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Posted: 11/2/2022 3:47:47 PM EDT
I hope this is allowed here. It has everything to do with our cause! The post below is from member klutch of MDshooters.com, who has given me permission to repost. On the original post the names of allies are highlighted, in case that makes it easier for you.


SEP 26, 2022
Mar 27, 2018
With the Primary Election long over and with mail-in ballots being distributed beginning about now, we now have our work cut out for us! There were a few surprises, a few triumphs and some disappointments. We have more races that are critical than before for which we MUST be involved and even then, we're not likely to get a majority in either chamber of the General Assembly!

The makeup of the Democrats continues to change and more 'liberals' continue to throw their hat into the ring to run for office. Moreover, said individuals are continuing to run in rural as well as the outlying areas! There are more challengers in Western Maryland and a few other areas than before. The tyrants have purged almost all of the reasonable voices from the Democratic party and are running leftist demagogues in virtually all areas now! There may still be a few voices left, but you can probably count them on one hand and have fingers left over. The rest are hostile and need to be defeated!

With Cox's recent victory in the primary, many 'conservatives' feel empowered that they now have their choice and think they can be victorious come the general election. Call me pessimistic, but I'm skeptical! PROVE ME WRONG!!! Cox has many strikes going against him!

First off, the Republican party has a nasty habit of committing self-destruction whenever one who is not among 'the party anointed' advances to a prominent position. Nowhere was that more evident than when Ellen Sauerbrey advanced to the General both times in the 1990s and the party wouldn't help her out despite the fact that in 1994 the general election was stolen from her!!! In 1998, not only would the party not help her, but the GOP suffered significant setbacks in the General Assembly. I'll bring this matter up later because I have something important to say about this!! Sadly and nevertheless, that sort of attitude has never left the GOP!

Second, despite Trump's popularity in many parts of the country, I question what he and his minions will be able to accomplish in Maryland. Let me be clear, Maryland is not what you'd call a Trump-friendly state, nor is it conservative outside of the Eastern Shore, western Panhandle and a few other areas! Leftist politics prevail greatly here! Bob Ehrlich and Larry Hogan were able to appeal to the public because they were moderates. Dan Cox is not that kind of individual. I feel he is going to run into much resistance in urban and suburban areas where particularly Hogan was able to make inroads. Too many Marylanders are writing off the MAGA movement as a bunch of hooey! They do not buy into Trump's plea that the election was stolen and the like. Cox supports that notion and with that and his ultra-conservatism, he will have difficulty winning friends and influencing people!

Thirdly, and this kind of brings me back to my first point above; Larry Hogan has stated that he will not support Cox in any way including stating that he would not vote for him! Coming from the outgoing governor of a state, given the positions he's taken in the past, it tells me just not only how he feels, but how many of the party elite feel! I'm also concerned that because of this and because of Cox's victory, not only is Cox in jeopardy, but many candidates' down-ticket could also be in jeopardy! Heavily monied interests outside of the state are investing heavily into Democratic interests here, thereby making it more difficult to get good people elected!! In recent times, the GOP has incurred setbacks in the General Assembly in 2018, 2010, 2006 and 1998. The fourth example was a particularly bad setback that I fear could be what we face in November if we aren't on our game!

Fourth, the Democratic party seems to be united behind Moore whereas before, there was disunity behind Ben Jealous and to a lesser degree, Anthony Brown.

With all that said, I feel and fear that we are on our own when it comes to saving allies running for office! We need to help our allies in critical districts, of which I have listed below!! We need to get out the vote in ways that we probably never have had to in recent memory, if ever!! We've got to organize at the grassroots level!! This involves getting the precincts organized at the local level!! This involves meeting at our local gun clubs, conservative groups and clubs and community organizations to see what we can do about trying to save some allies who are in jeopardy!! We need to door knock, we need to get out postcards to important voters in aforementioned districts to try to be victorious! WE need to understand that IT IS NOT ENOUGH to go to the polls and go home!! In addition to having people distribute campaign literature, we need to watch the voting process from start to finish like a hawk!! We need to be aware of any and all shenanigans our adversaries might try to pull off!! We need people to be election judges!!! Election fraud IS real and must be thwarted at all costs! So do all you need to do to be victorious!! WE MUST NOT have a repeat of 2020!!!!

