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Posted: 2/9/2021 9:49:13 AM EDT
To make masks a LAW?  

Idk wtf is even going on here any more.

Vote harder?
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Link Posted: 2/9/2021 3:06:35 PM EDT
Well.  Theres that.  I dont thi k that voting matters anymore unfortunately.

I dont think there will be anyone put forward by the system that wont tow the line from here on out.
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Originally Posted By Puck:

This is a remarkably short-sighted and foolish attitude.
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I guess then I'll ask why you think voting matters at this point?  

There is zero chance that the bad guys wont cheat again just as badly as they did getting Joe Biden elected.  

I just dont see a fair election as something that happens any time soon.
Link Posted: 2/9/2021 8:10:37 PM EDT
Vote anyway, just in case.
Link Posted: 2/9/2021 8:59:15 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By Puck:

What's your solution beyond taking your ball and going home?

If all you're doing to fend off the "bad guys" is casting your vote every couple years and complaining about politicians the rest of the time, then, yes, your political desires are going to live in the dustbin of irrelevance, and that has nothing to do with the legitimacy of the electoral process.

If you think this is all going to be resolved by some sort of violent (physical or otherwise) revolution and that you're going to be on the "winning" side of that, you might want to consider the ramifications of ignoring the established process in the preceding times.
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I never mentioned violence at all.

Last thing I want is violence.  It just feels to me like as blatant as the cheating was in 2020 nothing will be done about it.  It shows that they dont care what we think regardless of how we vote.  
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Link Posted: 2/10/2021 12:03:40 PM EDT
Man, you guys are really reading a lot into a pretty simple comment.  Thinking that voting might not matter, and not voting are two completely different things.
Link Posted: 2/10/2021 3:30:55 PM EDT
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It's pretty hard to believe otherwise at this point.  I've voted every even numbered year since I turned 18, but it's been a while (since Al Franken got elected in 2008, to be precise) since I've thought that most voting for major elections actually mattered.  It's pretty clear that the other side is willing to do things that we just aren't wiling to do to ensure that they win the elections they need to win.  Yet I still vote.  I also have served as an election judge more than once, and volunteered again this year but couldn't get the job due to the large number of volunteers and reduced number of polling places.  I always attended caucuses until they did away with them, and have served as a delegate at my CD convention.  At any rate, my town is not where the fraud is happening, and neither is Hutchinson, or wherever Rat Patrol lives.  

On a separate note; how did you change your user name here?  I know there's been discussions about that being a possibility at some point in the future, but haven't seen that's it's actually an option yet.
Link Posted: 2/12/2021 10:58:57 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/12/2021 11:14:55 AM EDT
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Originally Posted By Puck:

Well, that's the divergence of the matter; I don't find it hard to believe otherwise.

Your town, or Hutchinson, may not be where the fraud is happening, but politics is downstream of culture and "your town" is where the battle is won or lost.

I cannot speak of my name change.  The things I had to do in the back seat of the staff Yugo are... unconscionable.
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You can believe whatever, but it doesn't change the facts.  I agree that "my town" is where some of the battles are won or lost; my city council, mayor, school board, sherriff, state senators and representatives, etc, are decided at that level.  Those are all important elections.  It's the big battles that my vote and my town have no impact on.  The other team has come up with a good system to get the number of votes they need, regardless of what that number is.  Tell me what you are doing in your town to prevent that in the future, and how it actually effects the process.  

Ok, so you can't talk about how you changed your name, how about why you changed it?  Also, how have you managed to make over 104,000 posts on this forum?  That doesn't even seem possible, it'd be like 25 posts/day for 12 years.
Link Posted: 2/12/2021 2:35:06 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/12/2021 2:46:20 PM EDT
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[Last Edit: 2/13/2021 12:48:02 PM EDT by erud]
Wow, lots of quotes.  The 2020 presidential election was stolen, that's a fact.  In 2016, the democrats did not take literally Hitler seriously, and they paid big for it.  They never believed that he could actually win, and they were stunned when he did.  Donald Trump out-worked Hillary Clinton in 2016, while she assumed that she would coast to an easy victory.  So did they come back with a hard-working candidate that travelled all over the country shaking hands and changing minds?  Haha, no.  They propped up a 78-year old white guy who barely left his home state in 18 months on the campaign trail.  What they did do was spend a lot of time and money from 2017 to the 2020 election to make sure that wouldn't happen again.  The democrat party may have performed poorly in the last election compared to expectations, but don't overlook the fact that they won everything they needed to win, and now control the white house and both chambers of congress.  Some people think that Donald Trump gained 11 million votes over his 2016 numbers, yet still managed to lose the election because people didn't like his twitter persona.  If you are one of those people, I'm afraid we just aren't going to agree on the subject of the 2020 election.  

