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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/25/2003 2:09:25 PM EST
Got one of these critters for a song, and have a few questions.

This dude has a definite feeding problem, even with a Norinco 223 mag. Is this common in these rifles? I hear that they were a design afterthought kind of thing and aren't really a true 223 design.

It actually kicks the base of the cartridge down, and then the bolt overrides the round going into the chamber resulting in a round jammed halfway into the chamber,against the feed ramp, and with the bolt riding up on the body of the cartridge.

Has anyone ever opened up the front of the mag well to accept weigers on one of these? If so, how did it work and what problems if any did you encounter?

Link Posted: 11/26/2003 4:30:04 AM EST
It is uncommon to have a feeding problem with a Norinco .223 when you are using the Norinco mags. They work as reliably as any AK. I have had a pre-ban 84 in the past, and currently have a MAK-90 .223 and neither have had any problems feeding. I've shot about 1000rds out of the MAK-90, most of it Wolf. It did double after not being cleaned for untold rounds. Seems there is a good reason for the spring-loaded firing pin, and a very dirty gun can cause doubling. A shot with solvent cured it and it has never recured (though I clean it now once in a while).

If your MAK-90 is not feeding, then there is something wrong with it. I've used Norinco mags and tried modified Bulgarian mags and they've been 100%. I know of a guy who has an M16 mag conversion on one and it runs 100% with M16 mags.

I'd suggest you figure out why the gun is misfeeding first. Then think about a mag conversion. There's no real reason why you couldn't make conversion work. Maybe a previous owner tried it out and that's why it doesn't work right.

Not to sound dumb, but you're sure you're using Norinco mags?

Link Posted: 11/26/2003 6:24:01 PM EST
Yep, 100% sure that it was a Norinco mag. The norinco mag sat lower in the receiver than the Weiger. The Weiger brought the round up more in line with the chamber so that the round didn't have to transition as far to enter the chamber. The follower in the German mag also rides higher in the mag than the chi-com item. With the Chi-com mag, the round had to transition too far to enter the chamber, and the base of the round would actually fall off of the bolt face, letting the bolt over ride the round.

I only had one chinese 223 mag to use in the rifle, it didn't work and I wanted to change it over to the German mags so..................

What I wound up doing was this:

Opened up the front of the mag well by .070 overall(.035 a side) to clear the thicker front section of the Weiger mag and to give a skosh of clearance to allow for mag variations in the German mags.

Ramped the barrel at the chamber with a spherical stone in the dremel(gotta love those flex shafts!) Polished the ramp job up a bit with a small flap drum in dremel.

Barrel chamber already had a slight chamfer in the area that wasn't relieved for the extractor, being careful not to intrude into the chamber I ramped the breech of the barrel with the stone until I had a suitable lead into the chamber. This was pure try as you go type work, as I didn't want to get into the barrel too heavy unless I had to.

Once the Weiger mags would fit the rifle, the rounds would stub directly into the botom half of the barrel shank at the chamber, hence the need for the ramp job.

Sar-3s have a slight kick up at the leading edge of the bullet guide. I surmise that it serves the same purpose which is to kick the round up in line with the chamber as it is exiting the magazine.

Final results, rifle now feeds and functions like a champ and I am not dependent on those damn chinese mags that I can never seem to find for a decent price.

Anyways, I was into the rifle for next to nothing and have a real affection for 223 AKs now, so I had a go and made it work!!

BTW, I got a norinco 223 mag that I will trade someone for 2 Weigers.

Link Posted: 11/27/2003 5:09:26 AM EST
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