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Posted: 9/22/2005 5:27:28 AM EDT
These are on Tantal's site, but I have no idea what the paragraph is saying. Thanks.

"These high quality 30 round box magazines were made in Russia for the Saiga M3 rifle, and are base don the AK-103 magazine in a jet black matte textured polymer featuring ribbed sides. They are very hard to locate. These will fit all models of Saiga 7,62x39mm rifles and carbines, without modification since they have the built-in feed ramp on the forward wall. They can also be modified to fit any regular AK, AKM or AK-103 rifle which already has a feed ramp made into it's forward trunnion, if the wall is cut out."

Link Posted: 9/22/2005 6:53:43 AM EDT

**Someone can add more detail or correction if I don't have it completely accurate**

Some (if not all) Saiga's were made w/o the normal dimple in the magwell area. They also were made to take a different kind of magazine. The normal feed ramp for the bullet in most rifles was eliminated on these. They added it to the magazine itself. This made a regular AK mag useless.

People have, like they described, removed the ramp that are in these magazines and adapted them to work in normal AK47's.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

Link Posted: 9/22/2005 8:25:27 AM EDT
Thanks. So what you are saying is that when he says "on the forward wall" he means of the mag and not the rifle. Hence the mag can be made to work with a Mak or SLR or Maadi, etc?
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 12:29:51 PM EDT
Yes, I believe so.
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 2:43:22 AM EDT
The Saiga rifles are a sporting rifle version of the AK-100 series of rifles which are a improved version of the AK-74M. The AK-74M is a improved version of the AK-74 rifle. The AK-74 rifles and all improved models of it don't have a feed ramp. The cartridges are pushed by the bolt directly into the chamber from the magazine. This is the reason the front of the magazine is higher than the front of the AK-47/AKM magazine. The AK-47/AKM rifles the bolt pushes the cartridge out of the magazine and the cartridge drops down the bullet hits the feed ramp and is guided into the chamber.
In the pic below you can see that the front of the Saiga magazine is higher than the front of the magazine of the AK-47/AKM rifles.

So what it is saying is........ By cutting out the front of the Saiga mag to match the cut out in the front of a AK-47/AKM magazine the bullet will hit the feed ramp and be guided into the chamber of any model rifle that has a feed ramp.
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 5:02:34 AM EDT
Pictures say it even better. Good reference!!
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