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Posted: 5/2/2003 5:12:35 AM EST
Yes, I have seen the 30 rounder detachable mags for the sks. I think they are ugly and over priced. At one time, I think I recall seeing a standard SKS that accepted AK mags. (I am not refering to the thumbhole stocked POS's that were imported about 7-8 yrs ago)

At one time I even had a Chinese SKS that took AK mags. It too was ugly with a stubby barrel, potbelly stock and non ergodynamic thumbhole placement.

My questions are: Has anyone converted a standard SKS to take AK mags? Does someone out there offer a dropin set of parts? Any web site links?

Link Posted: 5/5/2003 7:26:36 AM EST
1st , yes, there was a guy called George Stringer, "Internet Gunsmith" that did a conversion job but you still had to file the mags because of the width of the bottom of the bolt. really was a piece of crap. Don't know if he is still around, but no good anyway.

2nd , I own

3 Preban SKS 20inch with bayo factory conversions with std stocks

1 just like above but shortened to 16 inch barrel

2 Preban type 84 16 inch barrels with bayo and factory conversion and bolt hold open

3 post ban 16 inch barrel no bayo with 3 differend stocks

1 - Monte Carlo

1 - Thumbhole with wide forearm

1 - Thumbhole with narrow forearm

I consider the prebans to be the best SKS's ever built

the type 84's are very particular on mags, no so the others.
Page AK-47 » SKS
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