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Posted: 11/29/2020 1:17:06 AM EDT
So to begin, I had a P2000SK which would not run suppressed with my Gemtech GM-45 no matter what grain. Failure to feed, stove piping etc. The usual litany of issues when suppressing a pistol.

I tried the GM-45 on my Glock 17 Gen 5 with various ammo. It wouldn't cycle etc with lighter ammo. With the 147 it did pretty well, better with some brands than others.  Meanwhile, my Osprey works with everything. I was beginning to be SURE the can was to blame. It was at this point I was thinking the GM-45 just didn't do well with weaker rounds, ie 9mm (I have a 10mm)

Gemtech said it could be the Lone/alpha wolf barrel I had.  I got a Glock FACTORY barrel.  Same results, if not even more picky with the 147 grain.

One day I went to the range with my HK P30SK, Glock 17L, Osprey 40 and GM-45. Here's the kicker, both guns functioned flawlessly with BOTH CANS!  I had ONE F2F with one of the two pistols on the GM-45 then, between the two guns I put over 150 rounds down range while swapping cans trying to create a malfunction. Never happened.  Basically, I created a situation I THOUGHT I WAS GUARANTEED TO RESULT IN FAILURE and yet my pistol functioned. Obviously the G17 has a poorly chosen recoil spring and that needs to be addressed.  Obviously I could just replace the recoil spring but my dilemma is, will it run as well unsuppressed?  I'd rather not alter a gun if I don't have to.
Link Posted: 11/29/2020 1:39:20 AM EDT
Considering you are altering the gun with replacement of a major component ( the barrel) I cannot see why tuning the springs for optimal function should be an issue at all.
Link Posted: 11/30/2020 12:02:08 PM EDT
My only issue is that, having altered the barrel, the gun functions without the can just fine with the threaded barrel.  When I change the spring, I fear making the gun without a can less reliable.  If my gun is only going to function well one way, I'd rather it work as advertised unsuppressed than suppressed VS tune the gun for a can then have it choke on weak ammo where a normal 17 will run no matter what.
Link Posted: 11/30/2020 12:41:16 PM EDT
Piston issue?
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