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Posted: 12/7/2020 5:51:50 PM EDT
First let me say that I believe that this election isn't over and this may all be moot, BUT if they manage to place bidet in office and harris ascends to the throne at his side, newsome then gets to name a senatorial replacement.  And becerra's (the new bidet pick for HHS secretary) replacement as Attorney General too.  And that list isn't filled out yet, there may be more.

So who are the biggest POS that newsome can appoint to these vacated positions?  This state is bad and it looks like it's not getting better this year so give me your best nightmare scenario lol.

Link Posted: 12/7/2020 8:47:52 PM EDT
Beats me.  The governor appoints a replacement to the Senate until the position is refilled in the next general election.  House he has to call for a special election.  That seems potentially risky in quite a bit of the state.  I can't think of any house member of senatorial quality.  He's not going to kick Nancy P. or Schiff for brains up.  While their seats are likely Dem safe, they'd go from senior to junior.   I'd bet if you asked, most people don't know the various state officers below governor.  Eleni Kounalakis is Lt.  Governor.  She couldn;t be any worse than Newsom as Gov if he moves himself to Senate. I don't know of any county D.A. to move up for Becerra.  Gov fills a vacancy approved by the State Senate.  Not sure if goes the full term or next 2 year election, etc.   L.A. County voted out a reasonably qualified DA for a stooge.  The SF mayor is unknown for the most part - except she dines at the French Laundry.  Garcetti from L.A. is a clown.  The L.A. Board of Stupidvisors is almost all incompetent.  Replacement of one of them is risky to put to the people these days.
Link Posted: 12/7/2020 10:27:11 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/8/2020 1:18:03 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/12/2020 8:43:45 PM EDT
Carp, I forgot all about the ghost gunner douche.  
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