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10/15/2021 7:52:46 PM
Posted: 8/26/2021 12:13:24 PM EDT
I’ve lived in NC all my life, never really had a problem with yellow jackets.

We recently moved into a new house, and any time I go outside I get stung multiple times cause if these devils.

First nest was actually up against my house under some shrubs, didn’t get me but got the spectrum guy installing my services once. Killed that one off with yellow jacket spray and then poured gas down the hole that night. No more issues

Second nest was on the outer edge of my yard by a neglected shrub bush, the grass was overgrown in that area due to the previous owners neglect. Didn’t know I was standing by it until the bastards were going up my shorts. To say I ran yelling and screaming was not an understatement. Multiple stings/bites to my legs hands, and back. Sprayed and poured gas that night down the hole. No more issues

Fast forward three weeks, tree falls in backyard, start cutting it up and get to around where the second nest was fine. I was cautious but nothing came out. Cause they had moved to the other side of the bush and swarmed me again, X3 bites/stings (back of head,leg and hand). Neighbor saw me running, helped me make a mixture of seven dust and ortho which killed the nest.

Waited a week before I even messed with anything, because by this point I was honestly tired of being stung and was starting to worry about becoming allergic because I’ve been stung so much. Went out to the down tree and threw different stuff at different parts thought they might be at. Nothing came out, so started cutting up and dragging the debris into a clearing in my woods is already checked. Apparently not well enough, cause there was a nest back there and got stung twice (left arm and right leg). Throw seven dust mixture and ortho on it and kill nest.

By this point, I’m honestly a nervous nelly working outside anything other than mowing. Finally get the courage to get started again, check everywhere I’m going to and nothing comes out. Make a lot of progress and throw debris in at a different spot because I was gun shy to go to my clearing. Finally decide to walk down there, bastards had made a nest right at the base of the new wood pile and got my twice (back of head and leg). Mixture of seven dust and ortho, followed up with gas that night cause I was pissed and wanted no survivors.

Almost every time I go outside, minus when I’m mowing, I’m getting stung. Honestly, I’d rather it be me as opposed to my wife, toddler or newborn but it’s getting real old.

Any one for any helpful tips/tricks to prevent nests being built? I think part of the problem is the previous owners let areas become overgrown

Link Posted: 8/29/2021 11:36:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/6/2021 9:05:25 PM EDT by kudzunc]
Surprised you aren't getting attacked mowing . They love that.  As you have found or keep finding is more and  more nests, maybe one was the other doorway from half the nest that you didn't kill under that bush. These new breakout nests are how  the manage to cross, move up through the various states into new ones , as they were slowly purposely migrating. The warmer weather and less colder winters are allowing them to grow into  larger nests with even more new babies. We have lost  the many that die off from the ice cold winters. Which is letting many species of annoyance critters work their way northward from deeper in the south. So understanding them helps in preventing them,  which they seem to be worse than I remember as kid.  Which is  using  my time  at multi week summer camp,  where we saved , then used all the soda cans from lunches on the BB gun range, for the problems of nests in the woods and yellow jackets harassing us at the trash cans by the lunch area , bb Range and few other places they always  seemed to be drawn to...

You'll need to find the ""mother"" nest from  where these  breakout nests are coming from. They migrate away from the main nest and start news ones. Sometimes the main one is killed but the break out nests live and grow and spawn enough new queens to start more colonies. Each having chance to grow and become its own mother base nest. They are the same way about spreading across areas as humans are for land. Think great westward expansion. Same as an opportunistic virus  that will go spreading through all the area it can find and establishes itself by reproducing in droves.  They sound  established in the area , so you have multiple war to fight both against new starter homes and established communities.

I don't know how much land you have and/or neighbors, that affects you fighting style and possibility of winning and pushing them elsewhere.   You'er going to have recon the hood. Your's and their's.  Maybe take away the some of  the older kids(your's are bit too young) phones and tablets and have them study the local wildlife patterns....

