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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/7/2003 7:05:57 PM EST
I posted this in the mag forum, but figured I might get more replies in here due to volume of traffic. Tapco's latest catalog states that you can add 5rnds to any doublestack 7.62 AK mag by using their follower. I plan to replace the follwers in my 20rounders to hold 25rnds. I won't be storing the mags loaded to capacity, rather loaded with 20rnds to reduce the possibility of spring fatigue. My questions are: Will this reduce or adversely affect reliability. Would it reduce the service life of the mag spring? I really like the size and compactness of the 20rnd mags. They fit in AR mag pouches and just seem more comfortable for me. So, this is a really good compromise and adds a little more firepower for me. Opinions please...Thanks!
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 7:57:13 PM EST
Let us know if they work. I just got a few of these mags and they are my new favorite. Hicap and low profile. If I can fit 5 more rounds reliably, I'd be all over it.
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 3:33:00 AM EST
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 3:58:58 PM EST
The only thing I recall reading on their site was that the followers turned standard 5 round double stack mags into 10 rounders. It is an interesting option, 45 rounders for the NHM91 would be a novelty.

Guess it would depend whether or not the followers on the 5 round mags are the same as on standard capacity mags. (I've never bothered to take a five rounder apart).

Interested in your results. Perhaps a little later I'll take a fiver apart and compare the follower to a standard 30 rounder...
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 7:22:10 PM EST
The Tapco catalog said their follower would add 5 rounds to a 10 round magazine and went on to say that it would work with any doublestack AK mag. I was thinking that the lighter weight and overall compactness of the 20 round mags, coupled with the fact that they fit in 30rnd AR mag pouches, more than compensate for only holding 5 fewer rounds than the original 30 rounders if fitted with the new followers. I got a USGI enhanced tactical load bearing vest that will carry 4 of the modified AMD65 mags. I figure on the pistol belt add a SAW pouch and that should hold 3-4 of the 25rnd mags on the left side and a UM-84 holster for my Glock on the right. Couple of canteens and a butpack and maybe strap a MOLLE daypack on the back and I should have a pretty inexpensive yet useful setup. That's the plan anyway...
Link Posted: 12/8/2003 11:06:24 PM EST
They might work fine for the range, but I would think that the Russians designed the followers like that for a reason.
Link Posted: 12/9/2003 9:26:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/9/2003 9:29:49 AM EST by Lancelot]
And unless I'm mistaken they count towards the compliance parts count.

But the fine print says

"They have been redesigned so that you can get five extra rounds in your 5 round double stack magazine for a total of 10 rds without adding length."

Doesn't mention 20 rounders or 30 rounders. So as anyone tried them?

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