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Posted: 9/4/2004 1:37:30 PM EDT
Hello, just got one of TAPCO's AMD65 kits, looks nice. Question I have is, how do you dissasemble the front end, and how do you modify it for standard AK47 polymer handguards? I took off the gas tube by doing the whole throw lever thing, and I rotated the smaller throw lever in the front near the sight post, but cannot seem to take off the handguard. Secondly, I am looking to make this into a FrankenKrink, and would like to swap out the AMD handguard for the two piece black/green polymer. Are there any detailed instructions on how to do this, will I need a new gas tube (this one looks a little long), and how do I attatch the lower? Thanks!

Link Posted: 9/4/2004 5:35:41 PM EDT
it is pretty easy to put the polymer handguards on.
yeah, first you have to shorten a regular gas tube. just measure, and leave a little long like maybe 1/8 inch. then take a 3/8 tapered socket and slowly press if you can it into the tube to flare the end. then shorten it to fit

on the lower hanguard, all you have to do is trim down the front part (the end that looks like a U)
i only had to trim down the top corners for the handguard holder to slide down on it.

take your time and it will look super.

sorry my pc with all the pics on it is being rebuilt, but i put some east german handguards on my 65
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