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Posted: 7/10/2018 8:22:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: eviljoe]
I got a CT380 for $227 at Academy Sports. I wanted the Tungsten, but not enough to pay $80 more.

I took it home, and noticed that USING THE REQUISITE SLIDE LOCK to feed method, it wouldn't feed my Fort Scott 95gr all copper ammo (it's a very pointed fmj), but it worked with my SIG 100gr (which has a tiny flat face).

I racked the slide about 250 times that night.  
Today I broke it down, polished the feedramp, and cleaned and lubed it up real well with Rand CLP.
NOW it won't feed the SIG, the Fort Scott, or even Hornady Critical Defense (everything feeds that stuff!). It closes ALMOST all the way, and even though the barrel is EVEN with the slide, the recoil guide rod sticks out 1/4" and the slide is still 1/4" from closing.

Out of desperation I dug up some old Fiocchi, which evidently has been problematic in many Kahr 380s, and NOW it will feed that BUT NOTHING ELSE. Any suggestions? At the moment, my plan is to shoot 42rds of the Fiocchi, then TRY the SIG, HORNADY, and FORT SCOTT ammo. I wouldn't be TOO sad if it required more fiocchi (but I'd rather shoot American Eagle, Hornady, and Fort Scott).
Link Posted: 7/10/2018 10:24:36 PM EDT
Check the striker channel if you have not yet...

I had a cw45 that was 1/4 full of swarf in the striker channel.....

I don't think it had chambering problems, I only remember that it ran like shit before I cleaned it out, but I was amazed at how much crap came out with the striker...........

good luck
Link Posted: 7/11/2018 9:16:05 AM EDT
Yeah, when I cleaned it I checked the channel and it looked okay...I just blew it out with compressed air and left it alone.

Oddly, a friend was here when it wouldn't feed anything but fiocchi.  
We went away for about 5 hours, and when we got back, it fed everything!

Literally, nothing had changed except maybe some lube went from one side to the other.  
I don't like mysteries with my guns, but go figure.

I have 150rds to try out at the range today.  I'm really hoping it surprises me and does well.

::fingers crossed::

NOTE:  Some of the SIG 100gr FMJ's had major set-back after only a few attempts to feed them.  The bullets were pushed into the case about 20% more than a normal round.  (I won't shoot them.)
Link Posted: 7/11/2018 8:44:43 PM EDT
(Grip was very tight.)
-- 50rds of SIG: multiple failures to return to battery. The slide wouldn't close the last 1/2". One tap would make it work. It was so often and random that I got to where I'd tap it even when it did. Had at least 3 mags of 7 that had no failures to return to battery, including the last mag.
-- 50rds of Federal Brass 95gr red box: multiple failures to return to battery. Same issue. Tap solved it. I had maybe 1-2 mags that had no issue.
-- 20rds of Fort Scott ammo: multiple failures to return to battery. Tap solved it.
-- 25rds of Hornady Critical Defense: multiple failures to return to battery. Had two mags with no issues, including the last mag.
-- 50rds of Fiocchi: Would shoot first round, but gun wouldn't extract the empty case. Tried 5 times and gave up.
The gun is definitely not ready for prime time, BUT I think it's a good sign that after 146rds, the last 14 all fired without issue. However, it DOES seem like it won't be "broken" in by 200rds. At this rate, it SEEMS like it might be more like 300-400rds, but we shall see.

It seems to like SIG 100gr fmj (though I did have set-back in bullets that were only loaded 3-5 times) as well as the Hornady. I'll get some super hot UNDERWOOD XTP to see how it likes that, as well as some American Eagle (which is my main practice ammo for 9mm/45), and more SIG.

Stay tuned...
Link Posted: 7/29/2018 12:24:36 AM EDT
Get it out and run around 300 rounds through it.

These little guys like a break in period.

My PM9 took 150 rounds before it started running like it does now. It's since had around 400 through it without issue.
Link Posted: 8/7/2018 1:50:31 AM EDT

At 350rds, it was still having failure to return to battery issues.  I took some material off the extractor so it sits a bit more forward, and it's since been 100% with 150rds of WWB and Winchester practice (both flat nosed), and all my hollow points (about 60rds).

HOWEVER, I now have a gun with over 500rds that still FAILS to go into battery with REM UMC and blazer brass--AND now it's even started nose-diving these FMJs into the feedramp (which it wasn't doing before). I shouldn't say "started" since, technically, I was shooting S&B, magtech, and the 100gr SIG fmjs before...and never had a nose-dive with them.

