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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 3/13/2006 6:33:12 AM EDT
I'm seriously considering stepping out and purchasing my first AK. I've been reading on this site and others about the AK, and would be interested in any feedback on a purchase...here goes:

I luke the Bulgarian AK74 varaint in appearance and the specifically the round it fires, since I will also have younger kids shooting it. I own and shoot an M1A, M-1 and ar15 and my kids (13-15) always gravitate to the ar. I see that prices on most ak's are reasonable right now and here's where I get into questions.

1. The ak74 seems to have an ammo issue (availablity)...5.45 just doesn't seem to be on every street corner like it is with a lot of other ammo. Anyone have an opinion on whether this is a long term issue?

2. The US made receivers for Bulgarian parts kits seem to come into question. For an occasional shooter is this that big of an issue?...in other words, should I spend the extra money for an ARSENAL receiver if I end up with a '74 or are the other receivers ok for the occasional shoot out at the range? I've seem comments that the Arsenal receivers are better made and will hold up in value later on and that some of the US receivers can be kind of sloppy in fit...thoughts?

Thanks for any comments...

Link Posted: 3/13/2006 12:32:51 PM EDT
I think the "ammo issue" is a bunch of people crying that the sky is falling. There are billions of rounds of 5.45mm out there. The Arsenal receivers are top-notch but there is a new american AK-74 receiver from Harlan/NDS which should be great to have a build done on.
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