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Posted: 12/9/2020 10:14:58 AM EDT
I have an old Onkyo that works fine but only has two non-4k HDMI inputs.  I need at least three 4k HDMI inputs since my new TV only has two inputs (I can't believe new TVs are only coming with two inputs but that's another topic for another day).  I would also like to keep my 7.1 setup.  My speakers aren't great but they are fine for my needs.

I'm looking at another Onkyo but also came across a Sony that is similar in features and price.  I would like to keep this under $400 if I can.

Onkyo -
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Sony -
Amazon Product
  • 7.2 Ch x 145W per channel (6ohms, 1kHz, 1ch THD 0.9%)
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound
  • 4K HDR/Dolby Vision compatibility with HDCP 2.2 support

Of the two, which one looks better?  Or is there another brand I should consider?


  • At least three 4k HDMI inputs

  • 7.1 setup

  • $400 or less

Link Posted: 12/9/2020 10:27:47 AM EDT
Do you live near an electronics store? Check for open box models. I got a Yamaha surround setup on the cheap a few years back, my advice would be shop around don't be in a hurry.
Link Posted: 12/9/2020 10:52:41 AM EDT
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Originally Posted By Badbrain:
Do you live near an electronics store? Check for open box models. I got a Yamaha surround setup on the cheap a few years back, my advice would be shop around don't be in a hurry.
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We used to have a local place that did home and auto audio.  I don't even know if they are still in business.  Other than that we have the typical Best Buy, Walmart, etc.  I'll see if I can track that store down.  Thanks!
Link Posted: 1/9/2021 10:02:06 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/9/2021 10:02:37 PM EDT by macros73]
accessories4less.com can be useful too.  Inventory varies though.  I got my last AVR there, no issues.  Also check your local used market - Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.  More risk there though.
Link Posted: 1/11/2021 11:20:57 AM EDT
I got some Amazon gift cards for Christmas so I jumped on the Sony when it came back in stock.  I set it up yesterday.  So far I like it.  I used their microphone to calibrate my speakers and it sounds good.  I haven't gone through any of the advanced settings yet.  It accomplished my main goal of having 7.1 and at least 3 HDMI inputs.
Link Posted: 1/11/2021 12:35:05 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/11/2021 12:36:33 PM EDT by RR_Broccoli]
I have been an Onkyo person a while. Had an old TX-108 from the 80's that was awesome.

Since, I have had two of them, and had no end of problems with them. Dead HDMI ports, fucking loses the network or wifi all the goddamn time so I have to restart it by removing power. (It is NOT my router, everything else works all the time.)  And I have to fuck around with the audio delay settings to synch the audio with the video every time I switch sources or it looks like one of those shitty 50's dubbed godzilla or kung fu movies.

It sounds good, has a lot of features, the app on phone is nice (when it can connect) but I won't be buying another one.  Probably switch to Yamaha next but as long as the old one works more or less I am not buying anything due to the pending political situation requiring more attention and money.
Link Posted: 1/11/2021 1:00:59 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/11/2021 1:06:21 PM EDT by AR15Texan]
Do you need all three HDMI inputs processing simultaneously?  If not could you use a 2x1 HDMI splitter and keep your setup as is.

Nevermind I see you need 4k HDMI processing.

I've been burned by Craigslist buys.  Bought a used Pioneer Elite, tested a lot of features as good before buying.  When I got it home it started failing after 20-mins or so of being on.  If I was buying used again I would not be paying a lot because of the large risk of problems that can't be seen on a quick checkout   The seller needs to have a good reason why they are selling, but unfortunately people can lie about everything.
Link Posted: 1/19/2021 10:44:54 AM EDT
So far the Sony is doing everything I need.  I still haven't played around with the advanced settings but streaming stuff from my Firestick sounds great.
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