I've said this before and I'll say it again, whatever you do, GO TO THE POLLS ON ELECTION DAY!!! DO NOT STAY HOME!!! That would be downright foolish! Your vote is your voice; USE IT!!! If you can provide a ride for someone, offer it! In light of the recent massacres in Texas and elsewhere, our opponents are geared up to take us on, and we MUST show them that we are NOT willing to back down! We have NO allies to spare, so we need to put out effort where it's essential! Moreover, we MUST NOT waste our votes come November either! I STILL remember hearing a guy say on a talk show back in 2006 that despite being a 'conservative', he voted a straight Democratic ticket! That too, is just as foolish as not voting and is inexcusable! You are better off casting a vote for a minor-party candidate or independent! Casting a protest vote or a vote for the underdog is better than aiding and abetting the enemy!

Right, wrong or indifferent, here's my district by district analysis as to whom to support and the urgency of the race or races in question. Inquiries, praises, criticisms and other comments are welcome. I have noted with an asterisk those districts which should demand our utmost attention! Nevertheless, here goes:

DISTRICT 1 (Garrett, Allegany and western Washington Counties): Mike McKay has won his primary to move up to the Senate and will face Michael Dreisbach, an adversary. In Sub-district 1A, Jim Heinbaugh has won his primary and will face Robert Spear and Libertarian Monique Mehring. Thwart victory from Spear!!! In 1B, no contest. In 1C, ally Terry Baker will face Carrie Hinton and Green Party candidate Charlotte McBrearty.

DISTRICT 2 (Eastern Washington and far northern Frederick counties): For the Senate race, ally Paul Corderman will face Shawn Perry, another adversary. In sub-district 2A, ally William Valentine joins Bill Wivell in advancing to the House with no challengers. By contrast, in *2B, Brenda Thiam will face a vile anti-gunner in November!! Involvement will be essential as our adversaries feel empowered after their near-victory here four years ago! If you live here or in an adjacent district, HELP OUT IF YOU CAN!

DISTRICT 3 (central Frederick County): This district consists of Frederick city and its environs! It has become hostile to freedom in recent times. Any effort to take out any villains is really a long shot! Still, for the Senate race, vote for Angela McIntosh and for the Delegates, bullet-vote (i.e. vote ONLY) for Kathy Diener and Justin Wages.

DISTRICT 4 (north-central, western, southern and eastern Frederick county): Bill Folden will advance to the general for the Senate seat here to face Carleah Summers, who is hostile! Delegate candidates April Miller, Jesse Pippy and Barrie Ciliberti will face hostile Democratic challengers. I surmise the threat here to be moderate!

DISTRICT 5 (central and northern Carroll County): For better or worse, there are no contests here. If you can invest the time and effort, go help out in either districts 4 or 9!

DISTRICT 6 (Southeastern Baltimore County): In this relatively conservative working class district, we need to be there for our allies Johnny Ray Salling (for Senate), as well as Robin Grammer, Ric Metzgar and Bob Long (for Delegates). I surmise minimal threats here, but it wouldn't hurt to be on our guard!

DISTRICT 7 (eastern Baltimore County, northwestern Harford County): The only contests here are in the newly-created House districts. In 7A, Kathy Szeliga and Ryan Nawrocki advance to the General and will face Lydia Brown. In 7B, Lauren Arikan will advance to the general to face Medford Campbell. I surmise our allies here should be poised to win, but let's keep a watch!

* DISTRICT 8 (Overlea, Parkville, Nottingham and parts of Perry Hall areas: Baltimore County): For the Senate race, incumbent Kathy Klausmeier, while not terrible, has voted against us on certain matters. Her challenger Ken Fitch seems OK. Vote your conscience! The House race is a major concern, and we must be there to help our allies Glen Geelhaar and Tim Neubauer!!! While there, I'll suggest voting for Kathleen Smero as well. SPARE NOTHING TO HELP THESE THREE OUT!!! .

* DISTRICT 9 (northern Howard, far southern Carroll Counties): THIS DISTRICT IS A CRITICAL KEY BATTLE!!! Reid Novotny will challenge Katie Hester and we must be there for Reid! Yes, I know he didn't vote with us on all matters, but the alternative is worse for us! Similarly, in 9A, Trent Kittleman and Jianning "Jenny" Zeng will have hostile challengers to go up against and we MUST be there for them as well!! Similarly in 9B, we need to be there for Lisa Kim! Sadly, this race may be more of a long shot!!!