If you have neighbors close by,  ask them about their nests  issues and who has been stung. You will also find neighbors who will tell you about nests as a warning and despite kids playing in the area, they have done nothing to take it out. That nest only grows bigger and bigger making it far worse for whoever does the job.

You'll have to  work proactively to suppress them like you have to with fire ants into  near by yards if necessary.  Seriously, I had grown redneck  man would catch copperheads and then kill them. Give me a warning about large in ground nest  due to the activity he saw while walking his dog,  on the house next to mine.  He was being thoughtful and helpful in his own mind I guess.  Maybe he told me because I would most likely take care of it,   if not he just didn't want me getting stung  when I had to yet again securing that vacant rental property owned by an absentee slum lord.  One of many  reality slaps in the face I learned  that despite him being an avid hunter deer hunter and 2A supporter  he was a lazy do nothing about such things. He didn't see himself as more than consequence for only if you messed with him and his family.  He didn't see his neighbors and community as under his protection as well as the kids for preemptively striking on the copperheads and yellow jack and wasp nests.  You may have such neighbors, best of luck with patience.  Now  if they are allergic, then they are excused from the war against those stinging little turdlets.

So with that mindset, start noting nests locations and and start thinking of them as coming from a center point or a direction and work it backwards. Geometry? Yes it has real world uses. You'll notice that new ones form in a radius or if you have close houses  that both sides of the streets have new nests about the same time under the soffit  or in the eves.. They seem to like certain spots for building nests. You might also want to try and proof your home  by filling in their entry points (like ta the shutters assuming you have standard modern ones that aren't the real slated wood kind , possibly even on hinges), you do not want them inside your walls.   If they get inside you will have very big and bad bills, plenty of youtube videos to show what that is like. With the price of lumber currently every bite they take for nest pulp is theft of countable money.

Basically, a Larger established nest kicks out a new queen(s) and they go off and start new nest.   Which means like any fight, hit them when they're trying to set FOP before becomes an FOB and way before it is full operational training base. The creatures will have small with 5-10 cells starting nests with just brood 1 day, then you look later in the week or so  and they have 50+ and then all those are working to build an even bigger nest , "All For the Queen". The littler the nest, the less you'll have to use the chemicals in the can. You want to spray upwards, not be on la adder bringing it  in with the pump sprayer. Which guess what is harder to get due to the whole shipping industry being screwed for at least 5 more years......  Which you'll want and carry the 2 types of spray cans. Each has  their place. the 30-ish  foot spray that is your suppressive fire for them in the air and mag dumping the nest and all that are on top and/or in sight. You want at least 2 cans of the long range stream sprays type as they are you LMG, they also run out at the worst time.. Then comes the can of the foaming agent (sucks for distance) works great for coating a nest and or blocking that entrance hole with toxic barriers.  Not as good as  the  "Killing It With Fire", since those  little demons can't fly with their wings burned off and all their eyes heat signed....

You can also use a glass/Pyrex bowl over their hole, since they can see sunlight they won't dig a new entrance, assuming they don't have second entrance and/or ventilation exit way. You need to have a flat ground that you've weight this bowl down so all the edges can't be wiggled under is important. This takes several days for death, as they have no food and water coming in. They fly in the up turned bowl buy not be able to get to food and water, the nest will starved to death. Bonus * This is  a "more human" with many" nature hippie freaks" that know twitter but not outside. That  don't understand it is a longer and crueler death. One  of where they starve and may start eating their own(especially tender little babies and their first meal sealed in there....  before they finally all starve to death. Bowl lifting and investigation and  next carnage  reveal moments, which   still should  be done as you are with working with a live an  active    They may have cut rations only for the queen and the small army to defend and rebuild with the rest having a die off. Don't underestimate their adaptability to survive.. Also  you could get bunch in the class dome covering the hold  and then ether tip it to  release at someone you dislike and/or fill it up and the nest with lots and lots of water.  The bowl is cool was to see them try to figure a puzzle they can't grasp because they can see through the glass/plex light comes in through so it is passable, the yellow jackets are smart enough to  figure the NO EXIT.   Even mice  caught in "bucket Traps" eventual give up and drown.                                                                                                                                      

There is the garden hose method of flooding them out but based on nest designs you may not drown everyone.  Despite being wet they will get airborne and then you are screwed. DO NOT let their LUFTWAFFE get off the ground.

