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Posted: 1/31/2011 4:48:27 PM EDT

I recently purchased my first AK. It is a stamped receiver, straight cut. It is engraved cja sfld, mi - which i found to be the importer located in springfield, michigan. The rifle only bears mak-90 sporter and made in china on the bottom. The serial number matches through out the whole piece. The serial number is 10XX92. The other stamps match. (stamped XX92 throughout). The bayonet lug is gone. The cleaning rod hole is gone (i think), but the the lower forearm is drilled all the way through. It is also missing the cleaning kit that is supposed to go in the stock. And the barrel has lathe marks instead of threads.

Now, my questions. Who is the manufacturer? I was told Norico, but all of my research online shows a norinco marks on norinco receivers. Can i put a bayonet lug on? welding and machining are not a problem for me. Where would i get parts for the bayonet lug and what are they called exactly? Can someone shed some light on where the cleaning rod goes also? Can i thread the barrel, or could it have possibly had the threads turned off? (need a diameter size to know if i can thread or not). And, where can i get a cleaning kit?

Thanks in advance,

T. Jones

Link Posted: 1/31/2011 7:25:43 PM EDT

We really need a better, closer photo of it than one taken from that distance. At least to show the left side of the receiver. But it looks like you have a Norinco MAK-90. It started life with the potential to have an underfolding spike bayonet but the "ears" for the underfolding spike bayonet assembly were expertly ground off. It looks like the muzzle has been ground/tapered down thereby removing the threads, as well. So, you'd really need to change out the front sight base and gas block with those which aren't neutered. With your rifle, you can go three ways with those parts - those which will give it the original underfoldiing spike bayonet assembly; those which permit facilitation of the "old school" Chinese M1947 bayonet (the one which has the long blade like a Mauser bayonet); or those which permit the facilitation of the Chinese Type II "AKM" style bakelite handle bayonet (you see them in orange, black, and green). You can check with Polytech Parts (do a search on the internet) for parts, find them someday in the sale section of the forums, or search Gunbroker.

A cleaning rod normally would go under the barrel and through a hole in the "lug" under the gas block, and a hole that runs through the lower handguard. Hard to tell with just that photo but yours may be lacking that "lug" for the rod. In any case, you'd need a new gas block.

Your muzzle appears turned down. Although you can thread it again, it won't be of the original 14x1 pitch to facilitate original muzzle nuts and flash hiders. However, some folks use other muzzle devices for their rifles with the different muzzle threading pitch.

Cleaning kits - well, Gunbroker has tons. Just do a search. Original Chinese ones - perhaps Polytech Parts may have one.
Link Posted: 2/1/2011 11:44:13 AM EDT
Thanks for the quick reply! I can put up some more pics if you would tell me what you want pics of. Can you tell me the date of import from the serial number i provided? And i assume that i need any gas block with a hole for the cleaning rod(the lower hand guard has a hole all the way through already), and a specific front sight to mount a bayonet - depending on which bayonet i want to use?
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