DISTRICT 10 (western and southwestern Baltimore County): For the Senate, vote for William Newton! He is a solid ally! For the House, bullet-vote for Patricia Fallon and Jordan Porompyae. Unfortunately, these are all long shots! I advise those who want to help out where it will make a difference, go up to D. 42A to help Nino Mangione, across the Patapsco to help out in District 9 or down to northern Anne Arundel to help Ashley Arias in D. 12B.

DISTRICT 11 (Pikesville, Owings Mills areas, Balt. Co.): Sub district 11A is a done deal and lost cause. For the Senate race, vote for Ruth Goetz, in 11B, vote for Jim Simpson and Tyler Stiff. Don't expect much, however. A pragmatic choice would be to go help Nino in 42A or our allies in District 8.

DISTRICT 12 (central and eastern Howard, north-central Anne Arundel counties): Senator Clarence Lam will face challenger Bob Cockey for the Senate seat here! This is a long shot!! 12A is a done deal and a lost cause. By contrast, the single seat in *12B is a CRITICAL KEY BATTLE which demands our attention!!! We MUST be there for Ashley Arias and carry her to victory! Her opponent is weak! If you live in a non-competitive district in southern or southwestern Baltimore city or other nearby non-competitive district and want to help, this would be a great place to do so!

DISTRICT 13 (southern Howard County): The only play we have here is to bullet-vote for Chris Yates and Padraic Walsh for the Delegate seats. Don't expect much. If you want to help out somewhere where it will make a difference, consider District 9!

DISTRICT 14 (northern Montgomery County): All the incumbents (and foes): Sen. Craig Zucker; Dels.Anne Kaiser, Pam Queen and Eric Luedtke will advance to the General facing Alex Bieble (for Senate) and Kathy Gugulis and Kate Walshe (for the Delegate seats). Bullet vote for the latter two! Unfortunately, these are all long shots.

DISTRICT 15 (western Montgomery County): Incumbent (and foe) Brian Feldman will be challenged by David Wilson for the Senate seat here. All House incumbents were re-elected. Jodi Noah, Stacey Sauter and Matt Wade are the GOP challengers. As much as I'd like to see a miracle happen here, It will be quite difficult!

DISTRICTS 16, 20 and 39 (Montgomery County) AND DISTRICTS 22, 24, 25 AND 47 (Prince George's County):: We have no play in these districts! Vote against Democrats and if you have the means and the time to spare, go help where it will make a difference. For those in Montgomery County, that means District 9 in far-northern Montgomery County and western Howard County or if you can make the trip, go up to District 4 in Frederick County.. For those in PG county, go across the Patuxent to help out in District 33.

DISTRICT 17 (central Montgomery County): For the Senate race, vote for Scott Gershman. For the House, vote for Helene Meister and Don "DP" Patti ONLY. Don't expect much, though.

DISTRICT 18 (central Montgomery County): For the Senate race, vote for Missy Carr. For the Delegate race, bullet-vote for George Cecala. This is an extreme long shot, though.

DISTRICT 19 (central Montgomery County): There are three candidates going for the Senate seat here, Anita M. Cox is probably our best bet. Convince those not on board with Cox to support David Jeang (Green Party) and hope things 'swing our way.' For the House race, bullet-vote for Frank Nice. Unfortunately, with this district having the makeup that it does, it is really a long shot.

DISTRICT 21 (northern Prince George's and parts of western Anne Arundel counties) The only play we have here is for the Senate seat. Vote for Lee Havis against Jim Rosapepe, but know that this will be a long shot!

DISTRICT 23 (eastern Prince George's County): The only play we have here is for the Senate seat. Vote for Jesse Peed, but know that this is a long shot!

DISTRICT 26 (southern PG County): For the Senate race, vote for Ike Puzon. For the House race, bullet-vote for JoAnn Fisher. Don't expect a miracle.

DISTRICT 27 (southern PG, northern Calvert and part of Charles counties): The only contest is for the Senate race where we need to vote for Al Larsen! This is a long shot. If you can spare the time and can make the trip, go help out in either 29B or 29C, or go to D. 33 in Anne Arundel!

