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11/9/2018 9:21:38 PM
Posted: 8/1/2018 8:02:06 PM EST
A friend of ours has a son on the high school trap team.
Their daughter goes to a middle school behind our house.
They asked if they could park in front of our house after school and have their daughter walk over from school.

They don't want to drive onto middle school property with a firearm, even though it is taken down and in a locked case.

I might be wrong, but doesn't IAC 724.4.4.f specifically exclude them from the prohibition of weapons on school grounds?
Link Posted: 8/2/2018 6:23:35 PM EST
I hate trying to Interpret laws. But looking at the code below I would agree.

Here is paragraph f: from your post...

f. A person who for any lawful purpose carries or transports an unloaded pistol or revolver
in a vehicle inside a closed and fastened container or securely wrapped package which is too
large to be concealed on the person or inside a cargo or luggage compartment where the
pistol or revolver will not be readily accessible to any person riding in the vehicle or common

724.4A Weapons free zones — enhanced penalties.
1. As used in this section, “weapons free zone” means the area in or on, or within one
thousand feet of, the real property comprising a public or private elementary or secondary
school, or in or on the real property comprising a public park. A weapons free zone shall not
include that portion of a public park designated as a hunting area under section 461A.42.
2. Notwithstanding sections 902.9 and 903.1, a person who commits a public offense
involving a firearm or offensive weapon, within a weapons free zone, in violation of this
or any other chapter shall be subject to a fine of twice the maximum amount which may
otherwise be imposed for the public offense.
94 Acts, ch 1172, §53
Tue Feb 06 09:35:19 2018 Iowa Code 2018, Chapter 724 (34, 6)
§724.4B, WEAPONS 6
724.4B Carrying firearms on school grounds — penalty — exceptions.
1. A person who goes armed with, carries, or transports a firearm of any kind, whether
concealed or not, on the grounds of a school commits a class “D” felony. For the purposes of
this section, “school” means a public or nonpublic school as defined in section 280.2.
2. Subsection 1 does not apply to the following:
a. A person listed under section 724.4, subsection 4, paragraphs “b” through “f” or “j”.

b. A person who has been specifically authorized by the school to go armed with, carry,
or transport a firearm on the school grounds, including for purposes of conducting an
instructional program regarding firearms.
c. A licensee under chapter 80A or an employee of such a licensee, while the licensee or
employee is engaged in the performance of duties, and if the licensee or employee possesses a
valid professional or nonprofessional permit to carry weapons issued pursuant to this chapter.
95 Acts, ch 191, §53; 2013 Acts, ch 90, §207; 2017 Acts, ch 69, §7
Referred to in §232.52
Subsection 2, NEW paragraph c
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