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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 3/3/2006 7:08:50 PM EDT
Has Arsenal started installing spring loaded firing pins in all their rifles? If so, when did they start doing this? I'm in the market for one and want a spring loaded firing pin. For those of you that don't understand what I'm talking about,below is a quote from an Arsenal employee from another forum:

Posted by: Arsenal-DPC Jul 16 2003, 02:57 PM
Subject: About the SPRING LOADED FIRING PIN (SLFP) system to be incorporated in all new manufacture Arsenal Inc. rifles.
Q: So what is the big deal with this spring loaded firing pin? My AK works just fine with the standard floating style firing pin.
A: Actually, it’s all about the ammunition.
99.9% of the ammo fired from AK’s worldwide utilizes a Berdan type primer for ignition. The reason the Berdan priming system has such widespread use is it’s inherent safety and stability. The Berdan priming system is significantly different from the Boxer style primer, popular in the US, in both construction and design. A discourse on the differences would be lengthy, technical and boring so I won’t delve into that question here.
Just take my word for it. If it wasn’t important to introduce this technical innovation of the SLFP, we sure as hell wouldn’t be going through the major R&D and manufacturing expense to create it and incorporate it in our current manufacture products.
What this really is about is the future. We build our guns to last. Not for a year or two, or ten years or even fifty years. We are building what we consider to be legacy rifles that will stand the test of time, remain serviceable and current, and be handed down generation to generation. Think of granddaddy’s Parker Shotgun or great great granddaddy’s Sharps Rifle that has been handed down for generations. That is what we are shooting for, and why we constantly look towards the future in our manufacturing plans.
This isn’t particularly altruistic, it’s just good business. Well, actually, it’s a little more than good business. To tell the truth, we are gun nuts, just like you and we really enjoy this stuff.
The concept of heritage is significantly bolstered by our Arsenal of Bulgaria partners who bring a stellar history of quality reaching back to 1874, yet welcome the innovations we have introduced.
Bottom line, we all just want to produce something to be proud of. Profitability is a happy side effect.
With these points in mind, we can get down to the crux of the matter, just as it applies to us here in the United States. As mentioned above, in the current state of affairs 99.9% of the ammo fired through AK type rifles is Berdan primed and is currently in plentiful supply.
There is, by way of comparison, a very small amount of US manufactured and reload ammunition in circulation which is “Boxer” primed. So, for the moment, the most significant benefit of this SLFP improvement affects a very small percentage of AK type owners.
So, why bother?
We are all aware of the constant chipping away of our 2nd amendment rights, which were earned at great cost to generations of law abiding, patriotic Americans. My feeling is that if you had to carry a gun to defend this country, then at the very least you should be allowed to have one in your house to defend what you work so hard to attain.
Holding on to that thought, let’s step into the time machine.
As I said, at present, Berdan primed ammo is in ample supply and is pretty much the standard fodder for AK based rifles in the US. For the moment, there’s tons of it.
Move ahead five years or so.
Who’s to say that under some pretext or another, or so some politician can get reelected, a bill or regulation or ruling or any other legal shenanigan causes the banning of imported ammo. After a few years the Berdan primed ammo dries up or gets so expensive that your only recourse is to use US manufactured Boxer primed ammo or Boxer primed reloads.
Now you have a problem.
The current incarnation of the AK family is designed to fire Berdan primed ammo.
This issue is specific to the United States. Should the imported Berdan supply dry up in the US and we are limited to Boxer primed ammo, the whole rest of the world will happily carry on without missing a beat. There will still be loads of Berdan primed, all over the world, maybe just not here.
To safely fire Boxer primed ammo from an AK, you’ll need a SLFP. It’s that simple.
Looking ahead to this, Arsenal Inc will be producing all new manufacture rifles with the new design SLFP technology as our existing stock and current production are depleted.

Alexander WolfeArsenal Inc. - DPC

Posted by: DonK Jul 16 2003, 05:17 PM
So can we upgrade our existing SAM7s to the new spec at reasonable cost ?

Posted by: Ugh! Jul 17 2003, 04:49 AM
Swapping bolts can affect headspace. If you swap bolts make sure you check the headspace.

Posted by: DonK Jul 17 2003, 05:38 PM
Sounds like it could get expensive. Cheaper just to make sure your rifle is pointed in a safe direction - good practice anyway

Posted by: Fallschirmjäger Dec 1 2003, 02:36 PM
OK, so the question remains; If I bought a SA M-7 without the SLFP, and since the issue of longevity is being bounced around, what is Arsenal doing for it's customers who already have the rifles?

Posted by: downsouthmoe Dec 6 2003, 09:26 AM
So what's stopping U.S. companies from producing Berdan primed ammo?
If the depand sharply rises suddenly because of an importation ban, wouldn't it be a good economical decision for U.S. manufacturers to begin producing (more) Berdan primed ammo?
How does the SLFP affect the overall reliability of the AK?
Would the SLFP be more prone to wearing out after extended use?
What amount of work would it require to retrofit existing AK weapons with an SLFP?

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