DISTRICT 28 (Charles County): This area has changed over the last few election cycles, and not for the better! These are all long shots, but for the Senate, vote for Michelle Talkington; for the House, best bets are James Ashford, Marquita Bushrod and Tyrone Hall.

DISTRICT 29 (St. Mary's, southern Calvert counties): We're safe for the Senate race and in 29A. In * 29B, we have a rematch of the last election, and we MUST be there for Deb Rey! If you're in a noncompetitive race nearby and can give your time and effort, this would be a great place to help out!! In 29C, be there for Todd Morgan!

DISTRICT 30 (eastern and southern Anne Arundel Counties): For some time, it seemed like this district showed some promise as there were as many as three allies at one point - two of whom were pretty solid. Now we're down to one and the possibility of adding to that number seems like a long shot. Nevertheless, if we 'pour it on', I surmise we may have a shot at possibly one additional seat here; if we're really, really lucky, two. For the Senate race here, let's do what we can to try to oust Sarah Elfreth, who has proven to be hostile! Stacie MacDonald seems to be an ally, so give her your vote!!! In 30A, support Doug Rathell and Rob Seyffreth!!! In 30B, incumbent Seth Howard will have a hostile challenger. While the threat may be lessened, be there for Howard!

DISTRICT 31 (northeastern AA County): Both Bryan Simonaire and Libertarian Brian Kunkoski are good for us for the Senate race; vote your conscience. For the House races, support Rachel Munoz and Brian Chisholm. For your third choice, if you're dismayed by Nic Kipke's past votes, vote for Libertarian Travis Lerol, who's a strong ally! Whatever you do, be damned sure to thwart victory from the two hostile Democratic challengers!!!

DISTRICT 32 (northwestern AA County): Incumbent Senator Pam Beidle remains hostile to us!!! Her challenger Kimberly June seems trustworthy. For the House races, hostile incumbents will advance to the General! Facing them will be Republicans Michael Jette, Michelle Speakman and Monica Smearman! ALL of them are solid on our issue!!! It will be a long shot, but give them your votes!

* DISTRICT 33 (central AA County): The recent redistricting plan has made it more difficult to get allies elected. Therefore WE MUST BE THERE TO STOP ANY AND ALL LEFTIST ENCROACHMENTS HERE!!! Be there for former Delegate Sid Saab in his bid to move up to the Senate! In 33A, be there for Kim Mills!! In 33B, be sure Stuart Schmidt is victorious!! In 33C, be there for Kerry Gillespie!!! If you live in a non-competitive district in PG County or perhaps northern Calvert County or across the Bay and want to help out and can make the journey, this would be a great place to do so!!!

* DISTRICT 34 (southern and central Harford County): This is another district which demands our attention!!!! Mary-Dulany James won the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat there. While she is not our worst enemy, she is by no means our greatest ally!! By contrast, her Republican challenger, Christian Miele proved himself in the General Assembly as a Delegate and is a solid ally! Be there for him!!! In 34A, Democrats Andre Johnson (likely foe) and incumbent Steve Johnson (mediocre) have won their respective bids to advance to the General. We MUST be there for Glen Glass and Teresa Walter!l! In 34B, Incumbent Susan McComas will face likely foe Gillian Miller. Let's be on our guard!

DISTRICT 35 (northern Harford and Cecil Counties) AND DISTRICT 36 (southern Cecil, Caroline, Queen Anne's and Kent Counties): No contests and no villains. Remember to vote, but if you can spare the time and make the journey, go help out in either District 34 (if in Cecil or northern Harford counties) or for those in Kent County or points south, go across the Bay and help out in Anne Arundel County in either districts 33 (preferred) or 30.

DISTRICT 37 (Talbot, Dorchester, Wicomico Cos.): Senate candidate and ally Johnny Mautz will face foe Naomi Hyman. 37A, incumbent Sheree Sample-Hughes will face Donna Bradshaw, Defeating Sample-Hughes will be a long shot, but let's do our best. In 37B, Republicans Chris Adams and Tom Hutchinson will face lone challenger Susan Delean-Botkin. Outside of 37A, I surmise threats as minimal, but we should be on our guard.

