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Posted: 5/11/2004 11:01:58 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/11/2004 11:02:21 AM EST by Andreuha]
I'd like info on how to correctly use an AK sling. I'm 6'3" and an athletic 175lbs (if build matters in relation to sling length/positions).

So far, I see I can shorten it and use this in a 3-point position, have a tight stance with the buttstock resting atop my shoulder (with head straight up for a more comfortable cheek weld), and if sling is lengthened, across the chest relaxed/pressed into shoulder while shooting or near fully extended sling with end wrapped around wrist, possibly using the mag as a monopod while prone.
Gotta love the sling attatchment points all on the left side the way they are..

Any other ways, or better yet, the proper trained ways, to use an AK sling? Note, I've also got one of the Russian ones with a heavy leather pad that slides up and down the sling, if that matters.
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 11:53:15 AM EST
Place sling on shoulder, carry rifle.. In action unsling rifle, carry in hands..... This aint the Camp Perry matchs here..
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 12:03:40 PM EST
Understood; But I know I can still use is to my advantage with any shots outside of 50-75 yards. That's why I ask
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 1:17:37 PM EST
I think the Russian sligs are the best all around slings for the AK. They are long enough to use them just about anyway you might need. I usually use mine like a CQB type, either around my neck ala MP40 or with the sling across my back and under my left arm. That way you can still shoulder the rifle with no problem, but it falls to the left side if you let it go like the three point slings. I dont use the sling on my AK's as a shooting sling, I dont really see the need. As was mentioned, this aint Camp Perry

One little mod that will make these type slings quiet and stops the rattles and banging is a short piece of road bike inner tube, the skinny bike tire tubes. I use a piece of 700Cx20-23 about 4" long. Here's what it looks like on:

Cheap and easy fix for an annoying problem.
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 1:49:52 PM EST
I know, I'm messin with yah.. I just put a East German on my 74 and man that thing is long.. I'm 6'6" and the action hangs to about my knee with the sling extended all the way....
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 2:16:30 PM EST
Yeah, I've worn the sling like that, too. Try shortening it just enough for you comfortably slip into the loop created by shortening it. I find that to be a comfortable position, with the rifle firmly against your chest when you let go. Just put the leather retainer forward, asto let the sling run through the rear loop easily when moving the rifle around.

Try messing around with the loop you make when shortening it, I find you can use it in many ways (but I generally prefer around neck and under left arm, Shorten it more, and it's comfortable and very tight with the straight-necked cheek weld, butt-on-shoulder position). Of course, with varying bodies and slings, YMMV.

Oh, and I'm still asking for other un-mentioned sling positions I wonder if sling usage is covered in any of the Russain manuals (heh, if I could find it, I'd be happy to translate and post!).

East German sling is quite long, the Russian one seems to fit my build very well, which is why I like it.

Link Posted: 5/11/2004 4:01:25 PM EST
I adjust my lenght on a standard sling to get the proper lenght for a wrap around my arm. It steady's the rifle and makes the shooting position more ridged. It ain't camp Perry, but if you pull the trigger the round should be as accurate as possible. Not a spray and pray. While I haven't found an accurate AK other than the 74's I like to squeeze out as much as I can and take operator's error away from the equation. One shot one hit. Markmanship . WarDawg
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