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Posted: 4/7/2021 8:02:48 PM EDT
What is this all about?

"Today, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation allowing drivers who cannot afford to pay traffic fines or fees to not have their licenses suspended."

Government Duce Signs Bill

Am I missing something?  It seems to me if you cannot afford to pay a ticket you should not risk getting a ticket!
Link Posted: 4/7/2021 9:06:43 PM EDT
Illegals have to be able to get to work without unnecessary encumbrance.
Link Posted: 4/8/2021 12:05:31 AM EDT
More and more like Cali every day... sad
Link Posted: 4/8/2021 1:17:36 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/8/2021 1:17:58 AM EDT by PatriotAr15]
Meh, I don't really care one way or another.

If I'm not mistaken... AZ outlaws quotas. In my experience, since moving here almost 10 years ago... the Police here are some of the most laid back I've ever encountered.
I've made mistakes that absolutely, positively would have gotten me pulled over in other states. Minor mistakes, sure, but still I've done things in front of cops where I was like "Shit! He's definitely going to pull me over for that... " and... he doesn't. I've asked cops, back when I used to work a job that had me interract with cops a lot... and they said that basically they're so understaffed they just don't have the time to fuck with people over petty bullshit and at least one cop told me that AZ doesn't do quotas.

Having grown up in NJ, and knowing what its like to have to deal with cops who's main source of revenue comes from tickets... I can appreciate the different approach in AZ.

I remember in NJ, I had this terrible encounter with a lying sack of shit cop. But its NJ, and pretty much this is what you expect from the most corrupt state in America.

I drive down this road, and see a guy standing on the side of the road. As I pass him, I watch him in my rearview... step off the curb to cross the road. I distinctly remembered that.

I keep driving, and then lights and sirens. Cop pulls me over, tells me I almost hit that guy. I argued with the cop a bit, and told him I saw him step off the curb after I passed him. He was just waiting for me to pass by to cross this... not-busy-at-all-road.
Whatever, I take my ticket with the intent to fight it. But... I chickened out when I actually went to court. I just pled guilty because I figured there was no way they were going to believe me, over a cop. Heck, I didn't even have faith they'd even give a shit what the truth is. It is New Jersey after all.

So I go to get my ticket bill or whatever you call it ... from the Prosecutor. Fucking Prosecutor asks the cop... "So was it really close" ... Mr-Clit-Sized-Dick replies "Oh not at all!"

Basically admitting that his claim that I almost hit the guy, was bullshit and thus exonerating me. I didn't care so much about the fine... gotta fill those corrupt coffers somehow, after all.. I was more pissed that it fucked up my Insurance costs for 4-6 years after that.

Then just a couple years ago...my wife and I went to go visit my family back in Jersey. My parents, my wife, and I decide to go take a day trip to Manhattan. My wife is Filipina, and an Immigrant and at the time hadn't been here long and had never been to NYC. We preferred to take the subway into Manhattan and so decided to leave the car in Newark. I told my dad that we should park at the pay-lot... but he insisted on parking on the streets. I told him I had a bad feeling about it, but whatever (my dad had many years ago, had his car broken into, and his car radio stolen in that same general area).

So my wife and I, and my parents go to Manhattan via Subway, visited the WTC Memorial, The Highline, Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower, St Patricks Cathedral and finally Central Park all by walking and taking subways. Lots of walking. Then we returned to Newark... and by this time our feet were killing us... only for us to be welcome with an empty parking spot where my dad's car used to be. So we call the Police, and at first intend to report it as stolen... but the Police report that it was towed. Apparently it was street sweeping day.

It was a One way road, and the sign that says "No parking this side of street on so and so day" was at the end of that block, and hidden behind a big fucking tree!
We luckily had family that own a restaurant in the area, who lent us a vehicle to drive back home with.

Dad was able to beat the ticket, because City Ordnance even stipulates the sign must be within a certain distance and must be visible from the parking spot. But dad still had to pay the tow-truck fee.

So now, after recalling all that.... I'm grateful to be in AZ where I've only been pulled over twice in ten years... and both times let go without a warning (one for a rolling stop on a fairly lazy intersection... and another for broken blinker)
AZ Cops, you're good in my book.
NJ Cops... you'd make John Gotti blush, you corrupt lying fucks. But I guess I can't blame them too much. It seems everyone who works for the government  in NJ is a corrupt lying sack of shit.

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