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Posted: 12/29/2020 11:44:26 PM EST

This ought to make GD very happy. It’s what the tards there complain about all the time.

Link Posted: 12/30/2020 1:54:13 AM EST
Never gonna happen.  Can't discriminate against someone for hiring based on veteran status.  SJW posturing.
Link Posted: 12/30/2020 10:57:17 AM EST
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Originally Posted By Sparky315:
Never gonna happen.  Can't discriminate against someone for hiring based on veteran status.  SJW posturing.
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Liberals never consider the effects of their proposals. On the other hand, if you were a veteran considering a LE career, it’s doubtful you’d consider a career with that agency knowing what they really think of you.
Link Posted: 12/30/2020 11:08:35 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/20/2021 11:47:36 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/20/2021 11:48:42 AM EST by ColtRifle]
A member of the police reform panel that made these recommendations shot at officers and then barricaded himself back in 2000.

Bizzaro world

Yesterday we reported on a “Police Reform” Report from the Racine (WI) Police Department. It’s insane at best. And you probably can’t imagine the worst of it.

And if you are thinking that a politically charged report listing asinine recommendations like denying military veterans police jobs “due to a possible militaristic approach,” sounds insane, you’re right. And it’s  just the tip of the proverbial “woke” iceberg in the politically styled “report.”

First, one of the most glaring errors in the report was the sheer lack of specifics about crime in Racine. Sure, it waxes on an on about George Floyd and “white supremacy” and “systemic racism.” But nothing in the report substantiates any of that dribble to the urgent need for reforming the Racine Police Department.

Even worse, suggesting the idea that “reform” is necessary in Racine is much like kicking officers when they’re already down. A survey taken by the officers in 2018 revealed that police morale was “absolutely horrible.” Those aren’t our words. That was the headline from the media in that area at the time.

But this “report” has implications far beyond Racine. It reads like a woke-minded manifesto for cowardly leaders who are blind to crime and criminal behavior in their communities.

And it should sound an alarm to not only Racine but officers across the country. It is absolutely terrifying that politicians could use a fancy-looking report to demand police reforms with little more than anecdotes, cute word clouds—and not a shred of actual real crime data to substantiate any of it. Sorry, all too convenient surveys handled by so-called “consultants” don’t really count in the real world.

But much like letting the fox into the hen house, far too many politicians are all too eager to let ex-cons run the police reform show.

In Racine, Carl Fields was one of ten panel members listed as a “police reform task force member.” What are his qualifications you may ask?

His title in the report is “EX-incarcerated People Organizing (EXPO) Community Organizer for Racine/Kenosha Chapter.” And according to court records, he plead guilty to a Class D Felony: 1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety Use Dangerous Weapon (Felony > 5 Yrs).

Court records list that he was incarcerated in 2000 and released in 2009 and released from parole in 2016.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all about rehabilitation. And we all about giving anyone a chance—so long as they prove to be a valuable, contributing member to society.

However, Fields was convicted and plead guilty to shooting at Racine Police Officers.

You can read about that incident and his standoff with SWAT here. Prosecutors said at the time that “Fields is not a new name to police.” They happen to be referring to accusations that “132.26 grams of crack cocaine inside his personal belongings” were found.

Redemption is one thing. Reform is another. And ridiculously insulting law enforcement professionals by having them follow guidance from an ex-con—who previously shot at police officers—should seem irrational and disrespectful to just about anybody with a brain and a pulse.

So one has to question the rational here: is this an actual attempt at police reform, a political cover up for failed policies, a social-psychology experiment—or a practical joke?

Whatever it may prove to be, it’s certainly not the kind of efficient, productive “reform” that hard-working citizens of Racine should have to suffer, or any city in America should have to suffer just to help make politicians look good.
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