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Link Posted: 5/24/2002 3:18:44 AM EST


I posted on this board multiple times that I had potassium iodate (KIO3) as cheap as you could possibly get it unless you spent almost $2,000 on a big quantity of it.

There were ***three*** replies from this board.

Nobody on this board loves their kids enough to spend $14 on them????  Sheesh!

I'll posted the same info about a week ago.  No responses.

The point is that even though Rumsfeld came out TODAY and said it's only a matter of time [url]http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,53350,00.html[/url] everybody STILL seems to have their heads in the sand.

Nah... ain't never gonna happen in this here country....(spits tobacco juice).....

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sorry about that, but i personally have a supplie of the stuff for a family of 6 on hand. (just in case) have for quite a while, and the stuff lasts 10 years if left unopened.

might i suggest that maby this is the case of many here.

thanks for looking out for us all though.
Link Posted: 5/24/2002 4:05:48 AM EST
Helldog40 obviously has no wife or children.

Lots of the board members do, including myself.

We all aren't "lone wolves" impervious to and unafraid of danger like you, Helldog40.

Look up the thyroid cancer rates for Eastern European infants and kids that were/were not given KI or KIO3 immidiately after Chernobyl.

Hell, I'll look 'em up for you......
Link Posted: 5/24/2002 4:07:37 AM EST
1.  Have a way to collect and purify water.

2.  Stock up on at least these four food items:  Wheat, honey, salt, and powdered milk.  They're cheap and store well, and they'll keep you going.

3.  Assemble good first-aid kits for your home and car.

4.  Go to a pawn shop in a college town and buy a bicycle that some kid hocked as soon as his parents bought it for him.  (Then stop at Walmart and pick up a couple spare inner tubes.)

5.  Avoid Washington and NY.

6.  Start getting fancier according to your means and needs.  (Defensive firearm, candles, firewood, winter clothing, plant a garden, etc.)  And here's the secret of happiness when living primitively:  The ability to make hot water.

Link Posted: 5/24/2002 5:08:58 AM EST
Here are assorted related articles:






I know the WHO is a commie pinko arm of the UN's NWO, but they seem to have researched the Chernobyl event pretty well.  I couldn't find the specific WHO article I was looking for, but I'll find it soon.
Link Posted: 5/24/2002 5:12:14 AM EST
The likelihood of a nuclear attack by a terrorist agency is pretty good.  Chances are it will be a dirty bomb...no fission or fusion, just a conventional bomb with radioactive materials attached to create local fallout in the blast area and downwind.  Pop such a device in a major city and you'll have done some serious damage.

Next order of likelihood is a low yield tactical device.  A few kilotons.  Messy, but not crippling.  

As the yield of the device increases, the chances of detecting it increase thanks to stray radiation, etc. some of which can be tracked from ORBIT.   The simple logistical complications also start to mount and you quickly run out of options for delivering the device to the target reliably and without being detected.

So, as far as terrorist devices are concerned, we are probably talking about a fairly small tactical device.  We are also not going to be talking about a lot of them.  Scraping together the materials for one or two devices is entirely possible, but 100?  Yes I know about the reported Soviet backpack nukes.  But those aren't cheap either.  Terrorists would burn an awful lot of operating capital on just one or two devices (if they were available to them).

So, we are going to see a detonation in a major city center, probably New York or Washington D.C.  New York is a higher probability target because it won't be AS closely monitored for this sort of thing as DC would be.

I live well away from any major city.  You'd have to drop a 25 megaton device on Worcester, MA for my area to even feel the breeze.  That doesn't mean I would feel no effects, but they would mostly be societal and logistical rather than direct damage.   (There's not much west of me suitable for terrorist attack either.)  I'd be quite a bit more concerned about a full scale war exchange though.

Link Posted: 5/24/2002 5:36:50 AM EST
As far as SHTF responses to a nuke attack on the US, as always, your best option is to pull together as a community.  Lone Wolf types are vulnerable and resource weak. Towns/villages would usually have a wide array of skilled individuals and pooled resources to draw from.

Fighting is not too likely really. Maybe some small pockets here and there, but not on any generalized level. I think we would see most Americans react pretty much as they did to the WTC bombing...people would pull together and drop the petty BS to ensure mutual survival and defense.  This is a lesson we learned thousands of years ago.  People survive better when we band together.  So I suspect that we won't see much fighting amongst ourselves.  Maybe some muslim fundamentalist terrorist cells could go active, but again...they probably won't find a lot of sympathy or aid even among muslim communities, not after a nuke attack.

None of this is to say we shouldn't continue to be prepared.  This is just what I see as a more likely scenario.
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