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Posted: 2/10/2020 8:21:39 PM EST
Looking for a night vision scope for hunting purposes. Anyone have reviews of ATN X-sight 4K scopes vs photon scopes?
Link Posted: 2/11/2020 10:44:03 PM EST
I have a Sightmark Photon scope. I believe it's 6 power and of a previous generation because a similar model on their website looks a bit different from mine. It's made in Belarus.

Would I buy again? Heck NO! First one I bought, was a 4 power. It was no aligned properly and was way off center. The image would turn red and off focus after 5 minutes of operation. I returned it and they replaced it with a 6x model (they didn't even ask me). OK, whatever.

The new one works better but it's absolutely worthless without an illuminator, even at dusk. With the attached IR, laser illumminator on, the image quality is terrible. You may recognize a deer shape at 100 yards but forget about seeing any details. Image quality is better at daytime, for some reason but don't expect any miracles. Resolution is very poor.

Built quality is very poor. The battery cover has an o-ring but it doesn't seal anything because the cover is very loose. The electronics housing is made of cheap plastic. The buttons feel cheap and crappy. There is no optical adjustment of the reticle. It's adjusted on the screen by moving it on the screen only, meaning that the reticle may not be in the center of the screen after you sight the scope in.

IMHO, it's overpriced, poorly designed and built product. I'm stuck with mine, unfortunately. Like I said, it's worthless at low light or at night. The illuminator glows bright red. It's definitely visible. I've been thinking about buying an inexpensive IR weapon light that works in the invisible portion of the spectrum.

Honestly, I would save money and buy a US made NV scope or a FLIR thermal scope. Hopefully this reply will discourage you from buying cheap junk.
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