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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/11/2003 2:17:30 PM EST
“This latest release marks another Arsenal Inc milestone in our ongoing efforts to push the AK’s time proven design to new levels of technological innovation.

As most firearms enthusiasts are aware, the gas piston in the AK type rifle is most crucial to reliability and a major contributing factor for accuracy. A number of parts manufactures have attempted to manufacture a US made replacement part for the AK gas piston to satisfy the provisions of 922®.

While there are exceptions, the most common practice in the manufacture of these replacement gas pistons is to first machine the unit to proper dimensions and then heat treat the product for strength, rigidity and durability.

The problem with this widely accepted manufacturing process is that this necessary heat treating results in linear distortion of the piston and most often causes the piston head to be out of true and non uniform in dimension. In fact, a number of US manufacturers don’t even heat treat because of this problem! This results in soft pistons. Not a good thing.

In addition many of these attempted replacements are the result of using an existing foreign made piston as a pattern, without the benefit of original factory engineering drawings, proper and correct tolerance notations and certified manufacturing technology.

Without exposing the confidential aspects of our process, I will say that the process we employ is considerably more expensive in terms of man hours and machine time to achieve the desired result.

I guess that the best way to outline this new product is to focus on the benefits of our process. So, here they are.

1. These MATCH GRADE pistons are specified from the original certified factory engineering drawings, but held to even tighter tolerances to achieve a match grade consistency.
2. Manufactured from solid STAINLESS STEEL cylindrical billets, PRE TEMPERED to the exact specified Rockwell hardness before machining.
3. Better than factory spec final precision grinding .0003 variance as compared to the allowable .0014 mil spec standard
4. Positive lockup insures superior gas seal and improved function
5. Uniform dimensions throughout the entire production run, utilizing the latest CNC techniques.
6. Available at a very competitive price which is actually lower than most non match grade piston products in the market.

Although these stats don’t adequately reflect the complexity of our process, I really can’t disclose any additional proprietary information at this time. “
Link Posted: 11/11/2003 2:24:46 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/11/2003 2:26:48 PM EST
Now if they will just make a reciever.
Link Posted: 11/11/2003 3:15:59 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/11/2003 4:09:17 PM EST
Marketing jargon at it's finest!

Match grade gas piston. LOL

They should have called it: Tactical Match Grade Gas Piston.

Tactical anything now a day is a shoe in for sales.

Link Posted: 11/11/2003 4:29:49 PM EST

Originally Posted By AKM:
Marketing jargon at it's finest!

Match grade gas piston. LOL

They should have called it: Tactical Match Grade Gas Piston.

Tactical anything now a day is a shoe in for sales.

I don't think a stainless steel gas piston could be called "tactical" being shiny silver & all. Maybe if it had a black teflon finish applied...[:\]

"match grade"...
Link Posted: 11/11/2003 4:44:08 PM EST
'Match grade'? Gimme a break....regardless, like Campy said, Arsenal stuff is usually pretty nice, so it's probably atleast as good as the other US pistons.

take care,
Link Posted: 11/12/2003 3:16:34 AM EST
As far as U.S. made gas pistons go, these pistons are not made using reverse engineering (as with the others). Instead, these are made using info given to them by their partners (Arsenal of Bulgaria). They are following the true manufactiring tecniques (if not the exact material) used by the company that licenses their name, and are adding a bit of extra precision to boot.
Other than them being made with a bit higher precision, the only other difference from the original, seems to be that these are made from solid stainless steel, rather than hard chrome plated carbon steel.

I'm not currently in the market for an American made gas piston, but if I were, this would immediately be the first one I would look into buying. The Arsenal Inc company products are, (IMO), the next best thing to having the original Bulgarian made components. These guys worked at Arsenal of Bulgaria, they know this design, and they receive all the technical info neccessary to avoid the need to reverse engineer anything. I would not let the whole "match grade" name thing throw me off. It just seems to be more of their way of expressing the fact that they are employing a bit higher tolerance while making them.

This whole subject of another component by Arsenal Inc, tells me something else. What would that be?.......... That between K-VAR and Arsenal Inc, they have managed to get one step closer to producing a complete US made AK.

Here is what these two companies currently produce under license and assistance from the Bulgarians:

polymer pistol grip

polymer upper handguard

polymer lower handguard

polymer buttstock

forged and milled receiver

forged and milled trigger

forged and milled hammer

forged and milled disconnector

a new stainless steel gas piston

And of course, with permission of the Bulgarians, the right and know-how to assemble AK's in the U.S.

This is done using the licensed Arsenal name, logo, and technical info (again, not just reverse engineering).

Arsenal Inc currently has the machinery to make licensed stamped AK receivers.........Hmmmmmm :)

Whats next?........who knows, but maybe barrels, gas chambers, dust covers, gas tubes, front sight housings, bolt heads, bolt carriers, etc, etc :)

With the help of their friends (K-VAR), and their partners in Bulgaria (Arsenal), I could easily see Arsenal Inc of Nevada producing a complete U.S. made AK in quality form :)

That is what I mostly see from this latest news :)

Vision my friends........vision :)
Link Posted: 11/12/2003 3:36:04 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/12/2003 4:02:25 AM EST
Just like when we would discuss AK Fire Control Groups during late 1999 and during 2000-2001, many would have this to say in the forums "why don't they come out with this or that product".

Many, if not all, of the FCG offerings were less than exciting back then, but I would usually come in and say, "don't worry, companies will come out with good replacements, but it may take some time". Here we are in the year 2003, and we now have people coming in the boards and asking "what is the best of the best U.S. made FCG's, the K-VAR/Arsenal Inc sets, the RedStar Arms sets, the G-Tech sets, the Arsenal USA groups, or latest FSE groups............?

Well, seems like the questions went from "Do all the U.S. made FCG sets suck?".....to "Which is best of all these good U.S. made sets?"

I for one am glad that Arsenal Inc/K-VAR is taking the time to not offer things in too much of a rush. Let them take some time to plan things out right, and when they come out with a new product, we may be more impressed than if they were to just rush new products out.

Yes, they have the machinery for the stamped receivers...........why?........well I would have to guess they probably have plans for making them.

In time Grasshopper......in time :)
Link Posted: 11/12/2003 4:20:25 AM EST
Are you the same guy who would spout off long drawn out posts about how wonderful and superior the SSR-99 was back in the old days at AK-47.net?

If I recall correct, you never put one round through that SSR did you? LOL

You should get into Marketing.
Link Posted: 11/12/2003 4:29:15 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/12/2003 4:36:29 AM EST by SSR-99]
"You should get into Marketing"

Your right, I should :)

As far as the SSR-99's, you don't see too much complaining about them.......do you? :)

Whether the SSR-99 impressed it's owner by it's quality workmanship, function, or scarcity, it all comes down to "they are held in high regard by those who have owned them" :P

Anyhows............back to the threads subject, I sure would not be surprized if Arsenal Inc and K-VAR come out with the first all American component AK :)

This new gas piston just adds to a growing list of components they are now offering.

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