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Posted: 8/15/2018 12:09:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: OleShep]
This is a great match at a beautiful range located in the Colorado Rockies.   If you have questions feel free to post on this thread, IM, or Email me.  I generally check here daily.

I think I have managed to get this match all setup in practiscore.  I am still learning the software so let me know if you see something incorrect.  Sign up is open...


2-Gun Rifle-Pistol Match and Free Clinic

This match is a modified version of a combat excellence in arms match, and is especially suited to new shooters using rack grade rifles and ball (mil surplus) ammunition.  Semi-automatic rifles and pistols are preferred.  Optical sights, iron sights, match rifles, or any safe rifle are allowed.  It is not necessary to participate in the pistol phase if one chooses not to.  With prior request, every effort will be made to provide arms and ammunition to those in need.

CLINIC:  Optional clinic is open to all, participation in the match is not required to attend the clinic.

WHEN:  Sunday September 16, 2018 0800hrs

LOCATION:  Buffalo Creek Gun Club, Bailey, CO on the 600 yd range.  See www.bcgc.com for directions to the range.

ENTRIES:  Entries are limited based on range capacity. Pre-register at [email protected]  or 303-564-5077

FEE:  Match fee $5 members, $10 non-members

START:  0800-0900hrs free clinic at 600 yd line, will cover safety, scoring, pit procedures, range procedures, marksmanship fundamentals, and shooting positions. All are welcome to attend the clinic.

MATCH LIVE FIRE:  Runs approximate 0930-1230hrs.

RAIN OR SHINE:  Match will take place regardless of weather, if roads are passable.  Check www.bcgc.com for updates.

AMMUNITION: No tracer or incendiary ammunition.  Rifle ammo at least 65 rds (60 for match).  Pistol ammo 20 rds.  Ammunition must safely match the user’s firearms.

SIGHTERS:  Each relay will have a 5 minute unlimited sighter period at the 600yd line before the start of record fire.  Coaching will be allowed and standard “come downs” for 500-300-200yd will be given if the shooter lacks ballistic data.


2-Gun Rifle-Pistol Match

Rifle Phase:  Relay 1 fires at 600, 500, 300, and 200 yds.  Pit change and repeat COF for Relay 2.

Pistol Phase:  Relay 1 fires pistol at 25 yds. repeat COF for relay 2.  Pistols may be holstered but must be “shown safe”, chamber empty, in “weapon condition four”

Sight-in Phase:  Coaching is allowed.  Once the shooter is zeroed at the 600yd line standard come downs can be applied if the shooter does not have ballistic data.  From the 600yd line standard come downs are 4MOA(1.2mils) down to 500yds, 7 MOA(2.0mils) down to 300yds, and 3 MOA(0.9mils) to down 200yds.

Firearm Safety:  While in pits, absolutely no handling of firearms.  This includes adjusting slings, sights, or “show and tell”.  On firing lines, all commands to load or commence fire will come from line officer.  Unless engaged in live fire as directed, all firearms will be unloaded with an “empty chamber indicator” in place OR in “weapon condition four”, until line officer says otherwise.

Targets:  DOD M9 Target US Army 25 meter E silhouette, or equivalent 20 in x 40 in silhouette will be used for both rifle and pistol phases.

No Alibis:  No re-fires will be granted.  Safely clear all malfunctions and resume fire until time expires.

Rifle Stages

Stage 0 - 600 YDS:  Prone slow fire, 5-minutes, unlimited sighting shots, pull and mark each shot.

Stage 1 - 600 YDS:  Prone slow fire, 10 record shots in 10 minutes, pull and mark each shot.  All hits 5 points.

Stage 2 - 500 YDS:  Prone timed fire, start in position, 10 shots in 70 seconds.  All hits 5 points.

Stage 3 - 300 YDS:  Prone rapid fire from standing, 10 shots in 60 seconds with a magazine change.  Targets scored using ring value.

