Arsenal of Bulgaria engineering department. We follow all long established technical procedures to exact specification and have a history and proven track record of surpassing the already legendary standard.

In addition, as we have mentioned in previous communiqués, Arsenal of Nevada employs several top end, fully factory trained and authorized technicians and engineers. In addition we have 100% technical, assurance and engineering support by the mother factory.

The material specification and procedures used in manufacturing the SA-M receivers is 100% identical to Arsenal of Bulgaria, resulting in the same identical specified Rockwell hardness.

***For those that may not have understood the exact connection between the two Arsenal firms, this should really clear things up a bit. Alexander specifically states "licensed by Arsenal of Bulgaria", "mother factory", and "100% support of Arsenal of Bulgaria engineering department" when discussing Arsenal Inc produced products. This is the true relation that Arsenal Inc of Nevada has with the Arsenal of Bulgaria firm. The Arsenal of Bulgaria logo that is stamped into SAM series receivers is more than just a coincidence ;)
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Holy friggin' shit!!! I just bought an SAM5-S about 2 weeks ago. I haven't fired it yet but I've spent beaucoup $$$ accumulating 8 Bulgie waffle mags for the damn thing. (you must understand that I have about 3 rifles that are new and need fired for the first time, so the SAM5-S is in line) This post is most disturbing. If Arsenal Inc. can't make a flawless product (it's an AK, for Godssakes!), then where are we to turn? Hell, it may be years before I put over 1000 rounds through any one gun, especially if it is new. Apparently that's where the problems show up.    

Link Posted: 1/1/2004 5:10:18 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/2/2004 5:13:14 AM EDT by SSR-99]
ABNAK Wrote:
"If Arsenal Inc. can't make a flawless product (it's an AK, for Godssakes!), then where are we to turn?"

There actually is quite a bit involved in making an AK rifle (or most any rifle for that matter). Many just think of gun making as assembly, but those parts you assemble did not just appear out of mid air.

When it comes to just Arsenal Inc's receiver alone, we are talking the correct steel to be used (as per their specs), then there is the forging of that steel, there is all the milling (which needs to be more precise than most would think), there is the heat treating, there is the phosphating, the assembly and fitting of all the other components onto the receiver, the final black paint finish application, and all this is just a rough idea of what all needs to be done. Of course, there are also all the other parts that get mounted onto the gun, and they all go through whatever processes they need before being complete and ready to go. When we are talking production items, companies expect a certain amount of returns from minor, and yes, even major defects. This company has proven themselves in the past 3-4 years as being able to produce a very good product. With that said, even the best of the best will churn out an occasional fluke from time to time.

It can be made by Rolex, Mercedes Benz, Howard Miller, MI Hummel, Sony, Whites, or any other high quality name brand production company (including Arsenal Inc), and sooner or later the occasional fluke slips out. Words like.... service dept, warranty service, guarantees, and such, would not still exsist if things never went wrong. As far as production AK's go, these are high quality production items, and like any other product, things like this will occur. Even the AK's that are built individually by gunsmiths, and that are considered more as custom guns (and which usually involve more time and effort in making), occasionally slip out with the rare problem. These guns are made by humans, and mistakes will happen.

I hate to admit this, but I have actually made mistakes in my life as well.......maybe only once.........but it does happen........LOL!!;)

Three to four years (?) making these SAM series rifles, with thousands already on the market, and the most common problems one will hear about them are those that are non serious (usually being very minor or something asthetic).
We have a fellow board member here (Templer) that has sold quite a few Arsenal Inc SAM series rifles through his shop, and he will confirm that Arsenal Inc rifles rarely go back for repairs. When they do, it's usually very minor stuff that they need done. I've also many years at gun shops in the past, and can tell you that if your in the business long enough, you will see defect returns from "ALL" gun manufacturers. I mean damn, Arsenal Inc is very good, but they are not GOD!!! LOL!!

I know of other brands making or offering AK guns (without mentioning any names), and I would think they would suck a D**K to have the consistancy that Arsenal Inc has been able to offer the public. Again, with that said, I can't imagine them or any other gun manufacturer being perfect every single time. Low warrantee return ratio..........yes, that is what they have been doing. No warrantee returns.......ever.........I don't believe we will see that.........not as long as people make mistakes :)

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