I feel confident ENOUGH with Critical Defense XTP (regular and +P) that I'll carry it, but I WON'T BE HAPPY until it feeds most FMJs (I've given up on Fiocchi, since they're so out of spec in 380).  
Link Posted: 8/26/2018 7:27:43 PM EDT

500rds now through the CT380.  It seems to be shooting AE and UMC now...having some issues with WWB (flat-faced) ammo getting pinched between feedramp and rear-face of the chamber.

MODS:  I took two coils off the extractor spring since it felt INSANELY tight. Then I took off some material so the extractor is sitting about .02" forward of where it was.  It seemed to cure almost all of the fail-to-return to battery issues--now I get like 1 FTRB every 100rds, which is still too many, but (a) it could be ammo, and (b) I'm HOPING it disappears in the NEXT 500rds.

ISSUE:  BUT with WWB and a HP (I think it was XTP) that occasionally fail to feed and--pinched between the feedramp and the rear of the chamber (it's still 85-90% in the magazine).  
I SOLVE this issue by locking the slide back (like 2-3mm from where it is), tap the mag base, then hit the slide release. The round feeds every time that way.  I ASSUME this is due to the shape of the round...I don't think it's weak ammo since it failed on an XTP round, BUT there's a small chance I may have had a WWB in the barrel before the XTP...perhaps occasionally the rounds are strong enough to eject the brass, but don't strong enough to make it back far enough to get the forward momentum needed to push a round up the steep-ass feed-ramp (which seriously needs to be like 10 degrees less steep--seriously, KAHR, shorten the barrel 0.2" and give us a real ramp).  **I'm going to re-polish the feedramp tonight...can't hurt (as long as the flitz doesn't take any metal off).

My advice to anyone considering a CW380 or CT380:  DO NOT BUY this gun unless you like the size and sights enough to aren't afraid to mod things a bit AND will dedicate $150-$200 in ammo to break it in.  I KNOW I could have sent it to KAHR, but I've read too many stories of guns coming back with the same FTF or FRTB.  
Link Posted: 8/28/2018 11:56:36 AM EDT
Had similar problems with Ct380.  After looking things over etc. determined that it had nothing to do with the bullet shape.  The extractor was jamming in the groove as the round tried to feed, this caused the bullet nose to tip down and impact the feed ramp, consistent with your observation of bullets pressed into the case..  Removed the extractor, and rounded and polished it on all surfaces where it fit into the groove on the round.  Now it will feed everything I feed it.  Probably did the same thing as shooting 1K rounds.
Link Posted: 8/28/2018 3:38:31 PM EDT
Yeah, my extractor is sitting about .05" further out now--which helped.
I DO notice that the corner where the rim first touches the extractor is not optimal...it needs a little filing, which I'm not so confident in, and polishing (which I'm much better at).  I have an extra extractor that I'm going to work on...hopefully I won't bugger it up.

I feel 100% with this gun as long as I'm firing American Eagle or Critical Defense AND the gun has fewer than 100rds through it.  After 200rds it got dirty enough (even inside the extractor and striker areas) that I had a few stovepipes, etc...(though this was with WWB ammo).

My plan is to put 150 more AE through it, AND try the LEHIGH XP ammo to see how that does.
Link Posted: 10/28/2018 6:10:29 PM EDT
"Had similar problems with Ct380. After looking things over etc. determined that it had nothing to do with the bullet shape. The extractor was jamming in the groove as the round tried to feed, this caused the bullet nose to tip down "
That is your answer.  Stop hoping for a wear in, polish and round the corners of the extractor.  I had the same experience and solved it.
Link Posted: 1/21/2019 1:02:26 AM EDT
[Last Edit: eviljoe] [#10]
I tried, but I’ll polish it a bit more and see.  I’m still having failures to return to battery (this is my second CT380...
I can’t remmeber if I mentioned I sold the first one to try my luck again).

I’m still having some failure to return to battery issues, though at least critical defense ammo seems to load
100% of the time now.  I bought 100rds of rem golden saber, 150 of American Eagle, and 150 of magtech to
See how it does after 400 more rounds.

However, I’m now deciding whether to cut my losses or keep trying to “break it in”.
Link Posted: 1/21/2019 7:55:58 PM EDT
The proper response is to follow the manual directions....... If after 200 rounds it isn't reliable, send it back to Kahr for correction.
They should send you a shipping label so it won't cost you.

Of course, if you've altered or home gunsmithed it, they may not honor the warranty.
Link Posted: 1/23/2019 1:17:00 AM EDT
I bought spare parts to mess with, so I can put the original extractor back in if/when I send her back.  
I’m thinking about moving the p365 to pocket gun, but it’s fat compared to the kahr.
Link Posted: 1/23/2019 8:28:57 PM EDT
The problem is, the little Kahr's are just so damn GOOD, when they work properly.
And most of them do work properly.

I'd give Kahr a chance to make it right.
Page Handguns » Kahr
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