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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/10/2003 4:02:29 PM EST
Took my pistol grip converted Saiga (.223) to the range to function check it with wolf ammo. It ran fine but the really kewl part was I could hit the pig silhouette at 300yds with about 4 shots out of 5. Not bad for an AK.
Link Posted: 9/10/2003 5:20:01 PM EST
What's the complete config you have? Just the pistol grip, or a full conversion?

Sounds like it shoots very well.
Link Posted: 9/11/2003 3:36:15 AM EST
Added pistol grip and AK type stock, thats about it. I just didn't like the Saiga "hunter" stock set up. I did leave the saiga forearm in place though, it gives it a post-modern AK look.
Link Posted: 9/11/2003 10:53:58 AM EST

Would you ever consider selling one of your converted Saigas or charging a fee for converting one if the Rifle and parts were sent?
Link Posted: 9/11/2003 11:13:25 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/11/2003 11:25:58 AM EST
could you point me in the right direction, please?
Link Posted: 9/12/2003 5:57:23 AM EST
The conversion is very easy. The Saigas can be found right at the $200 mark. Maybe $50-90 on parts and an hour or two with a dremel and a drill is all you need.
Sorry about selling one, but the amount of time and effort involved especially with anyone out of state it not worth it especially with such an easy conversion.
Good luck getting one, should be fairly easy to locate and quite inexpensive. I would even hazard a guess that such a converted Saiga will have higher quality and less cost than just about any other AK type out there.
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