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Posted: 11/21/2008 8:45:24 AM EDT
here's the deal.i bought a cur2 for my wife a few years ago and she loves it.it has a romy 22mm fsb/comp on it.well,i was looking at it the other night and noticed that fsb was canted.then i noticed there where no pins in it.  the guy i got it from said a gunsmith installed it for him.i'm assuming the smith didn't know jack about ak's and thought just pressing the fsb on was enough.its held on through an entire 1080 tin of ammo.she says she doesn't like how the setup looks.so i offered to put a regular fsb on and thread the barrel for a slant break.so question #1 is-will any romy fsb work?and #2 is- how much is a used but undrilled(only has the pilot holes)fsb combo go for?she just likes to shoot it and i figure the sale of the fsb/comp will cover most of the cost for my triangle sidefolder for my next build.i tend not to shoot it so i could care less whats on the end of the barrel.thanks!
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