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4/18/2021 9:59:29 PM
Posted: 2/24/2021 10:01:04 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/24/2021 11:52:31 PM EDT by twodeucetrey]
UPDATE - NRA-ILA easy link added:
NRA-ILA SUPER EASY LINK HERE (30 seconds - tops!)

Just enter your name, address and email then hit submit.  Everything else is done and ready to go!  Thirty seconds and you have taken action!

Since my post last night, Substitute Senate Bill 5038 moved a little closer to going to the Senate floor for a full vote.

You see, the anti-gunners have rich doners and they must be able to show that they were able to accomplish "something" this legislative session.

We don't have a bunch of wealthy doners backing us - a fact for which I am proud!

It's just you, me and our keyboards, doing this on our own time and our own dime doing what needs to be done.

So:  Please write your Senator TODAY and ask them to oppose SSB 5038.  You Can Comment Via This Link or if you have your Senator's email address, you can email them directly.

Or you can find your legislative district here which will give your your Senator (and Representatives, but we want to focus on the Senate at this moment).  You then click on the link to your Senator which will take you to another page where you will have to click on the "Email" link next to their photo.

If you already know who your Senator is, you can simply Go straight to here to get their email address.

Here is some copypasta if you would like:

STEP 3: Copy and personalize your email. For Republicans, thank them for opposing.

Subject: Use your own subject to ensure they don’t just delete all look-alikes!

Senator LAST NAME, I am in in your district and I live at ADDRESS (Important as they cannot delete if you live in their district).

TALKING POINTS (copy or add your own)

Please oppose SSB 5038 prohibiting open carry. This bill and amendments are still ripe for abuse especially in communities of Color; the bill directly mirrors the racism and classism of the Mulford act banning the open carry of firearms to disarm black civil rights protesters and activists in California.

   The “permitted” demonstration clause is moot: a permit is not required on most public grounds and most cities and city parks allow permitless free speech events

   Any gathering of 15 people becomes a protest, ensnaring lawfully carrying citizens, like on a sidewalk in CHAZ or Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver where Antifa gathered to destroy property.

   A Black family picnicking in a park and subsequently surrounded by 15+ members of a hate group would be arrested for lawfully open carrying.

   An LGBTQ group holding a vigil are left vulnerable to further hate crimes when their security team is arrested for openly carrying firearms after a hate group gathers around them

   Most businesses and many individuals lease property, preventing someone from lawfully protecting their lives at their apartment or at their place of business they don’t own

   Allowing unpermitted protests in parking lots and open spaces under the control of a business is an extreme danger to the safety of customers

Feel free to add your own points as well.

Or, as I have said in my other post, you can simply type:  "Please oppose SSB 5038.  Thank you".  GRANTED - unique emails will have more impact but remember:  NO ACTION IS TOO SMALL!!!


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[Last Edit: 2/26/2021 11:52:18 PM EDT by Northern_Winter]
Passed the Senate today.  Write like mad to your Reps now.  It's not too late.  Keep fighting the good fight!

 - Nw -
Link Posted: 2/27/2021 12:17:25 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/27/2021 12:18:48 AM EDT by twodeucetrey]
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Originally Posted By Northern_Winter:
Passed the Senate today.  Write like mad to your Reps now.  It's not too late.  Keep fighting the good fight!

 - Nw -
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With enough pressure, we can keep this stalled in the House committee and off the floor for a vote!
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