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Posted: 5/5/2021 3:42:53 PM EDT
I know it is a pistol forum, but you guys would know. How do you guys like the Romeo 1 Pro? I am thinking it is a better option than the DPP due to battery life and easily changing of the battery. Overall impressions? Thanks
Link Posted: 5/5/2021 5:42:24 PM EDT
I've had one for about six months on P320 Compact RXP, probably less than 500 rounds through it.

I really like the large window, not because it helps to acquire the dot faster, but because it makes passive aiming with night vision easier. First battery that it shipped with died in a month, second battery is still going strong and I usually keep it a few clicks above middle.

I wouldn't run one without the protective shroud, we've all seen how optics of this shape can easily break if it takes a fall or if someone were to fall onto it while holstered. Overall I think it's an underrated optic, and I like it compared to my RMRs for the reasons listed above.

It's important to note that I wouldn't go out of my way to buy one. Mine came with the gun, and I wanted the gun so therefore I now own the optic. I'll run it until I kill it, at which time I'll probably try out a 509T.
Link Posted: 5/5/2021 8:56:41 PM EDT
I've been very impressed with mine. I like the size. It is bigger than the RMR but smaller than the DPP. I also like the auto off feature that saves battery life. No problem with mine so far.

I use the protective hood on mine too. I also never use the battery that ships with optics.
Link Posted: 5/13/2021 4:44:57 PM EDT
I just got mine mounted up on my gun. I haven't had a chance to zero or shoot it yet but I like what I see. I like the motac on it works great but as I said I haven't shot with it so my views might change but so far so good.
Link Posted: 5/13/2021 5:38:32 PM EDT
I have roughly 6000 rounds under mine over the last year and a half-ish ?
Just replaced the outer shroud due to finish wear and I’m going to cerakoted it, MP FDE. Other than that it has seen a lot of holster time and A ton of presentations, never had a single issue and it’s on the second battery.

In before the RMR Elite start lambasting this thread.....
Disclaimer: I have 2 RMRs as well and while you can hammer nails with the sight itself , the DPP and R1P have clearer glass and a bigger window. I prefer the RP1 or DPP over the RMR for almost everything and trust them with my life.

Just my experience.
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