You do know by the way, that if you are stung,  and/or you squish one, you have been market with certain pheromones that will attract more attacks right? So  if you have to kill them on you be ready to retreat. Even set up a water sprinkler  (or 2nd person with hose with sprayer attachment) as your  AA Flack wall you'll run through. This is war and enough stings will kill healthy humans. They will Sting & Die for God? and Queen.  Remember what British commander Lord Cornwallis of England said of the Charlotte Mecklenburg area.... This creatures and their aggressive nest  defenses are well known through our history.

You can use  wet (rubbing alcohol helps it dry out faster)baking soda (toothpaste works but dries slower) and loose quicker drying mud to help pull the venom out as they dry. There is also the sting and venom neutralizing and/or Benadryl to cover the symptoms .  Wet chewing Tobacco also works but that has fallen out of use. Use your knife to lift out the stinger but do not squeeze it, as this will help pump any venom remaining out of the stinger and into your body.  Even basic mud that you have to spit on to make it wet will help, when placed on a sting. Has it dries it pulls fluids and the venom out of the sting wound into the dry material. You need it wet to start the "wick action" of pulling the liquid up through it has it depletes  the previous. Initially before it gets absorbed and spread through the body, you inflammation will try to push some of it out of the stinger's hole and if you have something helping that action; the pain and venom level exposure will be far less.

There is old cover/block off  the nest entrance Method with glass(Pyrex in more modern cookery) bowl trick, it works because they see the sunlight and don't start digging new entrance/exit. That is why a solid bucket weight down just doesn't work.
Not sure if of the ant glass tank tricks (look for Ants Canada on youtube for help there) for white chalk of talcum powder and something else (cinnamon?) they uses on the glass edge to make ants avoid the open edge  aquariums sides,  but that might help the yellow jackets from finding that part that the grass/yard just by lower or the grass/undergrowth is raising the glass/pyrex bowl enough so they can start leaving and move the nest.  Which is bad for you, especially if they split up the nest into separate groups.

These stinging devils  love  rotted out wood,  for the space in the ground. A cut down trees that haven't had all of the stumps and roots ground to saw dust are always prime spots and even then they will still be of use such.  If a  dead root collapses and/or rots away enough to allow a new tunnel or way into an open area , these creatures will find it somehow and set up a new nest home quickly.

The yellow jackets   will equally build nests in semi-protected areas like under eves on your house. I have an area the now has so much chemical soaked into the wood, that they pretty much die when the put the wet pulp to the wood. You have to be aware and watch for clusters of them  and note what their flight pattern is, they'll fly around nest getting bearings but around dust   they do more direct return flight patterns. Equally early AM you can see them checking the nest entrance before heading out....  

You may also do disturbance test, like trying to trigger land mines and/or booby traps, by throwing a brink with rope on it and dragging it on the ground hoping to trigger their defenses. then  throw again and repeat to clear an area of Nest Mines. Note location and leave, then return at dust and evict with prejudice. Throwing the same at bushes, of use a football NERF rocket to confirm a nest by reactions....  Basic disturb and make them launch air offenses to nothing that can be hurt giving away their position. Always throw a piece of wood at the wood pile, sometimes several depending on size. This may also help you see a Copper Head move from disturbing the wood they were hiding in between.

