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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 12/30/2005 3:39:50 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/30/2005 3:40:18 PM EDT by DavidC]
As the title says, the only comments I've seen about the "May Madness" guns (including mine, see here) have been basically disappointed in what was paid for.

I'd love to hear that someone got a gun without all of the problems listed in that thread.

Link Posted: 1/1/2006 1:22:38 PM EDT
I was the one that posted mine looked nice, but is missing the front night sight assembly. Mine does have a minor scratch on the bbl above the chamber that appears it happened when being put through the trunion...hardly worth mentioning, compared to the pictures of gouges that have been posted by others.

I just got back from the range. Fired 200 rounds total of Wolf, Silver Bear, Golden Tiger, and the brass cased "Portuguese". Zero malfuntions. Even tried my 2 worst mags that wiggle/wobble when in place with no problems. Tried a total of 8 mags of different countries. No wear seen on the parts other than some polishing. Is cleaner after shooting than my other AK's...don't know why...not as much black in the gas tube or on the gas piston and bolt. After firing, the fake suppressor has a very slight wobble...reminds me of a muzzle break that needs to be screwed by on tight by an "nth" of a turn (like when your AK muzzle device is screwed on such that the detent pin is properly holding it in place, but the device itself could be screwed on a tad more)...doesn't seem to hurt anything. It only took 3 hoppes soaked patches before the bore was clean (by clean I mean the patches aren't dark or with green from the copper jacket)...I use hoppes benchrest solvent and let the bore soak about 30 mintues after each soaked patch until no more green or darkness. This tells me the bore on mine must be pretty smooth.

Best accuracy was with Golden Tiger...groups of 4" - 5" at 100yd off a rest. I am not the best shot in the world. The impact point varied between ammo brands much more than with my other AK's, enough (around 8" extreme at 100yd between Golden Tiger and Wolf) that I won't be able to use Wolf for plinking when sighted in with Golden Tiger. No big deal, as I have more Golden Tiger than Wolf.

Brass Portuguese fmj 2088fps ave (biggest muzzle flash)
Golden Tiger fmj 2199fps ave
Wolf fmj 2198fps ave
Silver Bear HP 2312fps ave

Even though Wolf and Golden Tiger were so close in velocity, they hit the farthest apart.

Now the best...the "cool factor" was huge. It looks neat...everyone wants to see it. Everyone loved the sound and the muzzle flash. We took turns shooting it so all could enjoy the flash and boom. The shooter sees a flash, but not as big as the observers on the sides. One guy referred to it as my 50 caliber AK. Recoil is mild.

I live in Florida and have decided this is my new "hurricane" rifle since I can fold it up for compact storage/carry and the flawless functioning. Fired it at an 80yd steel plate with the stock folded and did rather well...was wondering what it would be like to shoot an AK pistol, since I don't have one.

I am very happy with mine. It is my most fun AK varient.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 12:49:55 PM EDT
I just picked mine up today and the initial look is about on par with the other posters. Gouges on barrel are horrible looking, but will not affect function that I can see. The stock is stiff and slightly off which prevents the safety from being engaged properly. Front handgaurds are fine, although a bit loose. The fake can has spots of park missing around the back edges. No big deal as I plan on SBR down the road. The upper recv. cover is slightly canted when looking at it from the back end, but should not pose an issue.
Overall I would say that it was an ok buy. The wait sucked big time and I feel that Todd rushed to get these into our hands which resulted in some of the issues.
I will take it out next week for a full shake down and see how it functions.
The rifle itself is cool looking and I would hate to send it back with the rising prices of other Krinks.
Link Posted: 1/9/2006 2:22:05 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/9/2006 2:25:24 PM EDT by twigboy]
Hey - glad I found this thread. I seemed to be breaking some COC rule posting on the other one. I will not regurgitate everything I said over there, other than to say the barrel gouges are what really bum me out. Todd said they happened on about 20 % of the rifles so lucky me I guess.

I have asked builders about them over at AK47.net trying to get an idea if this is really common and unavoidable or if it is BS. I have a few other AKs from kits and none of them have any marks in this area.

I am still mulling on whether to keep mine. Seems like they were rushed out and the build quality suffered, but most people seem willing to accept it and move on. I am still thinking on it and the gun remains unfired. Its just such a shame that after all they went through to get these premo virgin kits, then all the money, all the wait, and they end up gouging up the barrels and sending out generally sloppy builds....

I ranted - sorry.
Link Posted: 1/12/2006 9:46:31 PM EDT
Seems like everytime I come to these threads everyone is still going crazy over how there krink looks or how it arrived. I ordered a kit from the same person that built your Krinks and put it together myself w/ some help from a master builder that posts on here a good bit. Alot goes into taking one apart and then putting it back together. Sure I have the same marks on my barrell where I pulled it out then pressed it back in the trunion,hammered the rivets, finished the wood etc.Being in the military I have been able to shoot many full auto Krinks,THEY ALL ARE LOOSE!Be happy you even have one, alot of guys would kill to own one, if you are really unhappy you will not have any trouble selling it anywhere. Thanks
Link Posted: 1/13/2006 7:38:53 AM EDT
Well after a week of moping I took the rifle out of the safe and gave it a fresh once over and you know what - its really not that bad. I can not deny my initial disappointment when I pulled the bolt back and saw the gouges, and I still am not happy about them but it seems that this "galling" is a somewhat common and unavoidable thing that happens when the barrel is pressed out.

When I posted about it over in the other thread, it started a rash of postings from people who were performing close inspections of the rifles they paid so much and waited so long for. Can't blame them for having high expectations really, but each critique seemed to feed the next to the point where the expectations may have been unfair.

My folder is a little crooked, but it does operate properly. I checked the folders on my other AKs and guess what - some of them are a little crooked too - just never noticed it. Even my Arsenal (Nevada) folder is crooked.

None of them have any barrel galling - seems to be an issue with the Krinks. Not sure why. Maybe the pin is different but it would explain why I have never seen this before.

I have seen some absolutely beautiful Krinks, both on-line pics and in the flesh, but they were built carefully by loving, patient, experienced owners or small shop guys who spend a lot of time and put a lot of detail and care into every step. ORF has made a lot of great products available and has generally done a great job. They are growing, moved into a bigger facility, started offering complete builds in fairly large quantities, got behind, and scrambled in the end to get them out. The result is an assembly line quality build, not a one at a time labor of love.

If that is what you want, do it yourself or go to someone who will spend the time and take the care to do it as perfectly as it can be. I have decided that I am going to keep this Krink. I had a few offers to buy it but I must say no. And yes, I am happy to own one at all.

This weekend we go to the range. Hopefully all will go well.
Link Posted: 1/13/2006 10:22:54 AM EDT
Good deal! I looked at yours Twigboy and I thought it looked really good, the marks on the barrell will not affect value of these anyways. A dealer here in NC is selling the kits less rec for 699.00 I paid 485 but have maybe the same as everyone else wrapped up in it. I understand you want what you paid for ,being that is a good chunk of change but I personally don't think anyone really got burned ya know?(other than the long wait, took me 9 months to get my suppressor so I know how you feel, and the ATF didn't give me anything back,LOL)
Link Posted: 1/13/2006 4:54:23 PM EDT
I had earlier posted that mine come without the front night sight. ORF shipped a front night sight assembly and it arrived today. I just turned out the lights, and the front sight glows fine.
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