Stage 4 - 300 YDS:  Sitting or kneeling sustained fire.  10 shots in 2 minutes. Targets scored at end of 2 min.  Targets scored using ring value.

Stage 5 - 200 YDS:

Exposure 1(12 seconds):  Standing from high alert/ready 2 shots.

Exposure 2(12 seconds):  Standing from high alert/ready 3 shots.

Exposure 3(30 seconds):  Standing with kneeling: 2 shots from standing, followed by 3 shots kneeling.

Targets will now be scored using ring value

Stage 6 - 200 YDS:  Standing moving targets. With 5 rds engage only your numbered target from the standing position. Targets will remain in numerical order. Targets will traverse approx. 75 ft at a slow pace (walking speed).

Stage 7 - 200 YDS:  Sitting or kneeling moving targets. Targets will reverse and travel at a faster pace (fast walk, slow run). Engage only your numbered target with 5 shots while it traverses approx. 75 ft.  Targets will now be scored all hits 5 points.

Pistol Stage

Stage 1 – 25YDS:  Standing fire 5 shots, drop to kneeling, reload and fire and additional 5 shots, time limit 50 seconds.  Execute a magazine change and prepare for stage 2.

Stage 2 – 25YDS-10YDS:  Starting at 25YDS standing, advance abreast while firing 5 shots, safely reload while moving and fire 5 more shots while continuing to advance to the 10yd line, time limit 30 seconds.  Targets will now be scored using ring value.

EQUIPMENT (Minimal):  Hearing and eye protection are required.  Mats or ground cloths are allowed at the 600yd line.  MTU jackets or web gear is permitted, but not required.  No heavy competition coats, shooting carts, shooting stools, tripods, spotting scopes, or other specialized competition shooting gear allowed.

Recommended Equipment:  Small pack, binoculars, eye/ear protection, ammunition, 2-4 rifle magazines. 2-4 pistol magazines, magazine carrier, pistol belt, holster, ballistic data card (DOPE), food, water, sunscreen, pen/pencil and notebook.  Shooters will be moving with rifle, pistol, and all gear from 600yd, 500yd, 300yd, 200yd, and into the target pits.  Shooters are highly encouraged to have all gear on your person and organized so that they can move, and shoot without delay.

PARKING: During match vehicles may be parked near pits or behind the 600 yd line.  Vehicles will not be moved between yard lines during live fire.  Shooters will advance downrange on foot between stages.
Link Posted: 8/15/2018 1:12:52 PM EDT
I know a couple of guys that might be interested . I live in the Longmont area .

It been awhile since Ive been there .
Link Posted: 8/16/2018 4:18:59 PM EDT
Come on down..  More the merrier..
Link Posted: 8/28/2018 12:58:43 AM EDT
I think I have managed to get this match all setup in practiscore.  I am still learning the software so let me know if you see something incorrect.  Sign up is open...

Link Posted: 9/2/2018 8:00:42 PM EDT
2 weeks out.  Please use the practiscore link to sign up.  Bump it up..
Link Posted: 9/8/2018 3:46:14 PM EDT
One week out.  Please use Practiscore to sign up if you  plan on shooting.  Hope to see you there

bump it up..
Link Posted: 9/14/2018 2:38:02 PM EDT
Hey folks, everything looks good for the Match on Sunday.

If you have never been to Buffalo Creek Gun Club please visit their website https://bcgc.com/ and take note of the directions to the range.

The range is secluded in the mountains with limited Cell coverage, and finding it can be challenging. Read the directions closely.

I will see all of you there.
Link Posted: 9/17/2018 10:51:07 AM EDT
Glad everyone had a good time.  I have the results posted on Practiscore here(link Below).   I will try to get a email out with notice before I leave town.  Hope to see you all back at the range soon..  :-)

Link Posted: 10/21/2018 7:06:29 PM EDT
The COF Document has been posted to practiscore
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