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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/5/2006 10:26:39 PM EST
Obviously, American made AK magazines are absolute garbage, which defies logic because magazines made in the third world on inferior equipment by under educated/skilled workers function perfectly. I recently bought a box full of AK magazines for 50.00. There are probably 25 or so magazines of all different manufacture, including one strange reddish/orangish/brownish plastic magazine with a cut out on the side....I have never seen one of these before and the cut out allows you to see the spring/follower or loaded rounds. It appears to be for 5.45/5.56. Anyways,
Many of these magazines appear to be brand new Combloc magazines with no signs of use while some appear to be well used. 3 of my magazines look differently as they feel lighter and have a different finish. I thought they were American made, but they look similar to magazines in the "how to ID magazines"....oh, and they work which makes me think they aren't American. Are there any markings or features which might indicate whether or not they were made in America? Are there distinguishing features I should look for to indicate whether or not they are domestic? Does anyone have pictures of American made magazines? Of these magazines, I intend to keep a dozen or so of the best mags loaded just in case, and the 3 in question are in excellent shape and function well but if they are American, they will be relegated to practice magazines. Any input?
Link Posted: 3/6/2006 6:08:30 PM EST
I think probably the best way to judge if a magazine is american is think how easy you could break it, if it's easy to break, it's probably American hinking.gif (I can't decide if I'm joking or not on that one). As for the inferiority of American magazine design, those in the third world are depending on their magazines for survivial a lot of time, American magazines are designed for profit motive, so some corners get cut. Personally, I don't think it'd be profitable to make a solid American magazine, especially with the wide availability of foreign military surplus.
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 4:32:35 PM EST
all of the steel U.S. made magazines ive seen were made of thinner metal and didn't have stampings for the side ribs that were as deep. also, a lot of them are spot welded together (different length bodies to a universal upper part).

not very comprehensive, i know, but just things ive noticed
Link Posted: 3/7/2006 8:56:24 PM EST
I thought the finish would be a good way to indicate domestic or foriegn manufacture but this doesn't appear to be accurate. These magazines have a "shiner" non-phosphated, non-parked finish, which I though was indicative of American magazines, but I have seen "milspec" surplus magazines with a similar finish, so who knows. They don't have any features which clearly distinguish them from milspec magazines and my eyes are non "untrained". I guess I will have to put some gloves on and handle a domestic AK magazine, should I find a store that keeps shit on its shelves.
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