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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/28/2003 12:28:53 PM EST
A novel in the works needs a bit of assistance and I believe this might be an appropriate audience to canvas in that effort.

Let's assume an AK is needed to take on the functionality of the M4 SOPMOD program as much as possible. However, the customer -- let's assume he's an official end-user, and for various reasons -- some political and some very practical, neither wants nor can he afford (literally) the M4 system. Go ahead and assume the receivers will be made in the States -- that's actually a very interesting chapter. So....what would you offer and more importantly why? I want to know of specific manufacturers and their products.

Thank you in advance. In all liklihood, the story line will limit the notional weapon to the M43 chambering.

Thank you!
Link Posted: 8/28/2003 2:42:45 PM EST
Hmmm... I know that KAC makes/made an AK47 RAS. Combine that with a vertical front grip of the same maker. You could then put whatever type of additional accessories on that, including a forward mounted Aimpoint or other reflex/reddot type sight. No AK could be considered "tactical" until it has an AK74-type brake applied to it. Only with one of those could a 7.62x39 AK have the repeatability nessasary in this case. Give the weapon all the AK-100 series upgrades, in fact you could consider the starting rifle to be an AK-103. Black synthetic AK-100 series furniture with folding polymer stock would be a must.

Waffle mags, 30 and 40 rounders. Only those would truly look at home on the above rifle.

Alright that's what I've got for a start. I love this kinda thing, so I'll be happy to add more if neccesary.

Note: Nobody say Krinkov! He said 7.62x39 and we all know you are never going to be able to be tactical with one of those! AK-104 maybe... but to try and match the M4 systems potential for light sniping/marksman like dutys, you would probably want a full 16".
Link Posted: 8/28/2003 4:43:45 PM EST
I was gonna mention the AK104 when I saw this thread intially. I have one from AKUSA, and while it takes longer to follow a shot up than with a .223, the regular 7.62 AK would have the same issue. It won't be able to have all the doodads on it that the M4 does, but in a way, simplicity with the Kobra and a light mount to me is a very attractive idea.
Link Posted: 8/28/2003 6:42:58 PM EST
How's about starting with any good AK-47 derivative or a properly built AK-74 (InRange, ORF, et al) and proceeding as follows:

1: RSA fire control components along with the new Tapco M249 grip to radically improve shootability.

2: Optics: Either a Kobra EKP-1S-03M or an Ultimak/Aimpoint combo. The latter is more better but, a lot more $.

3: Illumination: A surefire universal 9V light with dead-man and always-on switches, along with the Surefire barrel mount will do the job.

4: Sling: Contact Jeff Orchard at CQB Solutions. He'll fix you up real good and you can even go to your weak side with the right combo.

5: Why do you want more rounds rather than less? Those long magazines aren't for dog poop when un-assing a motor vehicle, aircraft, or boat. And they will really make you look like "that guy" when going prone under a barricade. For 20 round 7.62 see Tapco. For 20 round 5.45, JoeKen will have some soon.

The above should provide you a serviceable tool for interpersonal (or international) conflict resolution.


Link Posted: 8/29/2003 3:13:49 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/29/2003 4:07:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/29/2003 1:29:33 PM EST
[Last Edit: 8/29/2003 1:34:57 PM EST by mach6]
Revision to script --- let's leave the caliber open, the need for a quick follow-up is most compelling. I'm also looking to keep this "client state" possibly dependant upon new (and therefore, traceable) sources of ammunition and magazines. Keep this up...it's all very good and I've incorporated the side folding synthetic stock and the KAC-type forearms. Cewrtainly the AK-100 series is an excellent starting point. What about better iron sights, or perhaps a Galil-type rear sight/dustcover??? More input...more input.....
Link Posted: 8/29/2003 2:37:13 PM EST
Well, you could make it an AK-74M, or an AK-101 in 5.56x45mm so as to have a wide variety (for reference and labeling in discription) of combat-type rounds made in the US.

I can't find the KAC AK RIS/RAS thing in any searches, although I know I've seen it before. Does anyone here have a link?

Whether or not it is still in production isn't important for the novel, as you can say they had a special contract run or something.

You could make it a Finnish Valmet/Sako rifle. Like the M92/95 or something. One of those would have better sights and be perfectly modern, but then we would be back to the drawing board on the accessories.
Link Posted: 8/29/2003 3:05:48 PM EST
How about this idea, with the green stock folding and the muzzle attachment being the actual Krinkov one. The sights with this particular FSB and Russian rear really are pretty decent, and better than the Romanians. I would suggest the RPK sight like on a Vepr though possibly. Putting one on the dust cover makes it so you can't use the siderail mount, and takes away from the versatility of it. Trigger on this one I believe is a Gordon, and it's also smooth. I like the Redstar triggers, but if cost is an issue that makes it tough to justify possibly? A weaver base fastened to the left side of the handguard makes for a light with a tailcap switch able to be installed for the weapon light. On the AK104 I have I have the 20round magazine in it, so you can see just how much more compact it is. I prefer the 20's for most things and keep some 30's loaded only for providing cover fire or if I need a different type of ammunition loaded, which my 30's have. Accuracy with the Kobra or a 4x Russian scope set for the AK is pretty decent, and will provide the marksman qualities one needs I believe. Followup shots can be had very quickly with the muzzle brakes the AK's, but it is just a tad bit slower than a .223. But it hits just as hard and deals with some forms of cover better than the .223 or 5.45.

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