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Posted: 4/20/2019 2:00:24 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/20/2019 2:01:24 PM EDT by lazyengineer]
Just curious if anyone has any data firing these modern loading's in an AUG. I've seen 1'st hand, the 1/9 BBL can't run MK262, but I'm curious if anyone has tried the M855A1 or MK 318 Mod 1. Both of those can be hard to find, but they are now the US standard military issue ball ammo, which is why I'm curious.

Since M855A1 has no lead, it's a longer bullet than the same 62 gr M855. Longer bullets need more RPMs to stabilize, which means more twist, hence my question there.

MK 318 Mod1, which is 100% copper, with a nickle plating on it, is even longer than M855A1. So I'm curious if anyone had a chance to try any of this in an AUG, and has any results?

That, and the ammo is different, with different profile, and different powder charges and pressure behavior. I'm guessing they run just fine in terns of internal, external, and terminal ballistics - but heck, just curious if anyone had a chance to try any of that in a Steyr AUG in particular.

Also, in my experience AUG POI can be a little more ammunition dependent than an AR15, so curious as well if anyone has data on that too.
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