DISTRICT 38 (Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset Counties): No contests or villains in either 38B or 38C! We need to be on guard for our allies Mary-Beth Carozza for the Senate and in 38A, Charles James Otto!

DISTRICT 40 (Baltimore City): For the Senate race, vote for Christopher Anderson. For the House, bullet vote for Zulieka Baysmore...and pray for a miracle...

DISTRICT 41 (Baltimore City): The only play we have here is in the House race to bullet-vote for Scott Graham.

DISTRICT 42 (central-northern Baltimore County): Unfortunately, we were handed two likely setbacks in this district!!! Chris West won his bid for re-election to the Senate. He's been a fair-weather friend at best! The race in *42A is one which demands our attention! Nino Mangione needs our help! This may likely be a close election so let's be there for him!! The other setback was in 42B, where Todd Huff won. While he may or may not be OK on our issue, the concern is will some of his past behavior come back to haunt him? I hope Michele Guyton wasn't handed an easy win! In 42C we're safe!

DISTRICT 43 (north-central Baltimore City, Towson area): Long shots here, but for the Senate, vote for Libertarian Bob Gemmill. In 43A, vote for Gwendolyn Butler. I might recommend a vote for Green candidate Renaud Brown, not necessarily as being good for our issue, but in an attempt to knock off a Democrat. 43B is a done deal and lost cause. A pragmatic choice for those who want to make a difference might want to help out in either District 8 or up to 42A and help Nino. The same applies for all the northern and northwestern areas of Baltimore city.

DISTRICT 44 (southwestern Baltimore County): The only contest here is in 44A, where perennial candidate Joe Hooe is challenging incumbent Eric Ebersole. Be there for Hooe even if it's a long shot!

DISTRICT 45 (Northeastern Baltimore City): The only play we have here is for the House race. Bullet-vote for Antonio Barboza, but again, pray for a miracle!!! A pragmatic suggestion would be to help our allies across the city line in District 8.

DISTRICT 46 (southern Baltimore City): Emmanuel Digman will challenge incumbent Bill Ferguson for the Senate race. For the House race, three hostile Democrats advance to the General and will face sole GOP challenger Pete Waters. Don't expect much!


GOVERNOR'S RACE: Five candidates are vying for the Governorship. Two are strongly Pro Gun: besides Dan Cox, Libertarian David Lashar is also an ally (FTR unaffiliated candidate Kyle Sefcik didn't get enough signatures to get on the ballot)! Wes Moore is likely going to take the state down the path of socialism if elected!! He is anti-gun to boot!!! If he gets the legislature he wants, you can be rest assured that he'll get his way with virtually no resistance!! True, we have a Supreme Court that is friendly to gun owners right now, but damage is possible! The other candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring include Green Party (fielding Nancy Wallace) and Working Class Party (fielding David Harding), who are both of a socialist bent. We can hope that they can draw enough votes away from Moore, but that's unlikely!

COMPTROLLER: I'll suggest a vote for Barry Glassman over Brooke Lierman!

ATTORNEY GENERAL: It's a long shot, but vote for Michael Peroutka over Anthony Brown! Yes, Peroutka is a bit conservative for some, but the alternative is far, FAR worse!!!


U.S. SENATOR: Chris Chaffee advances to the general to face Chris Van Hollen. It would be nice to see Chaffee pull a hat trick, but it's highly unlikely!

REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS: Because we now have fighting chances in some areas where before we had almost none, I took the trouble to compose a Congressional analysis this go-around. We probably can hold one district and MAYBE make gains in one or two more; but it won't be easy! We'll need all hands on deck in the right districts to pull off such a feat!

DISTRICT 1 (eastern shore, Harford and northeast Baltimore counties): Congressman Andy Harris likely dodged a bullet with the redistricting ruling this past spring. Heather Mizeur won her primary as predicted. The Libertarian party is also fielding a candidate, Daniel Thibeault. Knowing what I know, it's just best to make sure that Mizeur is defeated!!!

DISTRICT 2 (most of Carroll and Baltimore counties, far-north central Baltimore City): Baltimore county resident and GOP activist Nicolee Ambrose won her bid to advance to the general on the GOP ticket. Whatever there is to say, she is far and away better than Dutch Ruppersberger on our issue. Does she stand a chance to send Dutch packing? It's not likely, but there's a REMOTE possibility that it could happen if there's enough of an effort. It's probably best to concentrate much of the effort in the suburbs of Baltimore County.

