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Posted: 5/12/2020 10:14:31 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/13/2020 5:10:44 PM EDT by IAm4]
So there is a tube on ebay, it has a weird objective end and some sort of extra alignment bracket. It also has a jan 20 warranty expiration, and the serial number is lined out.  I wonder what its specs are? Btw I wont touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Link Posted: 5/12/2020 10:17:08 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/12/2020 10:30:17 PM EDT by tlandoe07]
That’s a tube from a PSQ-20B. Notice the part# mx11769/ENVG.

Not meant for use in a normal night vision goggle, but can be adapted to be used in one I suppose, since those added bits are just glued on basically with hot glue. These have a pretty interesting gain pigtail, they do not have the four pin design you normally see. It’s basically a flex circuit that folds up against the side of the tube and has contacts similar to the +\- contacts on the PSU. If you’re familiar with how PVS-31 tubes work, these are essentially the same. The tube itself is just a 11769, as far as specs go, just average Omni VIII.

100% chance it’s stolen though. Notice it’s also being sold from fort bragg NC

ETA: here's a photo comparison between the tube on the listing vs the ENVG tube from the 23&P:
Attachment Attached File

Attachment Attached File

Attachment Attached File

It's pretty clear that the "owner" removed the aluminum bracket on the eyepiece side of the tube. You can see the glue residue in the photo from where it used to be installed. That piece is specific to the AN/PSQ-20B; the tube is actually installed backwards on those devices, as in, you remove the objective lens, insert the tube, and affixed the objective lock ring with epoxy. They are not fun to work on, as you can imagine.
Link Posted: 5/12/2020 10:33:44 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/12/2020 10:41:01 PM EDT
Well there is a chance its not stolen, about .00000087 chance. It could have been a test tube that never got ...... who am I kidding.
Link Posted: 5/12/2020 10:43:32 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By IAm4:
Well there is a chance its not sto­len, about .00000087 chance. It could have been a test tube that never go­t ...... who am I kidding.
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lol. nah.
Link Posted: 5/12/2020 10:52:00 PM EDT
My first thought (aside from not legit) was how would you even get a housing? That cannot be easy to find without industry hook ups.
Link Posted: 5/13/2020 2:13:28 AM EDT
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Originally Posted By KPog:
My first thought (aside from not l­egit) was how would you even get a housing? T­hat cannot be easy to find without industry h­ook ups.
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Generally, you wouldn’t. This tube is for a fusion device, so it had a special proprietary thermal imager that has to fit into the whole mix, and all of the components are designed to work around that system. Literally everything on the device is proprietary: there are no parts that I am aware of that are even cross-compatible between the PSQ-20A and PSQ-20B models.

The only use I could see for this would be if you wanted to hack it up and run it as a 10160/11769. Since obviously they parts that it needs to be run in a ENVG have been removed for some reason. It’s possible to insert a standard L3 EGAC on these, but again, it’s 1) obviously stolen and 2) even if it wasn’t, it’s not worth near what the asking price is given the condition it’s in.
Link Posted: 5/13/2020 11:23:49 AM EDT
Stay far away from that tube. It is most likely from the device that was supposed to be DRMOd. More trouble than it's worth by the looks of it too.
Link Posted: 5/13/2020 1:02:36 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By wjoutlaw:
Stay far away from that tube. It is most likely from the device that was s­upposed to be DRMOd. More trouble than it's worth by the looks of­ it too.
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Judging by the CAD on that tube, I highly doubt it was en route to DRMO.
Link Posted: 5/13/2020 1:03:34 PM EDT
I agree to stay away from that tube.

Cage shows its an L3 tube and has the contract marked on the tube W91CRB-10-C-0179 is a contract between L3 and the department of the army, its from a AN/PSQ-20B, also being sold from Bragg.

someone is trying to make some money on the side or it got sold to an army surplus store and they are trying to part it out thinking they would be clear.
not to mention the sensored part of the tube - yet the contract number isnt censored.
Link Posted: 5/13/2020 1:07:51 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By xLucidx:
I agree to stay away from that tub­e.

Cage shows its an L3 tube and has­ the contract marked on the tube W91CRB-10-C-0179 is a contract between L3 and the departm­ent of the army, its from a AN/PSQ-20B, also being sold from Bragg. 

someone is trying to make some m­oney on the side or it got sold to an army su­rplus store and they are trying to part it ou­t thinking they would be clear.
not to mention the sensored part of the t­ube - yet the contract number isnt censored.
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the same photos were previously listed by a user by the name of something like "19Dscoutabn" or something like that. I called them out on it, and it looks like they just switched to a different ebay account.

I'd bet money that he's a 19D Cav Scout in the 73rd Cavalry in the 82d based on the last username it was being sold under.
Link Posted: 5/13/2020 1:27:39 PM EDT
There's easier ways to make friends with DHS Agent Durham - he even includes his email at the bottom of his posts over here.
Link Posted: 5/13/2020 1:46:27 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By jwramp:
There's easier ways to make friend­s with DHS Agent Durham - he even includes his email at the bottom of ­his posts over here.
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Link Posted: 5/13/2020 3:41:43 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By ThisWildA­dventure:

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Originally Posted By ThisWild­Adventure:
Originally Posted By jwramp:
There's easier ways to make friend­s with DHS Agent Durham - he even includes his email at the bottom of ­his posts over here.


wow I thought that thread got all wrapped up but i see DHS updated it last month. thats crazy.
Link Posted: 5/13/2020 5:11:36 PM EDT
Same seller now has 2 listings, look like the same pic thou.
Link Posted: 5/21/2020 1:15:54 AM EDT
As everyone else has said, it's an ENVG tube.

Missing the ENVG tail, and the "toilet seat".  Still has the front alignment ring and the stupid metal alignment pin over the alignment notch.

Easy enough to remove the alignment ring and locating pin and install a new tail since L-3 tails simply plug in.

These were either OMNI VII or VIII spec.   Odds of it not being stolen are infinitesimally small.
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