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Posted: 9/21/2005 8:34:37 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/21/2005 8:50:35 PM EDT by Roland_O_Gilead]
Hey folks. My first AK (and first rifle) was a VEPR II that I got new. I have been so happy with it that I have hardly batted an eye at any AK I have seen since then.

I have become intrigued with the proliferation of AK pistols since the end of the AWB. I thought one would make a fun and loud plinker/evil trunk gun. Are they very useful? Or should I just grab an underfolder? What is the terminal ballistic effect of 7.62x39 out of an 11 inch barrel?

Would the 7.62x39 round penetrate a ballistic vest with the shorter barrel? I consider this property to be required in a trunk gun.
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 5:16:42 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 7:30:19 AM EDT
I agree with RS39, after asking this question, I went and tested it myself and found that silver bear is right around 2200 fps out of my AMD "pistol". Would it penetrate a vest, I guess it depends on the vest...a flask vest and a IIa like that guy at the texas courthouse had, probably, one with trauma plates, etc. no way.
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 8:52:20 AM EDT
Cool. That is good info.

I did not think that 7.62x39 would penetrate trauma plates anyway.
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 3:17:57 PM EDT
I dont know about trauma plates, but Silver Bear 7.62x39 at 2450fps out of a Yugo SKS penetrated 5/16 steel plate in some tests I ran. It would almost penetrate 3/8.
Link Posted: 9/22/2005 4:34:16 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/22/2005 4:35:21 PM EDT by Sigurd]
7.62x39 is not velocity dependent. It doesn't fragment, at all.

If you lose 150 or 200 FPS, no big deal.

I don't know about the vest bit, but I doubt you would lose enough velocity to make a huge difference. Shouldn't have a problem with soft armor.

An AK pistol is not very practical, and is difficult to shoot effectively. It wouldn't be my first choice in a trunk gun.
Link Posted: 9/23/2005 8:30:52 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/23/2005 8:33:24 PM EDT by Tommy2399]
They aren't as effective as a rifle but in a situation where a semi-compact weapon is required it will fit the bill.

At a 100 yds you can hit OK from a rest, standing and moving i can hit a target not as well but still OK. Put a few thousands runs through one and they become a little better with them.

I would prefer a full size rifle or shotgun for a trunk gun but in the car gun the AK pistol would rule, that what's they were made for, well maybe more tanks or other small areas.

The thought of Wolf 154 gr soft points coming out at over 2000 fps would really put a hurt on a paper target.
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