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Posted: 3/15/2020 3:32:32 PM EDT
Friends want a bolt gun in either 22_243 or 22creed.
I want a fast barrel for the heavies.
Want it to take aics or other detachable magazines 10round or larger.
I am thinking to use a Ruger american action but I am not sure yet on that.
Don't need a chassis style set up.
Bergera only does a 1_9" twist so id have to have a different barrel for that one.
What about howa. I know very little about howa.
Other options?
I think the fast twist is not going to be easy to procure in a barreled action.
Am I off the mark thinking that the heavies won't stabilize in a 1_9" twist?
Thinking about 1_6.5 or 1_7 at least.

Thank you for your time.
Chilly has 87 beans.
Link Posted: 3/16/2020 4:40:52 PM EDT
Zermatt Origin with whatever prefit barrel you'd like.
Link Posted: 3/16/2020 9:42:13 PM EDT
If you want to stabilize the 90 and 95gr. stuff you need at least a 1-7.

However, you may end up limiting yourself to heavy stuff only.

I have a 1-8 twist 22-243, it will blow up certain bullets.  But it will stabilize the 80gr. stuff just fine.

Obviously a 1-7, will put significantly more stress on the bullet than a 1-8 twist will.

The nice thing about the 1-8 is that you can still shoot the lighter stuff if that's your thing.  Moderate loads of BLC-2 were pushing 40gr. VMAX about 4,800 FPS.  Which sounds cool, but plug it into a calculator and the 75gr. ELD spanks it in the wind.

This is a cartridge that needs a nice long barrel at least 26"+, preferably a 28" - 30", as you will be burning powders like H1000 and Retumbo.

This is NOT a cartridge for the novice reloader.  I cannot state this strongly enough.

It is HIGHLY sensitive to bullet seating depth.  It also works best right at or a little over max pressure.  Furthermore, due to the massive weight difference in projectiles from 36gr - 80gr. there will be huge differences in COAL.  You HAVE to be extremely cautious and vigilant about case seating depth.  I have had 2 primer pocket failures during my load development with this, all due to an very small oversight on the bullet seating depth.

I will save you some time and tell you not to bother wasting your time with SRP brass on this application, for whatever reason the LRP brass handles the pressures better.  Even with BR4 primers the SRP brass gives out before the LRP brass with pierced primers.

Be extremely cautious during the load work up with this caliber, I have never seen anything where the pressure spikes so quickly.

I haven't shot mine that much, but a decent estimate on barrel life on this things is 1,000 to 1,500 rounds.  Which means most guys will be half way through a barrel by the time they are done with load development.  Load development on this will also take a little longer due the big sensitivity in bullet seating depth.  Frankly, I would recommend buying your own chamber reamer and having the barrels cut 2 or 3 at a time.

You have the word "budget" in your thread title, there is nothing budget about building this cartridge and doing right.
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