DISTRICT 3 (northern and eastern Anne Arundel, Howard and far southwestern Carroll County: Be there for Yuripzy Morgan in her bid to try to unseat John Sarbanes. She is a stellar lady and will be good for this district! Nevertheless, this is a long shot.

DISTRICT 4 (western and northern Prince George's County, far northeastern Montgomery County): Jeff Warner is as good as it gets for this mostly urban and suburban district. He'll face Glenn Ivey. This race will be an extreme long shot.

DISTRICT 5 (southern and eastern Prince George's, western and southern Anne Arundel, Charles, St. Mary's and Calvert Counties): Chris Palombi won his bid to advance to the General against Steny Hoyer. This will be a long shot.

DISTRICT 6 (western Maryland, northern and north central Montgomery County): Let me reiterate once more how critical this race is for us! We have a fighting chance to get an ally elected here; AND I MEAN FIGHTING!!! IT WILL NOT BE EASY! Neil Parrott has proven his worth in the House of Delegates and will advance to the general election to challenge David Trone; who is well funded and poised to handle any opposition!! Now is the time to work to get out the vote particularly in places like Gaithersburg, Germantown, outlying Montgomery County, Frederick city and its environs and perhaps Hagerstown and Cumberland; which will be key battleground areas!!! We must also keep a watch on the polls like a hawk; particularly in Montgomery County, where I feel most of the foul play will come from if it does, which is not to be ruled out!!! SPARE NOTHING TO ELECT PARROTT!

DISTRICT 7 (most of Baltimore City, southeastern and southwestern Baltimore County): Scott Collier will advance to go up against Kweisi Mfume. This is an extreme long shot, however!

DISTRICT 8 (central Montgomery County): Greg Coll advances to the General here. In addition to incumbent Jamie Raskin, he will face Libertarian candidate Andres Garcia, also good on our issue! Welcome as it would be, any effort to unseat Raskin is an extreme long shot!


ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY: Support Jessica Haire as the lesser of evils over her opponent Steuart Pittman for County Executive! For Sheriff, vote for Jim Fredericks!

BALTIMORE COUNTY: I make this endorsement begrudgingly, but support Pat McDonough for the county executive race. In councilmanic District 7, vote for Libertarian Doug Stanley. Vote for Andy Kuhl for Sheriff! He is a strong Constitutionalist!

FREDERICK COUNTY: Support Michael Hough for County Executive! Support Chuck Jenkins for Sheriff!

HARFORD COUNTY:Support Bob Cassilly for County Executive! In Councilmanic District F, support Libertarian Matt Whitlock!

HOWARD COUNTY: Be sure Allan Kittleman is victorious over his opponent for the County Executive race there! He's not perfect, but the alternative is worse! Support John McMahon for Sheriff!

MONTGOMERY COUNTY: Vote for Reardon "Sully" Sullivan for County executive! Try to convince all those not on board with Sullivan to support Davin Battley (Green Party) over Marc Elrich!
Link Posted: 11/3/2022 6:26:25 PM EDT
How about judges? These days, activist judges seem as dangerous as anybody...

I'm district 32 and have judges I need to for for/against continuance of office:

Malone (him or a write-in)

Berger (appointed by O'Malley)
Zic (appointed by Hogan)
Ripkin (appointed by Hogan)

As bad a RINO Hogan is/was, not sure if we can use his appointments without question.
Link Posted: 11/6/2022 3:06:24 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By eshell:
How about judges? These days, activist judges seem as dangerous as anybody...

I'm district 32 and have judges I need to for for/against continuance of office:

Malone (him or a write-in)

Berger (appointed by O'Malley)
Zic (appointed by Hogan)
Ripkin (appointed by Hogan)

As bad a RINO Hogan is/was, not sure if we can use his appointments without question.
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Excellent question about judges! Candidates' views on serious issues would be very helpful but I suspect most keep their mouths shut for a reason. As for someone appointed by Hogan, or any other unreliable politician, we'd need to know more about how they rule on matters that are important to us to made a decision.

May God help us in Maryland!

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