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Posted: 2/12/2021 9:16:49 AM EDT
Been looking for an area on DNR hunting land to do some target shooting.

I'd like to stretch out the ole SPR/DMR ar15.

Supposedly these rifles can be effective out to 600 yds, furthest I've shot is 200yds and I get very nice groups at that range.

I'd be shooting a 75gr Sierra Match King HPBT.

So to my question,.. I've scouted the perfect clearing to make 600yds,.. problem is the Black River runs directly across my field of fire.

I know there is a law against shooting across a road,.. is there a law against shooting across a river?

I know snowmobiling on this river is very popular.

I also know I can hear snowmobiles coming from a mile away.

On top of that I'll be on elevated terrain and shooting to elevated terrain on the other side of the river.

Of course I would never fire a round with people in the area, but even if they were directly between me and the target, they would be in a gully 60-80 ft below the trajectory of the round.

I did a little searching but figured maybe someone here can help.

Pic of rifle, bonus points if you can identify the person in my high-school art class portrait in the background.

Link Posted: 2/22/2021 10:26:04 AM EDT
Honestly if there's any possibility of someone being in the line a fire its not safe no matter what the law is . Your backstop is also a concern being state land open to everyone you never know when someone hiking might walk into the line of fire.

Do what we did contact your local DNR agent and ask them for a good spot to shoot . They know the laws and the whole area and might find you a much better/safer spot to shoot. Also now the local officer now knows who might be out there if a report comes in about shooting out there.  The spot further north where we shoot was getting items used for targets left behind . I received a call asking if anyone been up there shooting so I let them know we cleaned up trash twice .

Being unsafe or leaving a mess behind is what gets areas shut down .
Link Posted: 2/28/2021 11:10:52 AM EDT
If it is a known area, where other people occasionally pass through, that is definitely a bad shooting spot.  Also, don't people go tubing and kayaking down the black river?
Link Posted: 3/14/2021 12:15:09 AM EDT
Pretty sure I know the area you are looking at.  I do know that the DNR has been going after people for target shooting on state game areas. That is not a state rec area.  

Just to make sure my guess is correct.  Port Huron state game area?   Park near gibbons and metcalf?
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