The local elections may have a more direct effect on my life, but it's not necessarily an important effect.  I've lived in the same town for 23 years, and the mayor and council really don't have any meaningful impact on my life.  They decide the budget, manage the maintenance of the streets, vote on ordinances, etc.  There have been 4 different mayors in that time period, and countless council members.  They all have done a reasonably fine job, and there have been no major changes between how they do the business of running our town.  The school board affects my property taxes, and the sheriff affects who's signature is on my carry permit, but not a lot else.  These folks may well be our future congressman, but our current congress and president are the ones making the laws.  The issues that I most care about, the ones that will have the greatest long-term effect happen at the federal level.  Our new president and congress have made and will continue to make major changes on issues that affect us very directly; immigration, national security/defense, gun control, taxes, entitlement programs, coronavirus nonsense, mandating a $15/hour minimum wage, etc.  These are a lot more important to me than what the town board is up to, and more important (though less more important) than what's happening at our state level.  At any rate, you saw the part where I said I vote in all of these elections (I have never missed one) and am politically involved, right?

My question on how what you personally (YOU - Puck/SJUhockey) are or are not doing locally in your town effects the process of the national or even state elections, is just that.  You've lectured me and the OP about our thoughts on it, so what are you doing, and how does it effect those elections?  Do you live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, or in the big red parts of the state like most of the rest of us?  Because if you live in the red parts, you are not where the problems are occurring.  Working the polls counting votes in the red MN suburbs is an important job, but it doesn't have a great effect on those elections.  If people like you and I weren't doing those jobs it could/would certainly be worse, but the issues happen elsewhere.  From here on out they happen in a few counties in a few states that have to be won if you want to put your candidate in the white house.  That's why those places take 2 weeks to count votes that any other part of the country can somehow mange to get counted in under 24 hours.  

Not sure why the blue grumpy face after that last part?  

Link Posted: 2/12/2021 7:31:38 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 2/12/2021 7:53:56 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/12/2021 8:23:52 PM EDT by erud]
Well then, it sounds like you and I are doing the same kinds of things.  I guess I’m just less optimistic on what is being accomplished by them.

It’s the internet, man.  I don’t really think that anything you post or that shows up under your name can be considered “not really anyone’s business”.
Link Posted: 2/12/2021 8:21:12 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/12/2021 8:23:35 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By Puck:

I have no issue with anything I post being attributable to me, but I hardly see how my posting habits or username have any bearing on anything or somehow oblige an explanation.
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You’re not obliged to do anything, I just asked the question.
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Link Posted: 2/13/2021 12:41:42 PM EDT
Perhaps all the cheating in elections is getting to me, but, I think the vote should be a paper ballot secret vote and the Republicans should cast 100 votes each and harvest the ballots before the Democrats have marked their own ballots.
Link Posted: 2/17/2021 11:05:31 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/18/2021 12:40:55 PM EDT
I believe mail-in ballots were the largest source of voter fraud.  

The ONLY way to have a relatively accurate and therefore meaningful election is in person voting.  Exceptions could be made for absentee ballots, but ON REQUEST.  Randomly sending out ballots makes us, and this past election, a banana republic.

The D's know this, and will NEVER let it go, though.  

This is why Biden won, but not so much down the ticket.  Those filling in all the ballots floating around were significantly more concerned with the Presidential race and getting as many of those filled in as possible.
Link Posted: 3/7/2021 11:58:20 AM EDT
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