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Posted: 3/29/2021 10:22:03 AM EDT
I'm going to lead with stating I was drinking and impatient (mostly this), but I never pulled out the Dremel so I don't think I'm allowed to post this in GD.

I got a new slide for my P320. It's "supposedly" milled from a factory Sig slide. As such, I didn't even bother to test fit anything before Cerakote and assembling. When I did go to put it together, the barrel would not drop into battery. First thing I did was polish points of contact. When that didn't work I grabbed a file assuming I'd have to fit the barrel. Thankfully before I did that I grabbed 2 other barrels and found out that they experienced the same issue. I grabbed my micrometer and measured working P320's against this slide and could come up with no differences. So I did the reasonable thing and spalled the slide and barrel sideways in a vice and pushed it into battery as brute force is the best way to wear it in, right? Anyway, it closed with but there was no rubbing and no materital that got scraped away. I'm unsure what flexed, the slide or barrel, but something had to as the issue was up front on the slide. I deduced that the slopey rampy things or whatever you people that know what they are doing call the angles on at the end of inside of the slide where the barrel passes through, must not have the correct angle to allow the barrel to tilt enough to go into battery. So I stuck the barrel in the slide backwards, and sure enough it would not sit straight. Marked the depth of insertion on the barrel and did the same to another slide. Barrel sat straight and level.

What I did next is my concern this morning. I took a pin punch with a handle slightly smaller than the diameter of the barrel, wrapped it in 120 grit and worked it back and forth with light pressure against the vertical angles until the barrel would almost fall into the side properly. Once it was at the point I could squeeze it into place with my thump and fingers, I stepped down with sandpaper until I got to 2000 grit with oil to smooth it out. After that it fell into place with equal measurements compared to my other slide. I have no idea if this is the correct way to fit a slide to a barrel as I have no idea how to do that in the first place. What I did kind of makes sense but I didn't do any research and now that I'm looking I can't find much info online about this particular issue. Most seems to be about fitting the chamber side of the barrel to a slide. Action in tight and barrel doesn't move when in battery. Is this thing safe to shoot or did I do something wrong and it's trash?

Before and After:

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Link Posted: 3/29/2021 10:30:03 AM EDT
You should be good to go...a box of 9mm NATO if needed will also help break it in...
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