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Posted: 9/21/2019 10:15:46 AM EDT

...so now the Police in New South Wales, Australia, randomly pull you over and grab the loose coins stuck in your seats and car's interior!

Yep--"safety hazard."

“Drivers go to extraordinary lengths to pick up loose coins they notice, sometimes even while the car is in motion,” says Inspector Paul Markson. “Loose coins within cars are a safety hazard.”
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...er..."revenue source?

“Similar to Random Breath Testing, we’ll be pulling over cars and searching them for loose change,” says inspector Markson. “Any coins found loose within vehicles will be confiscated immediately.”

Police admit that Random Coin Testing will also be an important new source of state government revenue.

“We estimate there’s currently around $4 million worth of loose change in NSW vehicles.”
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Australia Police Now Confiscate Loose Coins in Car

Police Now Raising Revenue By Searching Cars for Loose Coins


Australia has become perhaps the MOST aggressive country in Western Culture to hunt down its own citizens for money. They follow school children and then investigate how the parents are paying for the school. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has applied for access to everything to hunt for money. They want access to phone calls, emails, posts, and SMS text messages.

Australians could face two-year jail sentences and fines of up to $25,200 under proposed laws that limit the use of cash to $10,000 — a move some groups argue would create an Orwellian state by giving authorities greater control over people’s finances. The government’s slogan – Cash is for Criminals. Thus was hidden in the 2018 Australian Government budget claiming it would save $5.3 billion by banning cash payments of $10,000 or more. Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison said it was a crackdown on the black economy.
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