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Posted: 1/25/2020 9:49:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: QCB]
Anyone used this yet in a 6.5 CM?

I just ordered 200 of them.

I was wondering if they were more like a 140 ELD or 147 ELD?

I am using RL16 and Hornady brass for both ELD's and have good results at 2830 fps and 2750 fps to start from.

I will post my results in a couple weeks but wonder if any of you have already begun load development???
Link Posted: 1/26/2020 8:48:51 AM EDT
~43gr RL16 @16 off gave 2820 FPS out of a 30" tube.

Very good accuracy. ~.75" group at 300 yards.
Link Posted: 1/27/2020 4:03:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: QCB] [#2]
Wow, thanks!

Was that with Alpha or Lapua brass?
Link Posted: 2/8/2020 8:16:53 PM EDT
I just tried loading it in unfired Lapua brass and willhave to wait until they are fire formed.

Anyone else tried this bullet yet?
Link Posted: 2/26/2020 5:27:26 PM EDT
Here is some very preliminary results with the 144 grain Berger with both Lapua and Hornady brass.

Looks like I started too high with the Hornady brass.  42.7 RL16 was accurate w the 147 ELD at 2750 fps.  Will back off 100 fps next time.

I knew the Lapua had less case capacity but was still surprised I could not get a 147 grain up to even match factory ammo velocity in new unfired cases.  Looks like I will use the 140 Nosler RDF to fire form Lapua brass as it was very accurate even in a composite group.  then work up a load for the 144 in once fired Lapua cases.


Hornady brass (3-fired)/Federal 210M/RL-16/2.912-2.920 OCL/.290 neck bushing/45 degrees F

42.7 2826 fps (fouling shot from 140 Hornady American Gunner BTHP)
42.7  2849 fps
42.7  2841 fps
42.9 2877 fps
42.9  2876 fps
43.1  2886 fps
43.1  2890 fps

Lapua brass (new)/CCI 450/RL-16/ 2.911-2.216 OCL)/unsized neck

42.3  2733 fps
42.5  2756 fps
42.7 – 43.3 error
43.5  2835 fps

Lapua (new)/CCI 450/RL-16/ 2.917-2.920/.291 bushing

42.0  2788 fps
42.3  2790 fps

Lapua (1-Fired)/CCI 450/2.917/.291 bushing

(+ ½ grain difference in H20 capacity from unfired case).

42.0  2769 fps
42.2  2769 fps

Minus 20 fps from new brass.  2 shots touching at 200 yards.


Lapua brass (new)/RL-16/210 M/2.914-2.920 OCL/.291 bushing

41.6  2759 fps
41.8  2759 fps
42.0  2788 fps
42.2  2787 fps
42.4  2831 fps

Entire string very accurate at 200 yards.  (Node at 42.1) Use this to fire form Lapua brass.


Lapua brass (new)/RL-16/CCI 450/2.899-2.921 OCL/Not sized

41.0  2612 fps (fouling shot after American Gunner ammo)
41.2  2610 fps
41.4  2632 fps
41.6  2649 fps

(41.2 grains max without using a drop tube).

147 Hornady ELD.

Hornady brass (3-fired)/42.7 grains RL-16/210M/.290 bushing/shoulder set back 0.005 by mistake.

2807 Average. (About 50 fps faster than normal).

Les accurate than normal (2 x 1 ¼ inch ES @ 200 yards).
Link Posted: 3/29/2020 9:13:37 PM EDT
What kind of groups were you getting with the 144?
Link Posted: 4/10/2020 2:23:43 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/10/2020 11:41:42 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By mustb123:
Anyone using the Berger 144gr, Alpha SRP, RL16 combo?

I have had great results with the 140 & 147 ELD's, but they seem to fall off around 1400 yards with the H4350.

I'm getting greedy and want to reach out a bit farther, here at sea level.

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Try some RL26, people are getting crazy velocities with it and heavy 6.5 bullets.
Link Posted: 1/21/2021 12:08:02 AM EDT
[Last Edit: QCB] [#8]
I got to the range w new Lapua brass yesterday, the 144 Berger, CCI450, and two 5 shot groups of RL16.  
42.0 and 42.1 grains.  Velocity a cool 45 degrees average 2753 and 2756 fps.
1 1/8 x 1/2 and 1 1/2 x 5/8 inch group w 6- 24 X Luepold and Tikka in a KRG Bravo stock. 200 yards.  
I used Area 419 drop tube and funnel and was able to easily seat bullets.  
This is not an improvement in accuracy over the ELD's in Hornady brass.  But I have not spent much time with the Berger's either.
The 140 and 147 ELD's are still the easiest to get groups out of in my Tikka.  Right now Id say the 144 Berger is easier to tune than a 140 RDF but "a drunk monkey" can load the ELD's.
I shot about 40 140 RDF's in new Lapua on steel targets out to 1,100 yards and was hammering left edge of 9 inch plate at 600 w just 3.3 mil elevation.  2790 fps, a fairly mild load but accurate.  They are flat shooting but like a lot of jump.
Link Posted: 12/16/2021 7:10:35 PM EDT
I did finally get around to trying several combinations of new Lapua brass, once fired and Hornady.  Preliminary results below.

I hope this might save someone a few trips back and forth to the range.  Tikka CTR action and barrel in KRG Bravo stock.

144 grain Berger, Once-fired Lapua SRP brass, CCI 450 magnum primer, RL-16 powder. 55 degrees F.
2.915 OCL. Consistent OCL with 0nce-fired brass and Area 51 drop tube. (0.291 neck bushing).  

42.0 grains.
2,754 fps fouled barrel, (2.832 OCL), 2,737 fps (12 oclock POI).
2,737 fps.

42.2 grains.
2,747 fps. (One o’clock POI).
2,760 fps.

*42.4 grains.
2,772 fps.
2,774 fps.

42.6 grains. (Centered < ¾ inch).
2,778 fps.
2788 fps.

42.8 grains. (Stiff to load both).  
2,800 fps.
2,785 fps. (Slight ejection mark).

*Re-test 42.4 and 42.6 with five shot group.

144 grain Berger and Winchester Staball 6.5 powder, Once-fired Lapua Brass, CCI 450, 2.915 OCL.

42.0 grains.
2,698 fps.

42.5 grains.
2,645 fps.

43.0 grains. (Mild load, lots of room left in case).
2,659 fps.  

*Try 43.5 and 44.0 grains Staball.

140 grain Hornady ELD, 4th fired Hornady brass, 0.290 neck bushing, 2.893 OCL, Federal 210 M primer. Winchester Staball 6.5 powder.  (Use for mass produced position shooting ammo). RCBS powder measure.  
43.0 grains. (2.889 OCL). 12 o’clock high.

2,675 fps (- 44 fps less than Lapua).

43.5 grains. (2.884 OCL).
2,698 fps.

44.0 grains. (2.893 OCL).
2,740 fps

44.2 grains. (2.890 OCL). Higher, Left POI.
2,764 fps.

*44.4 grains. (In group, primer fairly flat.  Probably max).
2,786 fps.

140 grain Hornady ELD.  Lapua new brass.  42.3 - 42.4 grains RL-16.  CCI 450, 2.902-2.907 OCL. RCBS powder measure. 4.5/25 on micrometer powder adjustment.

2814, 2,819, 2,830, 2,807 fps.
2819, 2790, 2822, 2839, (2817 average).
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