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4/18/2021 9:59:29 PM
Posted: 2/16/2021 11:15:47 AM EDT
Yesterday, the owner of my company sends me a pickup order for a Generator and some other goods at the Homey D in Arnold Mo.
So my co-worker and I drive all the way from Fredericktown to Arnold in this crap.  The Highway was pretty much one lane all the way from our exit to where we got off in Arnold...  The whole way, we were stuck behind one of those Wide load teams.  Visibility was maybe 100 feet at best.  At many times all we could see was the yellow flashers.

Got there, got what we needed, headed back, round trip was just under 6 hours.
Come back to the office, try shoveling out in front of our door so we can carry in the 200lbs genset and other goodies.
While we were doing that across the street on the other side of the town square a guy in delivering parts from O'Reileys got stuck.  Snow was as deep as his bumper.  We went and dug/pushed him out.  He got stuck twice on the square.

My sister called, she was on the other side of town, called crying she was stuck, her husband was all the way over in Perryville at work, not due home till about 7 or 8 and my dad, is too old to go out in this shit and push cars could not come help her.

So Off we go.  We go get her out and have her wait at a station a few blocks from her county road.  We drive up her road, no way she is making it up her road or in her driveway.  Snow was well over a foot deep along her whole road.  at 4:00 pm, it looked like we were the 1st to go up it in days.
Took her van back to the hospital where she works and we drove her home.

I go back to work for another hour or so.

I just get home and pull off my boots, my sister calls and ask where I'm at.  I'm like I just got home and pulled off my boots.
She says is your red truck 4wd?  
Hesitantly, I'm like yea... I'm thinking she took my dads 2wd Dodge out and got it stuck.
She asked if there is any way I can go get my B.I.L...
He was on the way home from Perryville and got stuck, his F150 which is 2wd.  
She said all the local towing companies refuse to come get him as J has not been touched by the road crews and its to dangerous for them to come out. They straight up refused.  Said they might be able to go get him late morning.

As much of an ass as he is, I can't leave him.  More for my sister than him, I agree to go get him.

So I have to drive from Fredericktown, Hwy 72 all the way out to Patton, turn and go up 51, then go up J a few miles.
I thought I was not going to make it up J.
I continue, spot him off in a ditch at a severe angle.  No way I can pull him out with the snow build up and Ice, even if I dig him out, I'll never get enough traction.

I tell him to get in, find us what I thought was a safe place to turn around. Got a bit stuck myself, but I got my old girl unstuck and shoved on.

All the way there and back, I could not do more than 30-40 mph or I'd slide and spin.  Along the way I saw many cars and trucks off in the ditches.
I get home about 9:45, eat some cold dinner and go to bed.
This morning my road looked like it had never been plowed, if not for the 4WD, I'd have not made it out off my road. All the way here, the roads were mostly hard packed with snow.  Even stopping what I thought was plenty early I slide though one 4 way.

Days like yesterday is why I try to keep two extra coats, a blanket or two, a few bottles of water, road flares, packs of hand warmers, Gloves, a shovel and a car charger for my phone in my trucks.

F this Snow!!! And I heard we were getting more tonight and tomorrow night.
Link Posted: 2/16/2021 1:35:12 PM EDT
Those kinds of days suck, but they're memorable.
Link Posted: 2/16/2021 8:59:32 PM EDT
yeah, we closed our store for two days. I felt bad as our little town don't have much anyway, and lots of folks come in on almost a daily basis... but our county road is about a half mile of downhill gravel with twist and turns.... going out isn't a problem, coming in is the problem... I can't wait for those 50 degree days to melt this stuff....
Link Posted: 2/16/2021 11:31:27 PM EDT
Did yall get that much snow down that way? Or is it just a lack of equipment to plow? Please don't take that as a smartass comment. I really don't know. We've only got a few inches here in KC. I'd much rather live in a more rural part of the state, but sometimes I'm glad I don't.
Link Posted: 2/17/2021 2:05:59 AM EDT
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Originally Posted By bigbryce31186:
Did yall get that much snow down that way? Or is it just a lack of equipment to plow? Please don't take that as a smartass comment. I really don't know. We've only got a few inches here in KC. I'd much rather live in a more rural part of the state, but sometimes I'm glad I don't.

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Kinda a bit of both, it came down so heavy and fast for almost two days, the small road crews could not keep up.

I'd say we got 6-8+ inches in most places with serious drifts in many.

This morning it was plowed up several feet high around the court house square. The road dept spend much of the day filling dump trucks with snow and hauling it away.

We live on a county road outside of town and our road finally got plowed about 6ish.
Its probably a 1/2" of ice now...

At 8:30 my sisters road still had not.
We have a ton of county roads, sometimes it takes them awhile to get to all of them.
Link Posted: 2/17/2021 5:07:13 AM EDT
It's a mess, I can only imagine what J hwy was like.

Cold weather killed the battery in the chevy truck and the transmission shifter is frozen in the sidekick.

I've been nice and warm inside though.
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