Finding nests  is one of those things that often happens  as they start  attacking you and even then you may not know  the exact location.  You'll need to break away running for up to 200 to 300 yards for them to give up full pursuit. They'll  start breaking off the farther you get from the nest  but Yellow Jackets can and will pursue you for up to 300 yards.  So use buildings brush and anything else to clutter you in their tracking, if stung you are also leaving Pheromone scent in the air for them follow and home in you at. You have been tagged for their air defense systems as a Bandit......    A straight run across open field is bad. Take shelter inside somewhere and as you know they will be all up in the folds of your clothes. Many trying to still sting you through pants, shoes, shirts and gloves. Bee suits are nice but if you have welding jacket and gloves they are equally protective as are rubber waders  if you seal the top. What you want is something than can block the stinging beasts from becoming  trapped inside your clothing. Especially where your option if one gets in,  is only to smash it against your skin to kill it.   You often get stung doing this, and as bonus  you just release that come "sting this threat more that killed one of us "   pheromone  homing beacon.   Never under estimate these creatures  as just simple, like ants we're learning so much more every year about how they have small brains but yet when together can work as if they formed up into a Voltron , The many Vehicle one that sucks, not the cool lion version, although they feel like lions.

An area that  was clear and safe 1-2 weeks ago can be the restarting  of good sized nest. So if you have problem spot(s) be ready  and even use it as a baited field. Camp on that spawn point.  Like set out your empty used soda and beer cans and bottles and follow their flight paths. You can make sugar water dishes if needed but then move away and your foes will soon find their new resources. Just like if you try to have cold one enjoying your yard, they always seem to show up. You know they are near.  We have encroached into their home with our houses and as such they moved into our homes and cities as there are good food sources and their nests can be  easily missed for years to decades.

If you have a cheap(bigger are better "Go High End's  F-100 Fog  Team! ") Fog Machine, that everywhere sells around Halloween, that can be used for aerial defense to cover your movement. Make nest entrance's air apace hard for them to navigate in. Who knows you may one day even get into Honey Bee Keeping.....

Yellow jackets nests are best burned out, although you won't get to dig up and see how huge the fucker has gotten in just 1-2 weeks(or more and they become huge fast) like one by my front walk did.   So Gas them at dusk/night , wait for saturation and light 'em up! After the fuel has had time to soak in and run through their their tunnels. You want the vapor to move through their tunnels air way system, which like Fire Ants their nests have way of bringing fresh air and regulating temperature and humidity to a degree.  With a flash over fire, You may not set them on fire but the flash through of vapor burn with give a heat shock wave damaging their bodies limiting their ability to get air born and attack. Along with burning up the oxygen, can't breath can't move is some old fighting advice.  Also be careful because you do not know how much is under the ground and  where the fire will go, so you could have a digging emergency on your hand. Have a shovel on stand by , the kind with full length handle, if possible.  Watch where you flip the dirt because it can still be burning and reunite the dirt with gas still in it. If the nest is next to your house and you have vinyl siding don't use fire. If they're in the metal pole of swing set especially like the horizontal one, lift one side slowly carefully, then pour gas through it until it flows out the other end. Set it back down gently.  Then light it off with match on a long yard stick for the WHOOSH! effect of burning blowing them out of there.  Insert a certain movie quote here we all are thinking here ...

Also have you though about pouring melted aluminum down their nest hole? It's not just for fire-ants.....


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Yellow Jackets, Hornets  and Wasps? I hate 'em  wanna know how I really feel........

Why firecrackers are illegal in North Carolina they are also good for flushing nests out of brush and  can deliver some boom boom baby.  Fire risks of course.  Just do not shoot a large bottle rocket(multiple explosions with big burning bright effects/reports) in to a paper nest(often Hornets and Wasps , a same type of threat and should be removed by any means safely) in cedar trees. Since  that will go up in large fire quickly.  This was due to  the flammability of nest and all of the dead little brown cedar leaves on the trunks and limbs.  That loose dry cedar skin doesn't help once it gets firing going for starting them into the ignition phase.
Link Posted: 9/1/2021 10:06:38 AM EDT
If you get them in the lawn, a good trick a neighbor told me was to put a Pyrex bowl over it. It’ll take a month or so but the will all starve and die. If you just cover it with wood they dig a new entrance. If it’s a clear bowl they don’t.
A few will escape here and there but not enough to feed the hive.
Link Posted: 9/13/2021 8:53:39 PM EDT
I got lit up a couple weeks ago using the weed whacker around the house. They seem prolific this year.
Link Posted: 9/20/2021 9:53:33 AM EDT
It is my understanding that skunks love yellow jacket nests.
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