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Posted: 1/1/2004 11:02:53 AM EDT
I know this has probably been asked 1000 times, but I will ask it again.  I understand that the Russian ammo like Wolf etc.... has a copper washed steel jacketed bullet.  Is this true and if so, is this stuff going to wear out my barrel prematurely compared to fully copper jacketed ammo?  I shoot a SAR-1 and an SKS.
Link Posted: 1/1/2004 3:37:43 PM EDT
Yes, most all Russian ammo has what is now called a Bi-metal jacket.  

This is nothing new to military ammo and is really nothing to worry about.

Will it wear out your barrel faster?  Yes, it will start wearing your barrel out at 35K rounds instead of 40K rounds.  In short, your barrel will still last longer than you will have $ to put ammo through it.

I have ammo (in other calibers) from the 1930's that has a metal jacket and no copper over it.  I have found no problems in cleaning or extra barrel wear.
Link Posted: 1/1/2004 5:46:30 PM EDT
That silver 30's stuff may be cupro-nickel jacketed.  The process was common then.

Besides, its gas erosion that is the main culprit in barrel wear.
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